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More meatrack.

More D&G Menswear

Hung Up on Men's Underwear Models!

Jeff Aquilon v Ric Arango

Ummm. Can I have my jeans back?

Set me free?
Think they're talking about the zipper?


NYC man says he was conned into selling Arbus photos cheap

March 7, 2008

NEW YORK (AP) _ A collector of African-American art was duped into selling a cache of previously unknown Diane Arbus photographs for a fraction of their value, and the buyer stands to reap hundreds of thousands of dollars from the deception at an auction next month, the collector claims in a lawsuit.

"I feel victimized," said Bayo Ogunsanya, who filed suit Wednesday in a federal court in Brooklyn. He wants a court to block the auction, void or change the terms of the sale and award him unspecified damages.

A lawyer for buyer Robert Langmuir called Ogunsanya's suit frivolous.

"Mr. Ogunsanya is a professional who seems to have had a case of seller's remorse and is trying to wring a few dollars out of my client," said the attorney, Peter Meltzer.

Ogunsanya, 50, of Brooklyn, bought a trunk full of photographs at a sale of unclaimed items from a Bronx storage facility in July 2002, according to the lawsuit. The trunk had once belonged to a black entertainer and businessman who had managed a Manhattan museum of oddities that closed in 1965.

Ogunsanya says he had no idea the images were Arbus photos when he sold them to Langmuir for a total of about $3,500 _ but he believes Langmuir knew full well that they were the prominent photographer's work.

Langmuir initially bought only some of the images, and then called back a few weeks later seeking to purchase the rest, according to the lawsuit. The Philadelphia-based buyer promised to pay Ogunsanya more in future if they turned out to be worth "more than you and I think they are," Ogunsanya maintained in court papers.

The Black Party
Rituals XX!X

Think that (gloved?) fist means anything?

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Jodie + Jennifer

Duane Michals

This Day in History: 1475

Michelangelo born.

Friday the 13 2008

Marky Mark as a DILF!
A very serious DILF!

Damn. Forgot these names.

Alon Reininger
Ara Gallant – Studio 54 comes to mind.
Bill King – HOT! The Raquel Welce BLACKGAMA ad.
Charles Harbutt
Chris von Wangenheim
Denis Piel – over-rated.
Duane Michals – the series, esp Mt Fuji
James Baes
Jill Freedman
Mike Reinhardt
Philip Jones Griffiths
Stan Malinowski
Stephen Shames
Steve Hiett
Alex Chatelain
Bill Silano
Leslie Krims – actually has something in common with several horror movies.
Philip Dixon
Barry McKinley – amazing.
Matthew Rolston – still kicking it.
Bill Cunningham – still putting it in the Times.

Miami Shores, late 80s - 90s

She really was quite beautiful.

Redneck Mansion

How could I NOT post this.
Too fucking funny!
Thanks to DEEV!

Husband reportedly confesses to killing wife
after snatching her away from Webcam conversation with another man

I knew this girl. I knew her when she was a very young, awkward, pre-teen. She lived down the street from me in Miami, alone, with her father. I remember her being picked on for being "strange" and I remember the few (two?) Christmas holidays my partner and I walked down the street with bags of toys for her, "just because." We decided to take TOYS FOR TOTS personally, and kept it in our neighborhood. I never saw any agency there checking on her. I exchanged few words with her father, a man of dubious mental acumen.

This girl, Jennifer, spoke the very first words to me as a new resident of that Miami town. It was about a calico cat which had taken up residence on our property...long before we became known as the "feline underground railroad" harbouring some 13 cats of various markings and various temperments.

"That cat's name is Goldie. She's always around."

Perfect name for a calico. Goldie.

And now Jennifer is dead. Leaving behind three children, and a father who is alleged to have killed Jennifer, their mother.

I'm just sick thinking of the whole fucking thing.
That vicious fucking cycle which helps no one,
and damns the future.

Husband reportedly confesses to killing wife after snatching her away from Webcam conversation with another man

By Rebecca Panoff

Sunday, January 13, 2008

PORT ST. LUCIE — Jennifer Mae Alvarez’s online boyfriend saw a man’s hand grab her while they were talking via Webcam on New Year’s Eve.

After she told him to “hold on,” she never returned to finish their conversation.

Her husband, Christopher Alvarez, 36, was arrested Friday night after confessing to stabbing Jennifer Alvarez, 24, to death on New Year’s Eve, according to an arrest affidavit obtained Saturday.

Jennifer Alvarez’s body was found Wednesday evening on a canal bank at West Angle Road near the Florida’s Turnpike overpass. An autopsy report indicated she had been stabbed twice – in the neck and abdomen — with the latter wound being fatal, according to the affidavit.

Jennifer Alvarez told her boyfriend in Arizona that she and her husband had been arguing and Christopher Alvarez had threatened to hurt her, the affidavit states. The boyfriend also saw Christopher Alvarez in the background while he and Jennifer Alvarez were talking online.

Christopher Alvarez confessed to killing his wife after he took a lie detector test administered by St. Lucie County Sheriff’s officials and “numerous inconsistencies” were noted, St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara said Saturday.

