Saturday, September 29, 2007


give me what I want and I will go away.

born in sin? welcome in.


uh oh.
there's gotta be something else here.

–|SciFi bkgd audio

orange alert

ex pkg lt.
open window above, shadow

What does fate have in store for you?

In QuarkXPress 6.5 (Mac, of course):

F8 will show your toolbox.

Yeah, and that satellite station sister station whatever station audio:

Denise Rogers, reporting.
W. O. I. L.

Songs of great disappointment.


Stripping BARE clearly is your Wonder Woman best.


Had a little T+A (in my day!)

Tom + Amanda stopped by and Fatz foned from phonyland DC.
Oh yeah.
And Frank and Pete and Brutus.

Poor Brutus. Sleepin' single on a shiny surface.

Annie Lennox
Songs of Mass Destruction

Here's a link to SONGS, in its entirety.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Descanse en Pace, Beverly.

Mrs. Beverly J. ******
Longtime post office clerk

CT — Mrs. Beverly J, 51, of (–), passed away after a long illness. She was the widow of G., and was predeceased by her ex-husband, J, her high school sweetheart.

Beverly was born on Dec. 30, a daughter of the late M+J.. She grew up in S and was a graduate of S High School. She lived most of her life in W and was the main window clerk at the Post Office for 21 years.

She was a free spirit, a musician, an artist and enjoyed traveling.

She leaves a son, two sisters, a brother, nieces and nephews, and grandnieces.

A funeral service will be held 8 p.m. Sunday.
Calling hours will be held at the funeral home on Sunday from 5 p.m. until the time of the service.

In lieu of flowers...

The Messengers Were Shot.

June always had treats for Grace, even calling Grace her girlfriend.
I remember giving her $5 one Christmas ("ice") from Grace and me; she responded with a post-marked, personal letter, addressed to Grace and me.

Holly was teased and humiliated in high school because she lived in a trailer park.
She was in one of my Latin classes in high school, a smart kid. I remember her in those maroon or green polyester uniforms, required. I recall speaking to her on a number of occasions. In fact, I didn't speak to many people in high school, and no one really spoke to Holly. Really. There was no reason to not speak to her. I think that was very cold.

What can I possibly say about Beverly.
You either knew her, or you didn't.
If you did, you never forgot here.
If you didn't, you'll never know why.

I say this much: for a very turbulent time in my life (2001 – 2005),
it really made a difference sending an overnight, return-receipt requested containing my shiny, happy face for a desired job, any job. She hoped as much as I did (that) I'd get that teaching job, that art director's position.

Here's the real kicker:
I'd wait in the longest line "to be waited on" by Beverly. I'd enjoy the rare day when I managed to slide in for 12 minutes of uninterrupted conversation, learning about here son (he's so fucking tall!), seeing the engagement ring,the wedding ring. Hearing about her other half, who, sadly, died within five years of their whirlwind courtship. I may be mistaken, but he was, as I recall, her high-school sweetheart, once removed (he'd married someone else, as had she, and they were brought back together). Finding a house. Touring the house. Trying to obtain the mortgage. Being approved for same. (I remember specifically seeing Bev the morning they'd applied, and learning the time of her "phonecall."

I went back, and could see from outside several panes of glass comprising the postal boxes lining the walls, the counter area separated from the winter's winds by several itself. She was smiling. I knew it.

I saw Beverly in "real life" once, about a week (10 days?) after my last posting.

I'd been sick with the flu. I had to slip onelastimportantapplication into the OCR cancelling machine before 5p. Beverly lamented my ill state of health, wished me a speedy recovery, and, jokingly told me not to give it to her.

It was the CVS parking lot. Beverly was coming out, her white hair glowing in the cold winter light. Actually, it was the hair that caught my attention; the woman beneath was bundlinghunched against the wind.

Beverly! I called. How are you?

Sick, she said. I'd given "it" to her.

Here's what I figure about death: Lucille said, when Mike died, (that) "he knew the secret" and I never really thought about it that way. I just figured, based on my very direct and personal experience, with that white light and all, if we all knew how great death was, we'd be lining up and checking out! You know, you only go once. It might very well be the best thing ever. It should be too. Forbidden, yet ultimately personal for all.

I remember the look in Beverly's eyes when I popped in one time.

They were red, moist, and terribly bloodshot.

She was alone at the counter, oddly counterpointing the red Valentine's decor (major postal holiday!) Somehow appearing very weakened, spiritually. Short of dead.

He died. Went to sleep, and never woke up. The best way to go, I figure.

I can't say goodbye, so I'll say this:

Beverly, now you know the secret, and you're with your friend.
I know the black angel took you too soon, but you did need your rest.


