Saturday, August 02, 2008

Haute Tension 2003
Most Unexpected moment in horror film

from USA Today:

PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, Manitoba (AP) — A man aboard a Greyhound bus repeatedly stabbed and then decapitated a fellow passenger, witnesses said Thursday.

The 40-year-old man, who was not identified, was arrested for the murder, which occurred Wednesday night aboard a bus traveling from Edmonton, Alberta, to Winnipeg, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sgt. Steve Colwell said.

Colwell said police apprehended the man when he broke a window and tried to escape from the bus by jumping out. Authorities declined to name the victim and provided little details about the stabbing.

But passenger Garnet Caton said the victim was stabbed 40 or 50 times by the man sitting next to him. The passenger then allegedly severed the man's head with a large knife and held it up by the door for others to see.

This Day in History|1970

Gold hits record $70 an ounce in London.


Happy Birthday, Wes Craven!
Shall we cut the cake?

Paul Outerbridge, 1939

Freddy Krueger, 1984

Elton John|Believe
Marcus Nispel, director

kd lang|sexuality
Marcus Nispel, director

Fulbright Scholarship ≠ Chainsaw Remake!

German-born Marcus Nispel started his career in advertising as an art director for Young & Rubicam in Frankfurt, Germany. He came to America on a Fulbright scholarship in 1984 at the age of 20.

Stalking|Marcus Nispel

1º of Separation
George Michael|Killer_Papa Was A Rolling Stone

Again, directed by Marcus Nispel.
Great counterpoint to Gloria Estefan's REACH,
created for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Behind the Scenes
The Making of REACH
Marcus Nispel, Director

Really interesting to see the snippets of the making of this great video.
Funny to see it in color too!

Olympic Moment|Atlanta 1996
Gloria Estefan's REACH
Unfinished Director's Cut

This Marcus Nispel project is without a doubt the most brilliant video of Gloria Estefan's career. An absolute knock-out of a song, with awe-inspiring moments of graphic brilliance with the athletes framed as if a Leni Reifenstahl-styled photograph.

The Overlooked, and forgotten,
Olympic non-moment:
Barcelona in 1992

Seldom has the artistic level of Olympic openings exceeded that of the Eurovision Song Contest. At the opening of the 1992 Games, poor Montserrat Caballé had to sing Barcelona as a duet with the recorded voice of Freddie Mercury, who had died the year before.

Friday, August 01, 2008

That shirt'd look really good...

on my bedroom floor...

How do you spell "God?"



A well-hung jury found ELI ROTH not guilty by reason of insanity in the beheading of a passenger on a Canadian Greyhound bus this past Wednesday, in one of the quickest trials in the history of juris prudence.

From 1 – 10, he rates 25!


As in "3rdº burns."

Eli Roth admits to beheading in Canada!
Police interrogation photo exclusive!

OrangeMercury has obtained this EXCLUSIVE photograph of Eli Roth, shot immediately after Roth was taken into custody by Canadian police for the beheading of a 22 year old white male who rejected his sexual advances on a Greyhound bus.

It was said the deceased was listening to a bootleg copy of George Michael's Madison Square Garden concert from 23 July 2008 on his 80gb black iPod when he was initially grabbed and stabbed.

There has been no comment from Lionsgate Films, but Quentin Tarantino is reportedly drafting HOSTEL 3/Greyhound.

We interrupt this blog-cast!
Eli Roth unavailable for comment.

I have NO IDEA why something of this import, which took place on Wednesday, took until today to reach my cinematic ears. So much for "breaking news."

I'm sorry. I'm truly sorry.

OrangeMercury has failed its 20,000+ readers.

(CNN) -- A 40-year-old man was charged with second-degree murder Friday in connection with the stabbing and beheading death of his seatmate on a Greyhound Canada bus, authorities said.

Vince Weiguang Li of Edmonton, Alberta, stood silent before a judge Friday in the Provincial Court of Manitoba in Portage la Prairie, the Associated Press reported.

