Saturday, May 24, 2008

A View to a Kill

This Grace Jones Day in History
A View to a Kill

Haunting me.

Sweet thing
I know how strong I can appear
But your don't know the days
Since somebody loved me
You came
And led me through that door again
You say you want to stay
But you don't know me (no you don't)

You make me feel safe

My darkest fears will find their way
After all
Somebody loves me
All day
My heart tells strangers how I feel
And it's hard not to feel this way
When you thought your future was on prescription

You make me feel safe

US War Fatalities

Remembering the Fallen.

Forewarned, forearmed?

Personal Daily Horoscope
Saturday, 24 May 2008
born 4 May 1960

Letting go

Today you may have to encounter and even oppose powerful pressures and forces exerted upon you, both from without and from within. The way you live and exert your energies will be tested today, perhaps forcing you to make radical changes in the areas of your life that you find are not working very well. The best way to use this influence is to let go of old patterns of behavior that today's events demonstrate to be invalid. Holding on to them will only make your life more difficult, and if you give them up, you will have room for the positive creative changes that can take place now. Also you may have to contend with the breakdown of machines or situations. Anything that tends not to function very smoothly will work very poorly today. It is time to straighten out the situation or fix up the mechanical problem.

Sun Square Pluto
exact at 06:18
23 May 2008 – 25 May 2008

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Makes HOSTEL look like a laugh-riot.

Made with the desperation of a man who longs to spin the hands of time, rather than the chamber of a gun.


Watch this...I DARE you...

Happy Birthday, Nessie!

iHatch, 1970

Happy Birthday Naomi Campbell!!



while you might not have much,
you still have much to lose

George Michael Safe_Precious Box

Safe - George Michael

Precious Box - George Michael

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hair, with John Michael

Man Ray, 1923

Birthday torso, 1962

Lydia Cheng by Robert Mapplethorpe

Sombras Obscuras

3hree of a kind
Political Deathwatch

Hamilton Jordan, 63
Ted Kennedy


Hamilton Jordan, 63

Dies of cancer.
Chief of Staff – Carter Administration

Did Hamilton Jordan really snort cocaine on that 1978 visit to Manhattan's far-out Studio 54?
The possibility is growing stronger that a special prosecutor will have to be appointed to investigate the evening's entertainment enjoyed by the White House chief of staff. Under the stringent provisions of the 1978 Ethics in Government Act, there may be no other way to determine whether it is Jordan or his accusers who are telling the truth.

Two new witnesses turned up last week. One, a show business public relations agent named Barry Landau, provided the first corroboration of part of the story — though not the crucial part — told by lawyers for Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager, two own ers of the celebrated disco. They are under indictment for tax evasion, and Schrager has also been charged with possession of cocaine. The White House has accused them of concocting false charges against Jordan in order to bargain for leniency. Landau, who said he had met Jordan at various receptions and dinners, has no such obvious ax to grind, though he is a crony of Rubell's. Said he, in a sworn statement given to the FBI:

"I was at Studio 54 when I ran into Hamilton Jordan ... He said he wanted to see where all the action was, where the famous basement caves were and if he could obtain some cocaine ... Shortly thereafter Steve Rubell appeared, whom I proceeded to introduce to Ham and his lady friends. A young man who is referred to as Johnny C and whom I know by sight and reputation as the man who always seems to put his fingers on such items as Ham had requested, suddenly appeared.

They [Jordan, Rubell and Johnny C] disappeared for a while." Rubell had earlier said that during the disappearance Johnny C slipped Jordan some coke and Rubell watched him snort some.

Last week, however, the FBI found Johnny C. TIME learned two details of his statement: he said his name is John Conaghan—and he denied ever giving Jordan any cocaine. That contradicted a statement he allegedly made on tape to Studio 54's owners. The FBI interviewed four other people who had been with Jordan at Studio 54; none had observed any use of cocaine.

However the Studio 54 incident turns out, Administration supporters fear that new accusations of White House aides using drugs may come from other sources.

Since early in the Carter Administration, in fact, there has been talk in Washington of such practices. Indeed, the matter came up explicitly in July 1978, when Dr.

