Saturday, March 01, 2008

Dark Shadows!
The Bloopers!

If you don't know about Dark Shadows, you'd better have thousands of hours to catch up on the legendary soap opera which rocked the 60s.

I smiled and tried to mean it...


I don't know who's playin' "Lightboy" but damn! he says more with his eyes...

So I wonder what happened to . . .

Why I joined the swim team!

Cunning Stunts!

Not just Harry.

Weather or knots.

Track Marx

Depeche Mode Mega-mix
YouFM 01.26.06

Closing Black History Month

This Day in History
Best Supporting Actress 1940

Hattie McDaniel becomes the first black woman to win an Oscar.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year 2008
Astrological Forecast

Personal Daily Horoscope
Friday, 29 February 2008
born 4 May 1960

Leap Year 2008

Uranus Sextile Saturn
A chance for change

Valid during many months|end of April 2007 until beginning of January 2009:

During this time you have the opportunity to make creative changes through a system. It can be any kind of system, such as your work, the government or other aspectsof the social system, or it can be the "systems" you have created in your personal world with your friends, family and loved ones. At other times you may feel that the system you are involved with gets in the way of your individual freedom and self-expression. But now the rules of the game afford you the chance to make whatever changes are necessary for your own personal growth.

In your work, this is an extremely favorable time because your superiors will be impressed by your innovative ideas. You may be rewarded with a higher position in that particular system. Both at work and in your life generally you are unusually willing to learn new techniques, and you have the discipline to master them.

You will work for change in the organizations you deal with, but you will not be satisfied with airy schemes that have little practical value. Instead you will try to achieve a carefully thought-out, rigorously planned course of action. Others will have no doubt about how your plans are to work. Consequently there is potential for much solid achievement under this influence.

All structures in your life serve two purposes. First, they eliminate chaos from your perception of the world so that you can deal with it more easily. But these structures also present a constant challenge to grow and change within them. If you do not accept the challenge, the structures in your life can become extremely limiting and deadening. Eventually this results in a crisis situation in which you must either strike out or die psychologically, if not literally. But this influence gives you the chance to make creative changes under relatively favorable conditions so that structures in your life do not become stifling. You should use this opportunity to ensure that you can always work within the structures of your life.

Leap Year
Under the wire!

Birthday Brain?

Tony Robbins was born Leap Year, 1960.

My birthday was really the 126th day of the year.
NOT the 125th.
Which is Tax-Free Day.

And Randy Travis' birthday.


And Miss Hepburn's.


Danny, stay in the car. four favorite words...

General: Issue a Code Orange.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


I haven't had a shower in four days.
I haven't washed my clothes in a week.

–|Prince Harry, Soldier

The Bullet Magnet

Birthday Builder!
What? You have to ASK?

His Royal Hotness!

He's got ORANGE hair!
What more does he need?

(Note to self: call his interior designer. Does the carpet...)

The Black Supermodels
Women + Men!

A super-great two-part series on black supermodels
(part one, part two) as Black History Month winds to a close...posted originally on the world's most dangerous site:

Daily Transit.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Birthday Beauty.
Liz Taylor 1932

Wolf Blitzer: LIAR!

We can't report on every single story every day.
–|Wolf Blitzer, The Situation Room

Really Wolf?
What's with all the rerunning of "news" clips?
For instance: AC|360ยบ is live from 10p - 11p.
And guess what runs from 11p - 12m?
The exact same broadcast which was LIVE from 10p - 11p.

It's official!
We've gone national!

"This just in..." has finally hit Waterbury and CNN. While the details are scarce on CNN, there's lots locally, most of it contradictory, and some inaccurate.

Still, spent shell casings steps from my grammar school really is kinda scary and surreal.

Mayor: Waterbury Bank Robber Shoots Off-Duty Fire Chief
Gunman Flees On Foot Wearing All Black Clothing, Police Say
POSTED: 11:52 am EST February 27, 2008
UPDATED: 1:05 pm EST February 27, 2008

WATERBURY, Conn. -- A gunman shot an off-duty Waterbury firefighter battalion chief in the leg at a bank, the mayor's office said, prompting nearby schools to lock down.