So here's what's in my mind's eye:

a smoky lunchroom (yes, you could smoke in the lunchroom at work in THOSE days!), vending machines, burned coffeepots haphazardly in the sink, a 'fridge smellymoldy with a month's worth of somebody ELSE's food...newspapers strewn across round tables with those hard plastic chairs on oversized paperclip-styled legs.

You get the (my) picture.

I'm picturing June having coffee, reading the paper.

Holly strolling in, engaging June in heyhowareyou! office affection-tinged conversation, pulling a chair out and clearing June's slice of the lunchroom table. They engage each other in the latest.

And stopping, unexpectedly, as Beverly strolled in, her blue sweater characteristically wrapping her portly frame topped by bright-white Egyptian-styled hair, platinum-fine, hiding shy eyes behind a brilliant smile.

June and Holly paused, looking at each other and back to Beverly (not Bev):

BEVERLY! they voiced in harmonic staccato (BE-VER-LEE!!!)
We're glad you could make it.

C'mon. Sit. Sit. Sit.
What's new?

Descanse en pace, todas.

Yeah. Right.

Personal Daily Horoscope
Friday, 28 September 2007
born 4 May 1960
©Astrodienst AG

Amorous thoughts

Today, you might notice that you feel a bit better than usual, and your mind will naturally turn to light subjects. This is not a very favorable time for any difficult mental work that requires great discipline. You feel like enjoying yourself and having a good time instead of making a significant effort. Be careful of being too concerned with yourself or self-indulgent at this time. You might be inclined to buy luxurious trinkets that you don't really need or otherwise squander your valuable and limited resources. On the positive side, you can use this time to tell someone that you love him. Although you may not feel like going into a melodramatic, heavy relationship, you do enjoy making another person feel happy about the two of you, and you may have very amorous thoughts.

Mercury Opposition Venus; exact at 10:29
27 September 2007 until middle of November 2007.

I know what I did last summer.

Opened a photo studio.

A local boy, done good.
A swingin' birthday to...

Jack O'Keffe, CT, Australasia golfer

C? or U/C?

I know it means "cut" or "uncut."

Who knew it applied to large-format, waterproof, canvas?

U/C every time.

(well, for canvas, anyway.)

The Last Friday in September
Playlist 0900 EST

Umm Skyscraper, I love you.
UNDERWORLD 1992 – 2002



ChetZilla chokes on it!

Fuckface + Donkey Dick!

Note to "Anonymous:"

Thank you.
I appreciate your leaving a comment on my blog.
Here's something for you to chew on (if you're not choking on donkey dick!)

Thanks for reading my blog.
I'm even happier I caused your apoplexy.
It's every writer's (ok, any artist's) goal to "provoke" emotion.
If you felt strongly, even in a negative fashion, about something I wrote,
at least you weren't non-plussed.

A few other observations:
1. you hide behind an ANONYMOUS identity.
2. you, apparently, have nothing better to do at 12:36am than read my blog.
3. you, apparently, REALLY have nothing to do at 12:36am than post a comment on my blog.

So, Mr (or Ms) Anonymous:

Thank you. I appreciate your comment, and have posted it for all to see.

PS. I forgot.

I do have a donkey dick.

Ok, I lied!

Vera Donovan:

"Sometimes being a bitch is all a woman has to hang onto."

One more...

You say I'm a bitch like it's a bad thing!

Coop Alert!

ALMOST as good as the Coop extolling the virtues of chocolate,
in an exchange with the ever-effervescent Erica Hill about pigs
loose in Connecticut, the Coop said (and I quote!)

squeal like a pig!

Then he started his monologue on greaaing up a pig.

At least Ms Hill has been to a fair in Connecticut.

(God, I wish I lived in Connecticut!)

From the posted CNN Transcripts:

COOPER: There you go. Time for "The Shot of the Day", your favorite time of the day. I know it is, Erica.

HILL: It really is, yes.

O'REILLY: Let's just say it's good you can't smell this one.

HILL: Oh, my.

COOPER: Eighteen pigs escaped from a pen in Waterford, Connecticut, and were on the run for a mile. There they are. They were eventually found on the front lawn in another town after a makeshift fence was put up while the pigs were rounded up and taken back to their owner. Ooh.

HILL: How about that? Pig's not happy right there.

COOPER: Squeal like a pig.

HILL: Oh, indeed.

COOPER: There you go.

HILL: They're kind of cute, though, aren't they?

COOPER: But look at the front lawn. The front lawn is a total mess.

HILL: It is a mess, but the pig's still cute, dang it.

COOPER: You could just grease that pig up and you know -- have you ever been to one of those things, like at a state fair or county fair where they, like, grease up the pig and you've got to run around, trying to get the pig?

HILL: I've never -- no.

COOPER: Really?

