Monday, February 23, 2009

OrangeMercury's Oscar Predictions: 82.35%

An excerpt from the review over at The AV Club:
Slumdog Millionaire is an unabashedly swooning romantic fairy tale, a love letter to the bright colors and outsized complications of India's cities, its storytelling, and its cinema. It takes place in Boyle's usual deterministic world of contrivance and coincidence; it's no surprise that Boyle seized upon Vikas Swarup's bestselling book Q&A; as something he wanted to adapt to film. But for all the darkness Patel encounters along his road, Slumdog is a relentlessly positive, joyously sentimental adventure, best summed up in the breathtaking Bollywood-esque dance number that arrives over the closing credits. Boyle's eye for beautiful images and fast-driving sequences is as sharp as ever, but here for once, they pen his stars into experiences they might have wished to avoid, but that lead them exactly where they want to go.
24 categories; 7 categories: no choices made
17 remaining categories: 14 accurate choices, 3 misses

Accuracy: 82.35%

Actor in a leading role: Sean Penn (MILK) BINGO!!!
Actor in a supporting role: Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight) BINGO!!!
Actress in a leading role: Kate Winslet (The Reader) BINGO!!!
Actress in a supporting role: ??? (PENELOPE CRUZ)
Animated Feature Film: Wall-e BINGO!!!
Art Direction: The Dark Knight BENJAMIN BUTTON
Cinematography: Slumdog Millionaire BINGO!!!
Costume Design: ??? (THE DUCHESS)
Directing: Slumdog Millionaire (MILK, a close second) BINGO!!!
Documentary Feature: ??? (MAN ON WIRE)
Documentary Short: ??? (SMILE PINKI)
Film Editing: Slumdog Millionaire (MILK, a close second) BINGO!!!
Foreign Language Film: (Departures) no choice made
Makeup: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button BINGO!!!
Music (Score): Slumdog Millionaire BINGO!!!
Music (Song): Slumdog Millionaire BINGO!!!
Best Picture: Slumdog Millionaire (MILK, a close second) BINGO!!!
Short Film (Animated): ??? (LA MAISON EN PETITS CUBES)
Short Film (Live Action): ??? (TOYLAND)
Sound Editing: Slumdog Millionaire THE DARK KNIGHT
Sound Mixing: Slumdog Millionaire BINGO!!!
Visual Effects: The Dark Knight Benjamin Button
Writing (Adapted Screenplay): Slumdog Millionaire BINGO!!!
Writing (Original Screenplay): MILK BINGO!!!

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