A prosecutor sought a psychiatric evaluation of the defendant, but the judge said he'd wait until Li had obtained an attorney, AP reported. Li is due back in court Tuesday.

The body of the 22-year-old male victim is to be autopsied Friday, police said. The victim's name was not released.

However, the Canadian Press named the dead man as Tim McLean, 22, of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

McLean was repeatedly stabbed and then decapitated by the man sitting next to him on a Greyhound Canada bus Thursday west of Portage la Prairie in Manitoba.

Garnet Caton, who was sitting in front of McLean, talked of a "bloodcurdling scream" when the attack began.

"It was like something between a dog howling and a baby crying, I guess you could say," Caton said. "I don't think it will leave me for a while." (more)

Quark 8 Adobe's GUI!

What's this?

Hey, I coined it!

The Arbus Twins

The Diane Arbus Monograph
1st Edition

ARBUS, Diane. Diane Arbus: An Aperture Monograph. Millerton, New York: Aperture, (1972). Quarto, original boards with photograph on front panel, original dust jacket. $2800.
Rare first edition, first issue (with "Two girls in identical raincoats" image) of this classic collection of the photographs of Diane Arbus.

Following Arbus's suicide in 1971, the curator of MOMA, John Szarkowski, began work on staging a major retrospective of Arbus's work. At first there was little interest in the project and the proposal for the accompanying catalog was rejected by every major publishing house before Aperture magazine's Michael E. Hoffman agreed to print the book. The resulting MOMA retrospective was a huge success, traveling throughout North America and attended by over seven million people; the corresponding book, Diane Arbus: An Aperture Monograph, has since become one of the most influential photography books ever produced, cementing Arbus's reputation as one of the most original and expressive photographers of her time. Book near-fine with some foxing on the top edge; dust jacket in excellent condition with only a few spots of light soiling and very small closed tear on back panel edge repaired with tape on reverse of dust jacket. A superior copy, rare in this condition.

Setlist|23 July 2008


Madison Square Garden, 07/23/2008

First Half

Waiting (Reprise)
Fast Love/Im Your Man
Father Figure
Hard Day
Everything She Wants
One More Try
Different Corner
Easier Affair
Too Funky
Star People

John & Elvis video

Second Half

Spinning The Wheel
Feeling Good
Kissing A Fool
Different Corner
Careless Whisper

Freedom 90
Freedom Reprise

What Writers' Strike?
This Season on ABC

Talk about "finally getting around to doing something...."
I've been carrying this clip since 2003, and finally scanned it.
Sorry, but when I first saw this I think I laughed so hard,
I burst a blood vessel, or three.

Holy Father! Batman!

Fuck eHarmony!
There's always!!!

That's MISS Match to you, honey!

If you can't read the type:

1. HE has been in committed relationships (should be: HE was committed!)
2. His faith is Christian.
3. HE is not sure about having kids.

On that last one?
You're not kidding me!
Who's the breeder here?

I ain't carrying NOBODY'S kid!

Careless Whiskers!
George Unmasked!

"Stop putting these fucking losers' pictures in the papers"

You know your mama and your daddy don't care

You got yourself some action
you got yourself a body
You got yourself an ass with a mind of it's own
bringing something to the party
You got yourself addicted
You shoot up, it saves you time
You got yourself a paycheck
Faces in the places where the sun don't shine

I'll be your sexual freeek (freeek)
Of the week
I'll be your inspirational brother (sister) Yo mama can't you see
I'll be your sexual freeek
Of the week (Ohh touch it)
I'll be your educational lover
Your one fuck fantasy
Can I come on in, my sweet baby
Can I move on in
Can I come on in, my sweet baby,
Can I move on in

You got yourself some action
Said you got your sexy Java
You got your speed connection
Free chat, fuck that, get a little harder
You got yourself a big bed
You shoot off, take your time
In the house with a bitch and a mouse
And your daddy's plastic how fantastic yeah

