Saturday, July 05, 2008

Bless me Father, for I have sinned...

Auto-focus is neither.

Aural Sex for the Voyeur
LIVE! on stage...

On deck in the studio

Timely, brilliant, and well worth another viewing, even a listen, like it's a radio show...clipped straight from the headlines of CNN.

Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson.
A volatile combination...

Right next to the B.S. and M.S. diplomas!

Instead of girl-on-girl projections...

The Official Video

I think Shar has a thing for red...

Sharleen Spiteri
All the Times I Cried
Official Video

Sharleen Spiteri
All the Times I Cried
Acoustic Video

Aural Sex
On deck.

iTunes...if you can believe it!
And worth every cent!

LIVE! In Concert!
Well, almost.

Can't Resist
The Video

Friday, July 04, 2008

A Korean War Widow, graveside.

For the real heroes...and their families.

A super move on iTunes!

This Day in History

HotMail, a free internet E-mail service begins!

and so does a generation of web addresses,
oh, I don't know, maybe something like "sweetnsexy69 at hotmail dot com."

Public Service Announcement
Mother Superior
Women and meth addiction

You need to see this film...wander on over to iTunes and check it out.

Blow me...up!
This must be the stoopid holiday.

The Pet Shop Boys

AMAZING video. Check it out here.

Ding-dong the dork is dead!
Senator Jesse Helms bought the farm!

The Jesse Helms Center, a private foundation in Wingate, North Carolina, announced on its Web site that Helms died at 1:15 a.m. Friday in Raleigh.

Helms was known as "Senator No" for his staunch opposition to an array of liberal causes, including affirmative action, arts funding and gay rights.

Remember the dead

The casualty data presented here includes soldiers killed and wounded in action plus non-hostile
deaths. It does not include others who required evacuation from Iraq by medical air transportation
because of non-hostile wounds or for medical reasons. As of the end of Year 5, these numbered 8,273
and 23,052 respectively, 31,325 total. There has been some controversy in Defense Department circles
as to whether this figure should be added to the 33,443 casualties presented in Table 1 to determine a grand total of casualties for the Iraq war. That grand total would be 64,768.

The Stars & Stripes
Robert Mapplethorpe

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

BOYCOTT TLA VIDEO! weighs in...



You know I love you. I miss you! I'm sorry to see you subbing for Campbell Brown, and I really REALLY miss you and Miles (tell him hello!) in the AM.

But I have to ask, in advance of your "year-long, ground-breaking" story about being black in America.

Did anyone ever tell you that YOU PASS? Yeah, you do. Look at "what" you were replaced with...Kiren Chetzilla. And she was born in NEPAL!

more later.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

This Day in History: 1963

The US Postal Service institutes the ZONE IMPROVEMENT PLAN.

Your mail...with ZIP!

Famous zips:


The Late Heath Ledger on AdGabber...

Click here to be taken to the AdGabber site.
The image is just a screen-cap for reference.

TLA VIDEO|Philadelphia
More about Heath Ledger's lovely penis!

Seems TLA Video has upped the ante, and CHANGED their on-line description of I'M NOT THERE to reflect EXACTLY what was in the Summer 2008 catalog (page 4):

The previous post:

The update:

I don't know what's more pathetic...a thinly-veiled attempt to "come clean" with the difference in the catalog description vis-a-vis the on-line description, or the fact that they decided to go public with, in Scott Cranin's words "tasteless and gross" in an effort to sell more DVDs.

Gotcha with your pants down, boys.
It's a pissing contest, for sure.

Mr. Haynes? Care to comment?

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Late Heath Ledger's "Lovely Penis"
The Managing Editor Speaks

They're NOT thinking...
"Heath Ledger's lovely penis..."

Have you seen this movie?
Has Todd Haynes seen the ADVERTISING for this movie?


Well, it seems that our "friends" over at TLA Video think this is a movie we MUST see.

Now, that's the advertising you see on TLA Video's website and they even list THREE (3) reasons why you should see this movie, as evidenced above. And I quote "Of course, Heath Ledger is brilliant...."