According to the affidavit, Christopher Alvarez told detectives he and Jennifer Alvarez were fighting on New Year’s Eve and she came at him with a knife, cutting him on the hands and on the back of the leg. Christopher Alvarez told detectives he choked Jennifer Alvarez and stabbed her with the knife in their home in the 630 block of Southwest Ivanhoe Drive after disarming her, the affidavit states. Alvarez told detectives he wrapped her body in a blanket and left her on the canal bank where she was found.

The couple’s three young children are being taken care of by Christopher Alvarez’s family, according to Mascara.

According to the affidavit, Jennifer Alvarez’s boyfriend called 911 on Jan. 1 and told dispatchers he was concerned for her well being. Port St. Lucie Police officers were sent to the home, but no one answered, the affidavit states. The boyfriend also called the state Department of Children & Families about Jennifer Alvarez, and a DCF representative called 911 on Jan. 2 to report the information.

According to Mascara, the Alvarezes were getting divorced and had a court date for Jan. 2.

Thursday, detectives served a search warrant at the Alvarez home, seized Jennifer Alvarez’s computer, and documented the online conversations that took place shortly before she was killed.

The evidence officials obtained from Jennifer Alvarez’s computer was valuable, Mascara said.

“The person she was speaking to (online) reported to us that yes, in fact, he saw her (husband) enter the view of the Webcam and that was last time she was ever seen. We had a witness who placed them together,” Mascara said.

Jennifer Alvarez was arrested in September for aggravated domestic battery and a violation of a domestic violence injunction, according to an arrest affidavit from the incident. Christopher Alvarez was also arrested on a charge of violation of a domestic violence injunction in the same incident, according to an arrest affidavit.

There was a domestic violence injunction already in place from a previous incident, and both violated it by having drinks and dinner together, the affidavit states.

Christopher Alvarez was being held at the St. Lucie County Jail on no bond late Saturday.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Clive Barker! Yeah!

Happy birthday, beauty!
Niki Taylor 1975

©1989, Niki Taylor as photographed by David Vance

National Niki Taylor Day!

*I was also the assistant on this photograph,
and the technician who processed, and printed, this film.
And I remember with great dread the last piece of 16 x 20 fiber based paper,
because I hadn't properly ordered the right paper.
And I remember with greater irony the fact that no one,
bar me and me alone,
would know that I knocked of a perfect 16" x 20" print.
I'm sure it was 35mm, but it could have been 6 x 7.
Either way: first, and only, fiber print. Retouched. Straight to POST MORTEM for the cover.

Probably the best overall supermodel story of my life.

I got lost, yes, lost, on Hollywood Beach, near the pine trees,
with Niki Taylor, then, 15. Sixteen, MAYBE.

And like any good (read: eager-beaver) photo assistant,
I emptied my pockets (a common practice) so as not to mix
"my stuff" with the photographer's "stuff."

This was 1988. 1989. MAYBE. (I remember the shoot for W at The Forge that 4th of July. When Niki didn't know HOW to wear couture Valentino, and stood on the (hidden) milkcrate for height?

And Barbara, God bless Barbara. Offering to help carry any of the photo equipment, the equipment for the clothing, the racks. Anything. Anything at all.

Back to the Beach.
We got lost. For over two hours (you have it on the soul of my greyhound Grace!) we walked, north, instead of just south.

And I didn't have money for even a drink for Niki.
And we talked about Batman.

And I felt like the Joker.

with the most beautiful woman I'd ever see,
and spent time with,

and I couldn't make tap water from salt water.

She signed the SEVENTEEN cover months later:

I'll go for a walk with you again anytime...

Later, I said "no thank you" to Barbara when she asked me, in my employer's foyer, if I'd like to photograph Niki.

I read years before, at Club Newhouse, that you didn't accept work while under the aegis of another. Don't dine at your employer's bank.

So I said no.

Happy Birthday.
I remember.

You owe me that walk!

I'm a Astro. A Hor.

A pet peeve.
Probably #1

I saw this with Austen (he of the middle name, not the Dr!) And I've seen this with people from back in the day in Miami. I even saw this with the other half of the B-Mountain story. That one stretches all the way from Syracuse to Jersey to Florida to California.

What is it?

It's a chilling, unexpected, unexplained, and quite abrupt "end."

You know: you just stop hearing from someone. And that email goes unanswered. And, perhaps, a phone call isn't returned.

And one week turns into a month morphs into year...or longer.

And every now and then I run across something which reminds me of a particular person, or a particular time...and for all intents and purposes, I'm left with a brick wall. A hard brick wall.

The type of wall which erects itself almost when someone dies.

There ain't no changing death. It's the ultimate end-of-the-road. The ultimate "the party's over." 

It's even worse when you don't know if (when, or where!) people died. Eric. Rob. John. Jeanne. 

But then the STOP sign of life, the "take a left or take a right", the fork in the road, or, my favorite, the sudden appearance of an exit on the highway of life...

Sometimes I just don't get it.
And I think of how little courage people have.