I'll be your sexual freeek (Back up on this) Of the week (Yeah . . . I
think I need a re-booty) I'll be your inspirational brother (Sister)
Yo mama can't you see
I'll be your sexual freeek (B,B,Back)
Of the week (B,B,Back back, sexy mama) (Sexual) I'll be your educational
(Yeah) Your one fxxx fantasy

Sexual freeek (Sister)
I think I need a re-booty
Sexual freeek (Sister)
I'll be your sexual freeek, of the week
I'll be your inspirational brother, Yo mama can't you see I'll be your
sexual freeek, of the week
I'll be your educational lover, your one fxxx fantasy (Sister) (Baby)
Sexual freeek, (Baby) Inspirational brother You got yourself some action
Said you got yourself a body
You got yourself an ass with mind of its own brings something to the

Come on kids, don't be scared
It's a tits and ass world you gotta be prepared Come on kids, don't be
It's a tits and ass world you gotta be prepared
Come on kids, you know
your mama and your daddy don't care Don't be scared, it's a tits and ass
world you gotta be prepared

Out of the Closet!
"The" Elsa Klensch

Family secrets!
My grandmother was an addict!

Back in the day (1982 – 1988), I'd be in rocking chair next to my grandmother, mostly in the evening, at the end of our collective day. A real trailblazer, my grandmother was one of the first people I knew who watched CNN, and (get this) The Morton Downey Jr show. I don't think she ever watched wrestling, but I do know we had a standing date at 10:30a on Saturday mornings, to watch the only 30 minutes on television dedicated soley to fashion: Elsa Klensch's STYLE... so I could watch the runway photographers jockey for position, and marvel over the 80s Versace, and she would complain about the models' knees, but always have a good word or two for Oscar de la Renta, and "maybe" something by Karl Lagerfeld. She felt women should be dressed like women, but always waxed profoundly on "who the hell would wear that?" when a rather extreme Issey Miyake would cross the screen. And she certainly didn't like the "mannish" Armani or Dior (?) for women. No. No. NO!

But. She did have a major drug problem. Yves St Laurent's OPIUM.
How she loved her OPIUM. Two dabs: one behind each ear.

So she'd be putting her hair up in curlers towards 10p each night (8pm if I was "going out to the discos") with the little six inch round mirror propped up in "just that position", and if I rocked back and for in the rocking chair, she'd steady me and the chair with her right hand: stop that. "But gram! It's a rocking chair!" "Yes, I know, but you're doing the rocking..."

And in the last moments of her pre-slumber routines, she'd take out that small sample size bottle of OPIUM which I picked up for her on some hedonistic trip to NYC which, in those days, always included a 12+ hour shift on the dancefloor at THE SAINT. (Yes, the dancefloor, thank you. Had it been the balconies, I wouldn't be here to tell the story!)

So she would take her little bottle of OPIUM and anoint behind each ear. And that signaled the end of her evening's prepatory routine.

On night, probably stoned, unknownst to her, but really unknownst to me that she knew (she always managed to find something good to make just as my appetite cravings manifested themselves!)

So late one evening, I said "Gram. What's with the Opium?"

"I'm getting ready for the night," she'd reply.

Getting ready for The Knight, indeed.

LouLou and I made sure she had some OPIUM behind her ears, just as she would have it, right before they lowered her body, and closed the coffin.

Literally, thousands of flowers of all color and fragrance, and the funeral parlour was full of the scent of OPIUM.

The bottle which I have to this day...

So yes, my grandmother was an addict.

But I don't think she ever went to a meeting and started off by saying "Hi, I'm Gram, and I'm a friend of Yves.

Born on this date: 1936
Yves St Laurent

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders received a B.A. in Art History from Columbia University and a M.A. in film from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. He lives in New York City.

