Thursday, June 19, 2008

Heineken to sponsor upcoming
Queen+PR tour?
Leaked RS ad!

This "Heineken ad" was intercepted on its way from Heineken's corporate ad department on its way to Rolling Stone magazine for a surprise centerspread announcing Heineken's sponsorship of the upcoming Queen + Paul Rodgers 2008 European tour. The ad was also due to drop digitally before the end of Heineken's fiscal year.

When contacted, VĂ©ronique Schyns, Senior press officer for Heineken, had no comment.

There has been neither confirmation nor denial from the Queen + Paul Rodgers camp.

1 comment:

Plain Yogurt said...

It is *NOT* all about the beer. It's not even close to being about the beer at all.

If Heineken will indeed misuse Queen's image in this way, I for one, will never again purchase or drink a Heineken product.

This is just disgusting.