Like ignoring a bill long overdue.
It gathers interest, and doesn't go away just because you wish it away.

A memory gathers dust, and hopefully that dust obscures the feelings in your heart.

And eventually you find yourself, years later, saying "gee, whatever happened to..."

and you realize you 


And that's the sad point.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Terry Richardson snaps again.

The Kiss.
I remember.

Astro 2 Go!

Birthdays besides Fran!

Yes...the first girlfriend (and last) has a birthday today.
Couldn't find her phone number.

Either way:

Evan Dando?
Steven Weber? (gotta see Jenifer)

Adrian Lyne!

and Knute Rockne, of all people.

Voyager fly-by Jupiter's Rings

Scene|Unseen 2008

I found thirteen (13) rolls of 35mm 36exp Kodachrome film. Along with three (3) rolls of KPF120, also process K-14. The standard.

The fucking gold standard of photography.

Guys I knew in college, with money, would test process batches of film, and purchase film in bricks (twenty rolls) of their desired emulsion...for

CVS actually took the film (yeah, my new friends.)
$5.99 per roll, with some $2.50 to have it digitally delivered on a custom CD.
So I'm going to wait, what? Ten days, max?

Get ready for the fucking book!
Deev says I'll probably be known as the person to process the last rolls of Kodachrome in history. It's kinda funny, and you really have to know how to take care of your Kodachrome to get

Fuck it.
I need the publicity.

What the hell!


I <3 AC :))

which translates into:

I love Anderson Cooper's giggle.
It's funny.

I couldn't take it.

I cut my hair.

Well, what was left.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Portrait ©DCahill
rework ©2008

Yes. That's what I look like.
These days, anyway.
28 February 2008
©student_d. cahill

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Freddie Mercury.
New Haven 2008

This Day in History: 1983

Compact Disc recordings developed by Phillips and Sony introduced.

Winter Party 2008

01 March 1954

Ron Howard.

Bryce's birthday 1981



BLur mid80s – 90s
The Kodachrome Years

Aurel Sex::Deep Throat

Rod Stewart.


I don't know how many fucking times I told X, but that 
(you didn't listen to what it is they're saing)

(i don't wan't no c_

Just over a dozen rolls of Kodachrome found.

Process normal, overall.

Left or right?

Nice ASS, Dave!!

Ask me what I want –
that's just more.

How long will I wait for you?
Twice as long as I did before.

Dave Gahan
The gayest straight guy onstage!

The last guy who couldn't take the stage without takin' off his shirt was none other than Freddie Mercury!

And Dave – I had no idea about that hummer!

I think Dave saw P2!
Open the door (it's only me!)



I'm switching brands!
The New Mr Clean!

Fashion Photography: The New Porn


Don't tell me these boys never...

And people think I'm outta control!

Now that's what I call a coupla' cooperative male models!

Hold On to My Love
Jimmy Ruffin 1980
Robbie Leslie Disconet Remix

Download the brilliance here.

Read what has been posted on YouTube:
what can be said about this song, played in every gay disco in the world, music dosent get much better than this, a great song and melody that brings back great memories for a lot of us in atlanta who danced at BACKSTREET and THE COVE.........I LOVE THIS SONG...........thanks

This is the Disconet version - an exclusive dj-only remix service that started the whole rage in classy extended versions of the crowd pleasers. Yes, indeed, this is The Saint all the way. Disconet also released it on CD. I have it! The owners of The Saint closed under pressure of the rising HIV crisis in the late 80's, it's a joy to see today so many survivors excited about this definitive Saint song!

You said it all. Amen. The magic of the Saint ended too soon. There will not be another club like that. Period. And how blessed we were to be able to enjoy it. I miss all the people who made it what it was over those years. I can't listen to this song anymore without crying. I was at the closing party for three days and still have the black hospital-style bracelet that let us come and go that weekend 20 years ago.

thank you for posting my memories with this number take me to london and ealing broadway,(and oh yeah,aramis 900) good music brings people together

How I loved the Saint, I moved to NYC just to dance under that rayon dome, no record reminds me of the Saint as much as this Jimmy Ruffin record. I still get goosebumps listening to this wonderful classic of the Disco era, I just wished all those who I lost in those days could come back for just one final party.

And if ever you go...

you came by
to tell me you are leaving me
and to say
that the love
and all that we knew had just drifted away...

And I look
in your eyes
and I couldn't bear the pain I felt inside
of my heart –
To think I'm gonna be lonely again...

and if e-ever you go,
then I know at a glance
that I don't stand a chance...

Hold on –
to my love –

I'm nothing –
and I can't get along without you –
You're the light of my life...

It's so hard
to believe
that your going away could make me feel so down
Cause I know
that from this moment on
I won't have you around
And if e-ever you go
then I know at a glance that I won't stand a chance...

So hold on –
to my love –
I'm nothing –
and I can't get along without you –
you're the light of my life –

There's no living without (your love).

Ooooh, oh baby –
nobody's taking your place –
But for you – but for me,
our love would live on for the whole world to see.

So hold on –
to my love –
I'm nothing –
and I can't get along without you –
you're the light of my life –