Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Purrrrrrrr-thday.

Still a class act.
Happy Birthday, Eartha Kitt!

a Persian Google Search!

en Francaise!
Killer Queen?

While this is lots of fun, I have no.fucking.clue what they are saying!
He seems to be paying close attention to the (hot) host, and holding his own.
He opens up right at the end with LOVE TODAY.


6º of Annie Lennox

Me > Annie > Dave Stewart > Ringo Starr > Larry King
Me > Annie > Dave Stewart > Ringo Starr > John Lennon > Yoko Ono
Me > Annie > Dave Stewart > Ringo Starr > The Beatles

Friday, January 25, 2008

What's wrong with education today...

Make sure you check out this brilliant student-produced presentation.


Red Bull Art of Can

Look who look who ROX ME!

Forget the fact this is a commercial for PEPSI (or is it DIET PEPSI?)...
this is actually pretty damn good.

Kinda worx too...I can see this happening...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I've got a woody!
Part IV

Financial Femme Fatale!

I <3 Ellen Page!

While I'm absolutely looking forward to seeing Ms Page in JUNO, I still think her performance in HARD CANDY defined "tour-de-force."


Hmmmmm. Ya think SharonTateCharlesManson made me think of THE SHINING?

Not Sharon Tate's birthday...

This photograph was recreated from the actual post-mortem scene of Sharon Tate's brutal murder by Charles Manson.

Happy Birthday Sharon Tate!

Such a beautiful woman...

Happy Birthday Mac!


A demolition man!
Jean-Paul Goude

David LaCha-WHO?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger v Pending Notification
And it's no joke.

This should put "everything" back in perspective.
Something tells me Mr Ledger would be ashamed of all this coverage, mortified that the collective attention of the world is on him, when there is ONE soldier out there who really gave all to make a difference in this world.

Not that Heath didn't make a difference with ONE acting role (you guess which one), but his character will long live on, and the name of this ONE soldier will fade from the view of all, barring their family, their friends, their troops and the lives of everyone that ONE soldier touched.

Britney Spears

She's the most photographed woman in the world.

–|scumbag pap boyfriend


on the web,
no one can hear you scream.

It's not as funny as when MetroDesign told me earlier today...

But it's kinda funny.


I'm not finding the material on this girl's 2008 pre-release terribly sweet. Download the suite yourself, and lemme know what you think.

Personally? It's the dreaded contractual bird, flipped in the face of LuLu's departure to Live Nation. Really, though: try to beat the juggernaut that was CONFESSIONS.

Licorice. Comes in black, red, colors...and Madonna-flavoured.

Twizzle me this...

Madonna Loves Twizzlers

Heath Ledger

There's a cloud over the whole city.
You can't imagine the pain we're all feeling.

We're convinced it was an accident.
This man was a force of nature.

–|CNN, Erica Hill's guest, Howare Bragman

Is it me, or is "Bragman" a crazy-ass name for a PUBLICIST!

What? No jockstraps?

Jail Term for Swiping Bras, Panties

COLFAX, Wash. (AP) — A man is facing a sentence of one-and-a-half months after admitting he stole 93 pounds of women's undergarments

Once more, with emphasis:
Heath Ledger

did NOT play a "gay cowboy" in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN.

Apparently, "stoopid" is a disease running rampant,
and most of the media has yet to have their vaccine.

I mean, come on.
It was bad enough to hear BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN referred to as "the gay cowboy" movie. Now we have to go through this semantic issue (for starters) all over again?

Seems to me STOOPID is definitely in stock these days.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger...
and one more from YouTube.

It really is like one-half of the world's most famous gay couple died today.

It is.

One thousand haunting words...

I'm sure Jake wishes Heath had his back...

A sad day in orange history

90% of Florida's citrus crop freezes...

Kinda interesting vid. Aural too.

Demonic Birthdays!
Francis Bacon + Linda Blair

Celebrity Death Trifecta

Hey, it happened in December: Ike, Dan, and Oscar...all musicians.

I'd hate to be a 20something white male actor at the moment...

Heath Ledger dies and...

monsters bawl...

The right to film in public.
Not in MY town...


