Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sometimes, dead is better.
Buckmiller Brothers Funeral Home, Prospect CT

The family of a woman who died recently say the wrong body was put in the casket in a Prospect funeral home. State Police and the state Department of Public Health are investigating.

Relatives noticed that the person in the casket was not their loved one.

When Daniel Tuccillo went to staff at the Buckmiller Brothers Funeral Homes location on Waterbury Road, he later told state police he was told that his relative had been cremated by mistake.

The body of another person was in the casket at the wake.

In a written statement, Wayne Buckmiller said "There has been a most unfortunate incident involving the late Mrs. Tuccillo, beloved mother, sister, grandmother, aunt and friend to many."

Buckmiller said the funeral home will work with the family to resolve the situation, and extended it's (sic) condolences.

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Way to go Wayne.