HILL: I've heard, but I've never seen. But I have been to some fairs, in fact, a fair in Connecticut. There you go.

COOPER: A fair in Connecticut. Well, la-ti-da.

HILL: So there you go.

COOPER: La-ti-da.

HILL: Top that, Cooper.

COOPER: They probably don't grease up the pig there in Connecticut.

HILL: No, not so much. They just sort of tie a tie on it and put it in seersucker or something. Perhaps some goat (ph) shoes.

COOPER: Make it drink a gin and tea.

HILL: Yes. There you go.

COOPER: Right. Erica, thanks.


Personally, I like 'Drew's use of "la ti da."

Note to transcribers:
I think "g and t" is referring to gin and tonic,
not gin and tea.

Thursday, September 27, 2007



NAMBLA is a joke.

Bloody Birthday Boner.

Huh, huh, huh...hel-lo???
Is this the North American Man-Boy Love Association?
Umm, ummm, umm.
Ahhh, I've b-b-b-been referred by Elite Hunting.
Umm, th-th-they said I should f-f-f-fax you a photograph of the boy I want.

I don't know his name,
b-b-b-bbut they said you'd f-f-f-find him.

uh-uh-uh-uh, yes:
I'll pay 1.2mil USD for him.

Here's his photo.

Una carta mas por Sr Sanchez

Si usted se siente tan jodiendo malo,
usted le da cincuenta y nueve mil dólares.

Usted no lo perderá en todo.

Venga en. No dolerá un poco.

Una carta por Sr Sanchez

No es necesario para usted hable con nosotros en español.
Yo no soy impresionado con su ego.

Been there.
Done that.
1976 – 1978

Within 15 years of its publication.


© David Vance

I said it.
And I was referring to YOU!

I said it.


Keep your comments on your political positions to yourfuckingself.

Stop telling us we are going over the the "big wall" (you know, when you say "over here, Jim.")

Stop reminding us you are from Cuban descent. I ALREADY FUCKING KNOW!

Pantone + the US government:
The New Red White + Blue

To everyone running for party nomination for president:

I DARE one of you, when next asked "what do you think of the remarks made about you by (fill-in-the-blank)?" to stop the journalist, and, looking squarely at the journalist, say "I'm running for president of the United States of America, and I'm going to stick to the issues facing our nation."

I look at it this way: if you keep saying the entire phrase overandoverandoverandover, eventually the press will get the hint and stop making their stupidfuckingincendiary inquiries.

AND you won't have the opportunity to speak ill of your colleagues, and, GUESS-FUCKING-WHAT!!!!!

They won't have time to speak ill about you EITHER!

Novel fucking idea, isn't it?


Come to me
Do and be done with me
(Cold cold cold)
Don't I exist for you
Don't I still live for you
(Cold cold cold)
Everything I possess
Given with tenderness
Wrapped in a ribbon of glass
Time it may take us but God only knows
How I've paid for those things in the past

Dying is easy it's living that scares me to death
I could be so content hearing the sound of your breath
Cold is the colour of crystal the snowlight
That falls from the heavenly skies
Catch me and let me dive under
For I want to swim in the pools of your eyes

I want to be with you baby
Slip me inside of your heart
Don't I belong to you baby
Don't you know that nothing can tear us apart
Come on now come on now come on now
Telling you that
I loved you right from the start...
But the more I want you the less I get
Ain't that just the way things are...

Winter has frozen us
Let love take hold of us
(Cold cold cold)
Now we are shivering
Blue ice is glittering
(Cold cold cold)

Cold is the colour of crystal the snowlight
That falls from the heavenly skies
Catch me and let me dive under
For I want to swim in the pools of your eyes

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nothing personal.

I'm absolutely exhausted.
The studio, the upcoming fall fest, ordering paper, chasing vendors,
chasing customers, playing with Brutus, stopping Brutus from barking,
fighting with my HP scanner, problems with the HP printer,
bidding on Adobe CS3 books on eBay, watching for Annie Lennox tix sale date,
and, in general, having another nervous breakdown.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Phil Rizzuto.


Cheryl Tiegs.


Anson Williams.


Pedro Almodavar.

Close, but...

no cigar.

Islam bike.

The Harvest Moon

Personal Daily Horoscope
Wednesday, 26 September 2007
born 4 May 1960
Full Moon

©Astrodienst AG

Common ground
The difficulty with this influence is that it spurs you on to do more than you can handle, to involve yourself in projects that require more energy than you have or to extend yourself beyond your resources. But this same tendency can lift you to attempt and succeed at tasks you would not usually consider possible, especially if you have been acting rather conservatively. Similarly this influence can make you generous or extravagant, depending upon your previous attitudes. You can expect some difficulties with other people under this influence, but you should be able to handle them and even win them over to your side, unless you proceed from a position of arrogant self-righteousness. Be very careful to examine the other person's point of view and try to find a common ground for cooperation between you.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Sun Square Jupiter , exact at 14:33
25 September 2007 to 27 September 2007.





