Saturday, November 10, 2007

This Day in History: 1908

The first Gideon Bible was left in a hotel room.

News on November 10.

See birthdays below.

Birthdays on November 10.

I'm exhausted.

And the city paper's coverage...

I don't know what's more shocking here. The paucity of information, or the fact that this story, the first to run in the city paper, was posted at 7:52p, almost 12 hours after I took my photograph of the scene.

Oh. And there was no accompanying photograph with the on-line posting.

I guess that's why it's called "news."

Update on the accident.

Police officer, two teens taken to hospital after Waterbury crash
by News Channel 8's Crystal Haynes
Posted Nov. 10, 2007
Updated 5:15 PM

Waterbury (WTNH)_ Two teenagers and a police officer were transported to the hospital this morning after a crash in Waterbury.

The crash happened near the intersection of Highland Avenue and Vail Street around 3 a.m.

A mangled mess is all that's left of the two car accident that sent K-9 Waterbury Officer Matthew Smith to the hospital and a Thomaston family seeking answers.

Waterbury police say Officer Smith was traveling east across highland avenue when his cruiser was struck by 19-year old Micah Bonacassio and his friend Jason Giordano.

The accident totaled both cars involved and sent all three to the hospital with non-life threatening injures, but at St. Mary's hospital, where Micah is being treated today, his mother told News Channel Eight things went down differently.

"the accident came and they were both knocked out unconscious. but they both said that the cop car had no lights on. and T-bone into them," said Linda Bonacassio of Thomaston.

Linda also says she and her family were enraged when they weren't allowed to see Micah for three hours after the crash, because police were questioning him.

"Because of a police investigation, they let a mother and a father and brothers and sisters wait and not see my son. I didn't know if he was dead or alive in there," said Linda.

"I asked several times is my son under arrest? no you're son is not under arrest. And I said then we want to be with him and you can talk to him when we're there," said Micah's father, Anthony Bonacassio.

The Waterbury Police Department will not comment as to who was at fault for the accident. What they did say is no charges have been filed against Bonacassio or his passenger so far.

Investigators spent all day reconstructing the crash and continue to analyze the evidence from the scene.

They remain tight-lipped about that the details of that evidence but Linda and her husband Anthony have hired a lawyer and plan to seek legal action.

"The officer didn't mean it he was doing his job probably to go there. But he had no lights and went through a stop sign. and hit somebody. it's not his fault he got hit. he's in there lying there all banged up," said Anthony.

Micah's passenger, Jason Giordano, is also banged up. He and officer Smith were taken to Waterbury Hospital for treatment.

Officer Smith's police dog Domino was riding with him in his cruiser at the time of the accident, he was unfortunately killed in the crash.

Like, who really would buy this???

Let's get this straight: they want $2,508 US dollars for this?
Why? Is Freddie's DNA on this, and some mad scientist is conducting an experiment in cloning?

Maybe $2,500 US dollars yes. I'd buy it.

But that $8 US dollars puts it seriously over the top of my budget.


FNN: The Fake News Network

This is a TOTALLY FALSE SCREEN-CAP of the local ABC affiliate.
While I did call them and e-mail the photograph to them,
and while the photograph is not manipulated in any form,
this photograph DOES NOT accompany the briefing on their website.

As part of my delusions of grandeur, it does!

So. Welcome to my world!

As in 4-alarm fire!

Third-degree burns.
Black Irish?

The most brilliant pumpkin movie:

There are an awful lot of amazingly talented and unsung creative individuals out there. We need to thank our lucky stars for YouTube, as we wouldn't see examples of cinematic excellence in any other form.

This short is actually worth paying to see.
Very, very inspired.

Enjoy. Interested in more of these video geniuses?
Check 'em out at BLAME SOCIETY Productions.

Pumpkin Brilliance!

The OrangeMercury Review

You'd pee too!


Parking Attendant Psycho-stud

Dead: Norman Mailer.

Highland Ave + Vail Street

Police officer, two teens taken to hospital after Waterbury crash
Posted Nov. 10, 2007 8:00 AM

Waterbury (WTNH)_ Two teenagers and a police officer were transported to the hospital this morning after a crash in Waterbury.

The crash happened near the intersection of Highland Avenue and Vail Street around 3 a.m.

Police say two teenagers driving a car hit a police cruiser.

The teens were transported to Saint Mary's Hospital. The officer, who has not been identified, was taken to Waterbury Hospital. There is no word yet on the extent of their injuries.

Officers say the police dog in the cruiser was killed in the crash.

This accident happened less than 1mile from where Iive.
According to preliminary information from the officer preventing me from getting beyond the police tape, the cause of this accident was unknown at the time. While three people, including the pursuing officer, were injured, sadly, the policeman's canine companion was killed.

