Thursday, January 10, 2008

AdRants Daily is stalking OrangeMercury!

I posted about this (as referenced below) on December 16, even noting I wasn't the first person to blog this ad.

Seems AdRants Daily is running dry on material (writers' strike?) as they (Steve Hall, specifically) posted today on the EXACT SAME THING.

Ya think?

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Steve said...

Idiot. I've never heard of your blog. I saw this ad on Adland today and that's the first place I saw it. If you read the post properly, you'd see I referenced Adland as the place I first saw it.

Do you actually think you are the only person who has ever seen that ad? Do you ever read ad blogs/ If you did, you'd know we commonly link to the sources at which we find information.

Had I found this ad on your site, I would have gleefully linked to it. Since I didn't and saw it on Adland, that's where I linked to.

How could I stalk you if I haven't even heard of you?

Give it a fucking rest. Or at least lay your stalking shit on all the other sites that apparently had it before I did.

I mean WTF??? Can you even comprehend that it was fucking Adland that I saw this ad on and not your sorry ass site?