I don't understand just what I'm doing to myself.
But I guess that's nothing new.

In the name of...
On your side.

Hey you,
I've seen your face before
It's you in the picture which hangs on my bedroom wall
Is it true? All of those things that they say about you
So tell me, tell me, tell me what am I supposed to do

In the name of love, yeah
In the name of love

Well it's fun to think that I'm having the time of my life
And it's true if all this around us is paradise, paradise, paradise, paradise
But now I want to be left here with nothing at all
Even the picture has fallen away from the bedroom wall
In the name of...
In the name of love
I hear you laughing in some other room
and it makes me feel some doubt

I bought you sentimental roses
and you gave them all away

I wonder what would have happened...

had Madonna NOT fallen off that horse of hers.

The Gospel According to
Annie Lennox

This just in!

Juan Roberto, he of the tonsorial challenges on the CNN network,
chairing AMERICAN MOURNING, regarding Mike Tyson's latest brush with the boys in blue:

"Mike Tyson was pulled over when he was observed driving EROTICALLY."

Ummm, Juan?
I think you meant ERRATICALLY.

Yes. He really said that.

A Super birthday,
for a super man.

A true hero.
In every way.

The Urine Test

Like a lot of folks in this country...I have a job. I work, they pay me.

I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as it sees fit.
In order to get that paycheck, I am required to pass a random urine
test, with which I have no problem.

What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who don't have to pass a urine test.

Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare check because I have to pass one to earn it for them?

Please understand, I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet.

I do on the other hand have a problem with helping someone
sitting on their butt and using drugs.

Could you imagine how much money the state would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance check?

Please pass this along if you agree or simply delete if you don't.
Hope you all will pass it along though.

Monday, September 24, 2007

In the ring.

Eurythmics v Mori Kante v Kat Mandu v The Chase

Not now. Not tomorrow.
Not next month.

Brutus in the dark!

This was Brutus at 2:30 in the morning Saturday, in Syracuse.
It was pitch black, yet I chose to throw a little light on the subject.
While his eyes appear open, he was sound asleep.
And yep, that's his tongue peeking out.

And that IS a "loveseat" for two.



NOW. Do. It. NOW!

Gag Rick Sanchez.

I don't care whose balls, I mean "ball" you use.

Tea time.


OK. You have to see Jeanne Moos' piece on the prez of Iran (fuckhisname) in NYC.
Some gal had a somewhat patriotic bra, and shiny blue shortie shorts.
On each cup of the bra read: NO and WAR.
The asscheeks had ON IRAQ.


Now. That's EXACTLY what America will see, should they see this report.

THIS is what I saw:

the asscheeks with ON and IRAQ.
But by watching the boom mike block the sun,
I shockingly noticed the BIG BLACK COLUMN move up and over, er, ummm, well. You know.

The shadow moved suspiciously along the crack in the ass.

Wasn't me.

It really happened.

Two layouts I love.

On compiling a blog:
I don't know how others *blog* as I don't know anyone (personally) who blogs.
I can always figure out, one way or another, where someone is coming from,
either artistically or commercially, not that the two are mutually exclusive.
Here's a peek into mine:

if I said the various juxtapositions happened by chance,
very few would believe me.

They do.

If I have several points on one topic,
there will be several posts in a row.
Sometimes I can save up a day's worth of thoughts,
and post all at once.

Here's but two examples of postings, serendipitously stitched!

200 to go.
Hear that W?

What's wrong with the truth?

No no no no no no no!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

This Day in History: 1962
ABC broadcasts their first series in color

Aural Sex

Props to Spike for introducing me to the Blaqkness.

My iTunes playlist is GAY!

Well, what would YOU call a playlist with 1,553 songs with the word "dance" in their name?

Brutus' pedigree

Brutus in the news!

I told you he was front page news!
If we weren't out of town, he'd have been photographed for this article.
We prefer being anonymous...or as anonymous as a 100-lb greyhound can be!

This is NOT, repeat NOT a movie...

Believe it or not, a NYTimes article on "suspension" led me to this site. Seriously NOT for the squeamish!

Spotted on the 'web.

Coming this Hallowe'en!

Brutus in the pumpkin patch...

This I don't understand.
And I don't care to!

"power bottom"

Moving day!

Seems the white trash has not only been left at the curb, but it's actually moving away! Part 1 happened months ago, and Part 2 is moving now! Wow. Never (EVER!) could I be so happy.

Time to close the chapter on that book...

Sadly, there is blood.

Wow. No suicides in the Air Force?
Wonder why.