What you AREN'T seeing about this movie, is the advertising in the Summer 2008 catalog, recently received in the mail, and, I'm sorry to say, something I tore up in disgust (I'll be dumpster-diving later!)

In the HOLLYWOOD FULL FRONTAL section (page 3, if my memory serves me) is the following entry regarding I'M NOT THERE:
"...we did love seeing the late Heath Ledger's lovely penis..."
Necrophilia and cock-sightings...or something like that.

Heath Ledger did one of the bravest things an actor could have done, perhaps in the history of cinema. He took on the role of Ennis Del Mar in 2005's blockbuster BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. He didn't so much as take on the role, as he "became" Ennis Del Mar. Sadly, Heath Ledger's life came to a very unfortunate, untimely, unpredictable, and, yes, preventable, end. To leave the role of Ennis Del Mar and BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN behind as part of his legacy, for generations to come, is beyond heroic.

It seems also that Mr. Ledger was one of the many stars portraying Bob Dylan in Todd Haynes' acclaimed bio-pic I'M NOT THERE, one of the best films of the year, according to no less than The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and The Village Voice.


According to no less than Scott Cranin, Managing Editor for (and I quote!):
I'm sorry the comment about Heath Ledger's penis offended you. I fully admit it was tasteless and gross. However my job is not to be tasteful, it's to sell DVDs. That short comment has sold hundreds of DVDs by a gay filmmaker that would not sell otherwise.
Let this be a lesson to all male actors in "the industry." No matter how "brilliant" your star-turn, what really matters, at least in terms of selling DVDs, is "can we see your lovely penis" in the movie.

I guess Mr Cranin and those over at TLA Video are right. I would never have purchased a movie by a gay filmmaker, especially, ummm, what's his name? Todd Haynes? (Hmmm. Have I heard of him before?)

No. TLA Video is absolutely on the money, for the money:

Gay men only purchase DVDs (by the hundreds, according to Mr Cranin's email) JUST BECAUSE WE CAN SEE THE LATE HEATH LEDGER'S LOVELY PENIS.

Seems TLA Video left that remark off the website as one of three reasons to purchase the movie. Oh, and in the Summer 2008 catalog, they also neglected to tell me if his lovely penis was erect, flaccid, cut, uncut, or of considerable length and/or girth. Does he shave his balls? Did he "manscape" for the role? Probably not, after all, it's BOB DYLAN we are talking about.

So much for porn.

So, guys, if this offends you as much as it offends me, how about a little support here, and contact:

234 Market Street - 4th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19106
United States of America
Phone: 1-215-733-0608 ext. 1
Toll Free: 1-888-TLA-DVDS
Fax: 1-215-733-0668


Gay pride. Indeed.

Here's how I'd rather remember Heath Ledger:

©remains with the original photographer;
photo-manipulation ©

Corporate Ignorance
DIAL (yep, the soap people)

So, have you been one of the guys who found the "got2B" line of hair products "just right" for your hairstyle of choice? I was.

Repeat: I "was."

This morning, trying to squeeze out the last squirt of gel to make my rapidly-receding hairline look its best, I noted the following on the back of the product you see herein, and I quote:
got2b MAGNET̨K styling gel contains pheromones Рa man's secret edge to make the ladies take notice. So get your game on...because this stuff delivers firm hold and natural shine РAND gets the ladies revved up.


NOW I know why I can't get a fucking date.
Which was sold to me BY MY HAIR STYLIST!

A not-so-quick call to Schwarzkopf & Henkel (1.800.424.5458) revealed something even MORE shocking...IT'S THE DIAL COMPANY (yep, the SOAP people). And, apparently, DIAL is OWNED BY SCHWARZKOPF & HENKEL...a subsidiary of Henkel KGaA, based in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Keep shaving your heads, guys.
And remember: never, EVER, let them see you sweat!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

This Day in History: 1996

Superman's Action Comic #1 (1938) auctioned at Sotheby at $61,900.
I sure hope it was in better condition than this!

Spent the day filling this, a few dozen times.