Waterbury police told Eyewitness News that a man wearing black clothing fired gunshots, striking a person inside the Webster Bank in the 300 block of Highland Avenue shortly before 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. Officers are searching the immediate area with the assistance of Trooper 1.

Route 8 Southbound Closed
A crash on southbound Route 8 near exit 30 closed the highway a short time later. It was not immediately known as to whether this crash is involved in the bank robbery investigation. State transportation officials said they do not anticipate reopening the highway for as many as 12 hours.

Channel 3 Eyewitness News reporter Len Besthoff reported seeing police activity along Route 8, and a witness in that area told Eyewitness News they said several armed state troopers.

Schools Take Precautions
Some schools in the area have locked down as a precaution, including:

Kennedy High School
West Side Middle School
Tinker Elementary School
Brooklyn Elementary School
Holy Cross High School
Blessed Sacrament School
St. Mary's School
Mount Carmel School
Barnard School

Battalion Fire Chief Hospitalized
Police said the gunfire struck a person in the leg during an alleged robbery. A Waterbury Hospital official told Eyewitness News that they have received one person from this incident. The person's identity and condition were not immediately known.

Webster Bank
Making your dreams a nightmare!

It's in the stars...

Personal Daily Horoscope
Wednesday, 27 February 2008
born 4 May 1960

Soap bubbles
Chiron Opposition Uranus,
February 2008 – end of December 2008

You will now have to reckon with a critical time, during which some of your future visions turn out to be no more than soap bubbles. A series of disturbing events might show you that you are not as free as you might have believed. Nobody can avoid getting swept up in the daily life of the collective. We are all subject to the continuous bombardment of distressing news, and a powerful advertizing industry strongly influences our buying habits. Your increasing sensitivity makes you more aware of the influence these things have on your private life, and you may feel increasingly under threat from such powerful external forces. This realization makes some people very uneasy. Many influences of their lives -whether private or public - can suddenly seem unreal or hypocritical. They start to question whose truth they are actually living, leading them to seek better ways of expressing their own authentic individuality. Many feel the need to get rid of all obligations and restrictions in one fell swoop.

Level-headedness and consideration for others are probably not your strongest points at the moment, which could lead others to accuse you of behaving like a stroppy adolescent. You benefit most from this influence if you can resist the temptation to be overcritical of the circumstances in your life, which will help you to be more tolerant of your own behavior. Do not allow yourself to become embroiled in an ill- tempered feud with those who might unconsciously resent the fact that you are not functioning "normally". This is also a good time to work together with your partner to make constructive changes in your relationship which will benefit both of you.

Dear Mr Leighton Stultz:

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Guess what's happenin' now...RELAX!

I like to watch.
Makes ya' hot, yeah?
Why don't you come over here and show me how hot.


I gave Melanie Griffith a backrub with that vibrator-thing at the Galleria Mall's Sharper Image in Fall 1988.

I swear on Brutus' beating heart!

Dear Senator John McCain:

I am not one of your friends.
Please stop referring to me when you say "my friends."

If you want to be one of "my friends"
how 'bout repealing DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL.

When you have lots and lots and lots of gay men and women serving in the military, THEN I'll be one of "your friends."


Sunday, February 24, 2008


And the Oscar for
Best Documentary goes to:

Taxi to the Darkside

(er, Taxi to the DARKER side...)

Expiration Date: 1990
Malcolm Forbes

Happy Birthday de la Hoya!
Stockings and all...

of course this is lifted!

This Day in History

Du Pont begins commercial production of nylon toothbrush bristles

Grace Jones
La Vie en Rose
The War Video

Broadcast Birthday!
A to Zahn!

Tilda Swinton
The Deep End
One pixel!

Best Oscar for
Parquet-polishing Performance

B st Actr ss!!
ll n Pag

Why I Love Geometry!

Can't buy these odds.

Happy Mac-Birthday, Steve!

Oscar Night: Hartford
CT AIDS Resource Coalition

Cuban iCandy!

CNN's Havana Bureau Chief, Morgan Neill.

No Buddy gets left behind!

Check out their site, and help 'em out!