Peter Bourne, health policy adviser to the White House, had to quit his post after he had improperly prescribed a drug for a friend. At the time, sources charged that Bourne himself had used cocaine. He told a New York Times reporter that there was "a high incidence" of marijuana and occasional cocaine use among members of the White House staff.

Jordan has denied all the Studio 54 charges...

"It could happen to you..."

Mom forced to live in car
with dogs

By Thelma Gutierrez + Wayne Drash
California (CNN)

Barbara Harvey climbs into the back of her small Honda sport utility vehicle and snuggles with her two golden retrievers, her head nestled on a pillow propped against the driver's seat.

A former loan processor, the 67-year-old mother of three grown children said she never thought she'd spend her golden years sleeping in her car in a parking lot.

"This is my bed, my dogs," she said. "This is my life in this car right now."

Harvey was forced into homelessness this year after being laid off. She said that three-quarters of her income went to paying rent in Santa Barbara, where the median house in the scenic oceanfront city costs more than $1 million. She lost her condo two months ago and had little savings as backup.

"It went to hell in a handbasket," she said. "I didn't think this would happen to me. It's just something that I don't think that people think is going to happen to them, is what it amounts to. It happens very quickly, too."

Harvey now works part time for $8 an hour, and she draws Social Security to help make ends meet. But she still cannot afford an apartment...

Defined: Salon

[suh-lon; Fr. sa-lawn]
–noun, plural -lons [-lonz; Fr. -lawn]

1. a drawing room or reception room in a large house.
2. an assembly of guests in such a room, esp. an assembly, common during the 17th and 18th centuries, consisting of the leaders in society, art, politics, etc.
3. a hall or place used for the exhibition of works of art.
4. a shop, business, or department of a store offering a specific product or service, esp. one catering to a fashionable clientele: a dress salon; a hair salon.
5. (initial capital letter) (in France)
a. the Salon, an annual exhibition of works of art by living artists, originally held at the Salon d'Apollon: it became, during the 19th century, the focal point of artistic controversy and was identified with academicism and official hostility to progress in art.
b. a national exhibition of works of art by living artists: Salon des Refus├ęs; Salon des Ind├ępendants.

[Origin: 1705–15; < F < It salone, equiv. to sal(a) hall

What do you mean, "it was dark..."

perfect scene: dark room, huge sofa, and two striking, gorgeous women lounging. the shooter comes over slowly, snaps the shutter, smiles and moves away, happy that he got a lovely, natural looking photo that's gonna work perfectly as a context shot for the party he's covering.

an hour later, the shooter finds himself standing next to the brunette above as the blonde takes the stage, and realizes that it's maybe time to reconsider this whole nightlife photography business if he's unable to recognize both annie lennox and gina gershon.

whatever, it was a seriously dark room.

Everyone in Washington is reeling...

over Ted Kennedy's malignant tumor in his brain?
Yeah, right.
ONE man who could have helped countless people with cancer, at the "unfortunate young age of 74..." has cancer, and is "moving to the next stage, surgery..." and I'm supposed to feel badly?

The Scariest Scene in movies...EVER!
M. Night Shyamalan

Hairdressers + Barbers
have higher risk of cancer.

Work as a hairdresser or barber has been confirmed as a potential carcinogenic influcence, according to a Working Group report of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), as published in the April 2008 issue of The Lancet Oncology.

Hair dyes are presently classified as permanent, semipermanent, or temporary dyes. The permanent (also called oxidative) dyes represent approximately 80% of the available products. They work by combining two chemical agents -- an intermediate and a coupler -- which are bound in the presence of peroxide to form the dye molecule. Dark dyes tend to contain the highest concentrations of these coloring ingredients. In the 1970s, after positive cancer tests in rodents, the use of some of these colorants was discontinued.

According to Dr Robert Baan, of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, France, and colleagues, many new epidemiological studies on cancer in hairdressers, beauticians, and barbers have been published since 1993, the date of the last IARC assessment. "A small, but consistent, risk of bladder cancer was reported in male hairdressers + barbers. Because of few supporting findings by duration or period of exposure, the Working Group considered these data as limited evidence of carcinogenicity and re-affirmed occupational exposures of hairdressers and barbers as 'probably carcinogenic to humans'."

