Monday, September 01, 2008

Bristol Palin, 17, Pregnant!

So first it was the rumor that Sarah Palin's Down's Syndrome baby was actually her daughter's baby.

Now they are coming clean about the pregnancy and that the daughter, Bristol, is pregnant.

I want to know one thing:

what's the scoop on the age of 17 v the age of consent in Alaska?

Apparently hunting moose in Alaska isn't the only thing this governor engages in.

A 19 y/o son, a new son, under six months, and a pregnant daughter?


Is it me?


Anonymous said...

No it's not you. Do the math, she SHOULD give birth sometime in early January, late December. I predict a "miscarriage" due to all the stress of the scrutiny. Do the math again, she supposedly had MONO and was out of school for months due to ILLNESS yet she was obviously not too ill to engage in some extra-curricular activities.

As Ralph Land of the Southern Baptist Conference stated, "Sarah Palin is straight out of central casting". This is PURELY an effort to drum up the anti-abortion/Evangelical vote who wasn't pleased with McCain, now they are FIRED UP.

This truly is a case of WMD, Sarah Palin, SUPER mother who got on a seven hour flight with leaking amniotic fluid who did NOT ask her own physician's permission to fly and did NOT seek hands on medical attention before doing so, MIRACULOUSLY gave birth to a child in a medical center in Alaska which has on their website NO record of a Trig Palin born April 18th, went back to work THREE days later,and now, glory be, she also has wrapped her arms around her daughter who at age 17 is pregnant.

Again, no it is not you, it is BIZARRE and totally UNBELIEVABLE but I predict if she stays on the ticket, Sarah Palin's "SUPER qualifications" to become president at the drop of a hat due to her "moral fortitude" and blessings from God himself will get out the Evangelical vote in droves! said...

And I thought it was me.

I think I have to start giving more attention to the voices in my head. Maybe they should start their own blog...