CLOVERFIELD director Matt Reeves:
"One of the things I will say that I thought was really interesting and fun was when we were doing the movie I would look at YouTube footage. And a lot of the footage that’s shot—the style was specifically was taken, ripped off, from amateur footage. It was about ‘How do people film themselves? How do people film parties? How do people film each other?’ How do people film crises?’ People constantly take out their cameras in the middle of these crises. Sometimes you would see footage, and something crazy would be going on while you’re watching this footage. The thing that really caught my attention was that not only was that person filming, but suddenly all these other people were filming. So deliberately in the movie I added extras, like around the head of the Statue of Liberty. When the assistant director came up to me, he said, ‘What do you want from me?’ I said, ‘What I want is for a number of people to pull out their cell phones. I want them to take pictures. I think that’s important."
Note to Mr Reeves:

Don't try this in my town.
The cops are all over you before you can even put your visual recording device of choice to your eye. Whether it's a car accident involving a police car, a crowd of people at a street fest, or kids playing on a hot summer street, don't. I mean, it's not like you're committing a crime or anything, it's just that the boys in blue think they own the streets, and, in a larger manner, they think they control the media!

Heath Ledger.
Buddy, you're a boy, made a big noise...

Descanse en pace, Heath.

Heath Ledger's Joker.

From a cowboy to a clown:
Heath Ledger's Last Photo

Heath Ledger on the set of the new Terry Gilliam film, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Hammer Time!
Heath Ledger's JOKER Poster

Seems there are six (6) copies of The Joker advance posters for DARK KNIGHT on ebay at the moment...and if you do the math (I did) between the auctions and the BUY IT NOW! features, each poster's going for $108.28, average.

The market drops, the hammer falls, and the bidding rises.

and rises.

and rises.

Why so serious?
Heath Ledger's darkest night.

15 bidders have driven this poster up to $183 on eBay at the moment. Or, you can opt for the BUY IT NOW for $99.99...

and you thought the market had a bad day?

Heath on Ellen.

Any comment from Gyllenhaal's camp?

If ya can't fix it, ya gotta stand it.

This is all the more chilling given the events of the day.


The Orange Underground?


1979 - 2008

The New York Times reports:

"At 3:31 p.m., a masseuse arrived at Apartment 5A of 421 Broome Street in SoHo for an appointment with Ledger, the police said. The masseuse was let in to the home by a housekeeper, who then knocked on the door of Ledger’s bedroom. When no one answered, the housekeeper and the masseuse opened the bedroom and found Ledger unresponsive ..."

The White House e-mail Debacle

White House Has No Comprehensive E-Mail Archive
System Used by Clinton Was Scrapped
By Elizabeth Williamson and Dan Eggen
Washington Post Staff Writers
Tuesday, January 22, 2008

For years, the Bush administration has relied on an inadequate archiving system for storing the millions of e-mails sent through White House servers, despite court orders and statutes requiring the preservation of such records, according to documents and technical experts.
In the presidential offices, for example, not a single e-mail was archived on Dec. 17, 20 or 21 in 2003 -- the week after the capture of Saddam Hussein. According to the study summary that the committee released, e-mails were not archived for Vice President Cheney's office on four days in early October 2003, coinciding with the start of a Justice Department probe into the leak of a CIA officer's identity, which later led to criminal charges against Cheney's chief of staff.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm not perfect,
but Grace is perfect.
For me.


$6.75 was mine!

Thanks for the iPhone, Steve!

Bizarre Birthday Blessings!
David Lynch

And yes, this montage of photographs is very, very relevant to the the birthday boy!

But don't ask me 'cause I.aint.saying.

Typical Male (thinks with his dick)

Typical male, thinks with his dick.

A brilliant song by Grace Jones as only she could embody.
A bonus cut (uncut?) on her highly-underrated SEX DRIVE EP,
this cut is only available on the SEX DRIVE EP with three remixes,
and this, as a bonus cut (or uncut.)

Perfectly in tune with today's dance floors,
this hidden gem is only starting to see the light of day.

Enjoy the fully-remixed version here.

Ladies and gentlemen!