They also reviewed the epidemiological studies on the personal use of hair dyes, but this evidence was not adequate for a definitive conclusion about such treatments.

Many other chemicals, like hair dyes, belong to the group of organic molecules known as aromatic amines. Ortho-toluidine, used in many organic production processes including for hair dyes, pigments, and rubber chemicals, is now classified as carcinogenic to humans. Another curing agent, MOCA, which is used as a curing agent in plastics, also has joined this classification.

Carcinogenicity of some aromatic amines, organic dyes, and related exposures
Robert Baan, Kurt Straif, Yann Grosse,Beatrice Secretan, Fatiha El Ghissassi,
Veronique Bouvard, Lamia Benbrahim-Tallaa, Vincent Cogliano

The Lancet Oncology, Vol 9, April 2008


Patron Saint
May 14

St Mattias became an Apostle after the Resurrection to replace Judas Iscariot.

Choosing a replacement meant finding a disciple who had been with them from the beginning and who had witnessed the Resurrection. Eventually it was between Mathius and Joseph Barsabbas, so the two cast lots so that the Lord might make the choice. Mathius preached the Gospel for thirty years in Judea, Egypt and Ethiopia.

He was martyred by stoning to death. His feast day is the 14th of May. He is the Patron Saint of tailors, carpenters and alcoholics.

The Lactation of Saint Bernard

This miraculous healing of an eye affliction by the milk of the Virgin Mary... ... is for someone who enjoys the bizarre in medieval culture, who wants to learn more about the powerful personage that was Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, and who is interested in some of the more outlandish miracles of the Virgin Mary....

Birthday Balzac

If we could but paint with the hand what we see with the eye.
–|Honore de Balzac

San Bernardino del Siena

Beyond the Passion of the Christ
Rare Poster Design!

The Passion of the Christ
The Sequel

[awaiting image]

Celebrity under the wire
Jim Caviezel

Actor Jim Caviezel Adopts 2nd Disabled Child

By Hilary White

"You have no idea the blessings that you have coming" says Pro-Life Caviezel to parents considering adoption.

TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) - Jim Caviezel, the star of the blockbuster film The Passion of the Christ, told an interviewer that he had been challenged by a friend who was not pro-life to live up to his professed pro-life convictions and adopt a disabled child.

The friend told Caviezel that if he did that, then he would change to the pro-life position. When Caviezel and his wife, Kerri, went to China to adopt not one, but eventually two orphans suffering from brain tumours, the friend reneged on the deal. Caviezel, however, said, "It didn't matter to me because the joy that we had from (Bo) - he's like our own."

Scariest Movie.
M. Night's SIGNS

selfportrait v Mapplethorpe + Lyons

photo circa 1987 – 1988

Monday, May 19, 2008

Aural Sex|Playlist
Diana Ross & The Supremes
Number 1s

Touch me in the morning
Then just walk away
We don't have tomorrow
But we had yesterday
Hey, wasn't it me who said
That nothin' good's gonna last forever
And wasn't it me who said
Let's just be glad for the time together
Must've been hard to tell me
That you've given all you had to give
I can understand your feelin' that way
Ev'rybody's got their life to live

Hey, wasn't it yesterday
We used to laugh at the wind behind us
Didn't we run away and hope
That time wouldn't try to find us
Didn't we take each other
To a place where no one's ever been
Yeah I realy need you near me tonight
'Cause you'll never take me there again
Let me watch you go with the sun in my eyes...


Oh, Jerry, don't let's ask for the moon. We have the stars.

–|Now, Voyager (1942)

Hey Mick.

Now looking back at all we've planned
We let so many dreams
Just slip through our hands
Why must we wait so long
Before we'll see
How sad the answers
To those questions can be

Do you know where you're going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you
Where are you going to?
Do you know...?

Hey Mick.
Now, you know.

I love you.
–|Me + Brutus

May 19, 1971
MM <3 LS

Sunday, May 18, 2008

T-Dance 2008

Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) [Doris Day]

001. Never Can Say Goodbye [Thelma Houston]
100. Ain't No Mountain High Enough [Diana Ross|Number 1s]
101. Some Day We'll Be Together [Diana Ross|Number 1s]


John Michael Mancini
1944 – 2008