Tuesday, January 15, 2008

HP Lovecraft
Dreams in the Witch House

Actually, not a bad job. The story is spooky enough, and leads up to a very unexpected and creepy ending.

Don't be a dope and buy this at any retail outlet, even your local DVD-Rama at 3 for $25.

It's available on Amazon, used, for under $2, and about that much for shipping.

It's worth a watch, but not for more than $5 total.

Now you know why I am an advocate of video piracy.

Part of the first season of Showtime's MASTERS OF HORROR, you see the films on the big screen (read: movie theatre) or the new-big screen (read: the $5000 plasma theatre in some rich folks' home-theatre) and, quite possibly, you buy the video when it comes out...BEFORE it's in the special mausoleum-fashioned box set (cheaply made, with absolutely no booklets whatsoever.).

And then it's available for less than $2 on Amazon.

Now THAT'S scary!

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fatz said...

After talking to you the other day about movies, I updated my caque on netflicks and put Saw, Hostel and the hills have eyes2, I watched that one last night. pretty good I guess. I'll let you know when I get the others.