Here's the rub:
The city newspaper is locked up tighter than (well, I can't say what I'm thinking!) Fort Knox, and The Hartford Courant's "breaking news desk" continually re-routes my calls to yet another voice-mail.

So you get to see this rare example of my spot news abilities before the cars are even towed from the scene.

More later.

Camera: Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T33
Maximum optical zoom to capture the photograph;
enlarged and cropped with level adjustments in Photoshop CS3 Extended.

Both the uncropped and cropped versions are posted.

Vault: BLur
1993 – 1995

Scan from the original 35mm color negative; full-frame. Presumed lost.
Possible shoot date July 4 weekend, 1994.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Vault: BLur
Syracuse|1979 – 1982

Scan from original 35mm color negative; strip.
Presumed lost.

Is it just me, or.

Is CNN running a UFO special on Larry BLing Jive in honor of Carl Sagan's birthday?


Vault: BLur
South Florida
Male Figure Study
Artist Proof|Web

Scan from original 35mm color negative, strip.
Presumed lost.

Vault: BLur
South Beach 1993 – 1995

Scanned from the original 35mm color negative, full-frame; presumed lost.


Ummm. Rick. Buddy. Dork-face.
Are we watching the same show?
Lou Dobbs threw the show over to your time slot, and you said (and I paraphrase) 'hey Lou, you're gonna like this. Watch.'
And, with a camera on him, what was he going to do? tell you to SHUT THE FUCK UP??? Lou was a sitting duck for your own personal, and broadcast, delusion of grandeur. It wasn't his idea, and I don't think I heard him say anything even close to being mad as hell. He was merely restating the statistics of the disproportionately high number of Americans disgusted with the government.

You are an embarassment to CNN.

Now, get on one of those UFOs Larry BLing Jive is featuring.

Note to Ricardo (Rick the Dick) Sanchez:

You are NO FUCKING ACTOR, and your JOB at CNN (poorly filling Paula Zahn's high-heels for the hour OUT IN THE OPEN) is NOT to be an "original" shouting LINES FROM A MOVIE while I am tuned in for news.

I can imagine you had a serious wet dream as Ricardito, whackin' off to "someday I'm gonna grow up and shout that line from the balcony at CNN."

Hey. Ricardo?

While you're at it, run into the Circle, and toss your hat in the air.

You're gonna make it.
After all.

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Props to Esteban Miguel for swingin' this our way!

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Vault: BLur
South Beach 1993 – 1995

Scan from original 35mm color negative; strip.
Presumed lost.

Vault: BLur
South Beach 1993 – 1995

Scan from original 35mm color negative; strip.
Presumed lost.

Vault: BLur
South Beach 1993 – 1995

Scan from original 35mm color negative: strip.
Presumed lost.

Noto bene:
I have never, ever, owned a motor drive of any sort. Ever.

Clipped. Saved. Scanned.

The Clintons.

Vault: Early Photoshop.
Date unknown.

Scan from X-ray, 1986.
Still life of skull and hat, mid-90s.

Not scared.
Scarred: 1986

Scan from an original X-ray of my neck.
Cervical excision, September 1986.

Digital manipulation unknown.

Suited for battle.
~ 1987

Vault: 1981
Syracuse|Student Work

Scan from the original 4" x 5" color chrome; presumed lost.

Vault: 1987

Scan from original color 35mm transparency (bottom), full-frame.
Slide presumed lost.

Digital manipulation ~ 2001.

Vault: 1988

Scan from the original b+w 35mm negative,
full-frame; presumed lost.

Vault: Early 1980s

Scan from original color 35mm negative, full-frame; presumed lost.

Vault: ~ 1988
Key West.

Scan from original color 35mm negative, full frame; presumed lost.

Vault: ~ 1987

Scan from original b+w 35mm negative; presumed lost.

Vault: Late 1980s
Virginia Key Beach.

Scan from Polaroid original, presumed lost.

Lord Snowdon.
New Haven. 2001.

Guess what THIS means...


That's pronounced:


Even I figured this one out.

Annie at Cipriani!

photo©Rosie O'Donnell (via the 'net)

According to Page Six

November 8, 2007 -- ANNIE Lennox lost some fans when she flipped them the bird Tuesday night at her concert at Cipriani Wall Street to benefit UNICEF. After Sarah Ferguson introduced the former Eurythmics star, Lennox was well into her second song when people started clapping as the number seemed to end. Our witness reports: "She got ticked, finished the song, then sarcastically said, 'Thank you for listening' and gave them the finger. She said everyone was loud and rude and they should have their five mojitos and 'go see KC and the Sunshine Band if you want to act that way.' "

Really now.
Would Annie lie to you?
The audience must've been cold, cold, cold.

MY! – THE!

Pardon me while I


NOT separated at birth!

Billions and billions and billions
and billions of candles.

Happy Birthday Carl Sagan.