Greenfield-Sanders’ portraits are in The Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum, The Whitney Museum and The National Portrait Gallery among others. In 2004, seven hundred of his art world portraits were accepted into the permanent collection of The Museum of Modern Art.

Greenfield-Sanders images can be seen in publications worldwide. He is a contributing photographer to Vanity Fair.

and the change.

The Money Shot

Personal Daily Horoscope
Friday, 1 August 2008
born 4 May 1960

New Moon Solar eclipse (t)

Commercial affairs
Mercury in the 2nd House

Valid during several days: At this time your attention naturally turns to whatever you value in life, whether it be material, intellectual or spiritual. You may have to define your sense of values to another person so that he or she knows where you stand on an issue. On the mundane level, this influence often signifies that you are much more concerned with business and commercial affairs than usual. This can cover a broad range of activity, from shopping much more than usual to entering into an important business negotiation. The important point here is that whatever you do in this area, you will put a great deal of planning and consideration into it, and transactions will be more important and elaborate than usual. As a result you should be able to make the situation work out the way you want.

28 July 2008 to 8 August 2008

Don't shoot the messenger.

This has been said a thousand times before, and by some very interesting people.
Mr Tracy is just here to remind us.
Before he pitches his $600 CD/DVD package...

Attention Deficit
What else happened Thurs, 31 July

Besides my rad new haircut, Walmart's pharmacy fucking up and giving me the wrong prescription, my Robert Mapplethorpe moment and actually having to RESTORE my iPod for, what? the 18th time?

Monday, July 28, 2008

ValuSoft, a division of THQ

So like lambs led to slaughter, I picked up a retail copy of ValuSoft's TUNE TOOLS FOR iPOD Office Maxx, no less! (They've recently started carrying "some" Mac software) for the (then unknown) highly-inflated price of $29.99. And since my Black Classic 80gig iPod is about to give up its ghost (within warranty, I might add!) I thought I'd purchase a software with a package FULL of graphics about how "it" (TuneTools) could make my iPod experience a better experience, even in the face of imminent death (iPod's, not mine.)

So I load the software, as instructed, and see the deadly NULL sign when first launched. Figuring it had to be an error, I launched it again, to see NULL (and more info) AGAIN. I load the software on another computer (also running Mac OS 10.5.4) and guess what! I see NULL! with that additional information.

A quick check of the box, and I see the closest I can get to them on the phone is via a fax number (or was that the web site?) So I e-mailed them.

And they responded:

Yes, we know. We are working on a Patch (I neglected to say there was a patch on their website...for PC only!) and would I like to Beta-test the patch?

Let's see now:

I spent $30, and you want me to beta-test a patch?

Much googling and several calls later, I learned that ValuSoft is a subsidiary of THQ...the people behind MOST gaming equipment. After speaking with the operator (bless her) several times, I finally get some gentleman who claimed to be the Director of Quality Assurance. He said he loved situations like this (after I had to give him everything SHORT of my Social Security number) as he liked to "solve problems."

Shortly thereafter (did I mention they were in California?) someone else called me, and he was really interested ONLY in "who sent the email about the Beta test?" rather than "we have Tune Tools 2.0, and can we mail a copy to....

We'll see where the rest heads, but sorry fellas.

I need Tune Tools now, just like I paid for it. Immediately.
So here's your payback.

Boycott ValuSoft, and their parent company, THQ.

With a roster like Playstation 2, 3, PSP, Nintendo, Game Boy, Wii, XBOX and XBOX 360, I really doubt they are going to give a fuck about a 48 y/o non-gamer.

Still. $30 is $30.
And it's the principle of the thing.

Playlist: In Heavy Rotation
Randy Pausch
REALLY Achieving Your Childhood Dreams
Time Management

Next time you feel like whining that you "don't have enough time" or "life just isn't fair", wander over to your choice of YouTube, or, for a great a/v download quality, dare to venture into iTunes Music Store's "iTunesU" and TREAT yourself to Randy Pausch's THE LAST LECTURE (Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams) or his super-brilliant, and equally bittersweet and amazing TIME MANAGEMENT lectures.

Given that both were delivered within that "three-to-six-month" timespan alloted by his doctors (he died from pancreatic cancer at the age of 47 on Friday, July 25), you'll be held in awe, rapt in amazement, and, if you are really true to yourself, you might even have a hard time looking in the mirror and COMPLAINING – still – that you "don't have enough time" or "life really isn't fair."

Yeah. Life isn't fair.

I'm sorry he wasn't one of my professors at Camp SoreExcuse, and equally sorry I wasn't a colleague of his, at some college, while he was on his way up.

What's it going to take out of your life? Maybe three hours total? You don't even have to WATCH the video, just listen.

And you'll find both lectures well-placed on your "to-do" list more than once.

The Hamburger was invented WHERE?

Rumour has it...

More of George!


Celebrating the "Readymade" Negative!

via Marcel Duchamp!

Can I borrow a (b)Dollar(r)?

Not my idea, but this is fuckin' brilliant!

Whaddya mean "it's artwork?"
I gotta piss!

Happy Birthday Marcel Duchamp!

I actually shook his hand!

Роберта Мэпплторпа

There's a prize in it for whoever guesses an email comment!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

This Day in History

Radio Shack announces Tandy 1000 SL computer

Televised Prejudice!
Norman Lear

Happy Birthday A-Rod!
Anything on your mind?

Food for thought...

Personal Daily Horoscope
Sunday, 27 July 2008
born 4 May 1960

High demands

This is an excellent time for working with others in a team effort, as long as you are a leader within the team or are given a lot of independent initiative. It is also important that the people you work with are energetic and can do their share of the work. You would be very impatient with anyone who is slower or less energetic than yourself. With respect to your immediate environment, you are likely to feel more self-assertive than usual. This can be a good time for telling people how you feel about anything, for you are not willing to let others get away with intruding on your rights. Usually the energy of this influence is mellow enough that you can make yourself clear without causing a fight. In fact, people will probably respect you for your honesty.

Mars Sextile Ascendant, exact at 23:39
26 July 2008 to 29 July 2008

George Michael
MTV Unplugged

Exceptionally hard-to-find, but well worth the effort, is George Michael's legendary UNPLUGGED on MTV from WAY back in the day.

Why this has never been released as a CD/DVD in an official capacity, or through GM's charitable downloads website (a micro-site on his official site) is beyond me.

But if you really want to hear the magic of this man's voice, this is the one to hear.

There is also a Paris "rehearsal" which is supposed to be of much higher quality and energy, and it includes the spectacular piece THE STRANGEST THING, so you might want to wander over here and check that out also. And thanks to DJ Mix Retro Rewind!

And if you really appreciate what you hear, make a donation to one of GM's many charities.

There's more to George than what meets the eye, or hand, in a public loo.

TickTock. TickTock. TickTock.
Robbie Williams FEEL

Come and hold my hand
I wanna contact the living
Not sure I understand
This role I've been given
I sit and talk to God
And he just laughs at my plans
My head speaks a language
I don't understand

I just wanna feel
Real love feel the home that I live in
Cos I got too much life
Running through my veins
Going to waste
I don't wanna die
But I ain't keen on living either
Before I fall in love
I'm preparing to leave her

Scare myself to death
That's why I keep on running
Before I've arrived
I can see myself coming
I just wanna feel
Real love feel the home that I live in
Cos I got too much life
Running through my veins
Going to waste
And I need to feel
Real love and the love ever after
I can not get enough

I just wanna feel
Real love feel the home that I live in
I got too much love
Running through my veins
To go to waste

I just wanna feel
Real love and the love ever after
There's a hole in my soul
You can see it in my face
It's a real big place

Come and hold my hand
I wanna contact the living
Not sure I understand
This role I've been given
Not sure I understand
Not sure I understand
Not sure I understand
Not sure I understand