Saturday, July 28, 2007

Nadar v The Empire State Building

The Hamburger!

Marcel Duchamp

Case Closed?

The Dog in Photography

And now: a word from our sponsors...

In the doghouse: Mike Vick

I'd call him a •igger, but that would be an insult to all black folk, everywhere.
A brutal insult.

Even a doghouse is too kind for this *(&*(67$)%^$.

Aural Sex
A rainy summer Saturday

Strict Machine: Goldfrapp
Rotspots from the Crap Map: L Pierre
I Don't Know What You Want (But I Can't Give It Anymore): Pet Shop Boys

William Wegman on Line 1.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Be careful what you wish for...

One day Superman flies past Wonder Woman's pent-house suite where he sees her naked in bed, lying on her back. Superman thinks to himself, "I'm faster than a speeding bullet. I can fly in there, have sex with her and be gone before she knows it." So in an instant, Superman flies in, does the deed, and flies back out. At this point, Wonder Woman sits up and says, "Did you hear something?" "No," replies the Invisible Man, "but my butt is killing me.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Aural Sex
Ballys, 5am. Thursday.
Oh yeah!

Oh yeah.
That's BLUE MAN GROUP, to the left, and to the right.
Who knew they covered the gospel according to Donna Summer: I FEEL LOVE.

Oh yeah.
I'm a fag.
albeit a very straight fag!

Apparently, I missed THIS memo. For almost TWO FUCKING YEARS!
Those Brits have something we Yanks don't...access to the best dance music EVER to hit the eardrums.

Aaron Smith feat. Luvli
26 December 2005

Due to popular demand 'Dancin' by Aaron Smith feat. Luvli to be released on Data Records.

Hot on the heels of Studio B's 'I See Girls' one of the biggest and best selling dance tracks of the year so far is ‘Dancin’ by Aaron Smith. ‘Dancin’ has been floating around clubland for while now and due to the massive demand for it Boss Records are finally giving it a full release through Ministry/Data.

Dancin' was originally released on Moody Records from Chicago, it sold steadily on import during the latter half of 2004. It's a unique track that has found supporters across the board, from the cooler house heads to the more commercial jobbing DJs. International globe trotting DJs Pete Tong and Roger Sanchez love it! Whilst established house institutions Subliminal, Hed Kandi and Defected have given it their stamp of approval. Dancin' is a staple part of any DJ’s set at all the regular UK house clubs Moneypennys, Gods Kitchen, Garlands, Kiss da Funk and more.

It’s been sung and co written by Luvli, a Chicago resident who's distinct and characteristic vocals really set this track apart from its contemporaries. Its swingin vibe has become a sing a long anthem, with club crowds singing back its memorable chorus to the DJ. This real clubbers favourite has been played on every regional radio dance show this year! It’s been so popular nationally that the act performed Dancin' live at Radio 1’s Global Gathering broadcast.

Remixes so far have come from Italy's Fuzzy Hair, UK's Soulshaker and Mike Di Scala. It’s the Chicago home boys JJ Flores and Steve Smooth’s remix that has grabbed most of the attention so far, but new mixes come from Brad Carter and Lil’ Love.


• Don't understand Hyundai.
• Does underwear hurt?
• Don't underestimate homos.
• Dark, undulating, hair.
• Don't understand him/her.

more when I'm not as tired...

Who Knew!
61 years ago today...

Pretty Girl!

If this is the first bikini to have made it to a fashion show (in Paris), does it stand to reason this is when the phrase "camel toe" was coined?

Top 10
My Secret Blog Life!

Forget the A-List.
Tickled PINK.
No smoking any time! Well, except at 4:20.
Just call me a jock-loving homo!
A photo a day keeps my shrink away!
We'll have a gay ol' time!
asdf;lkj!!! You know what I mean!

Photo Op
The Front Runner

Joshua Kors + Georg Andreas Pogany

Personality Disorder v Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


Barcelona Summer Olympics

Freddie Mercury place-holder

Brad Renfro

Thomas Eakins

Aural Sex
Gimme HED any time...

Dancin's what makes my soul,
Dancin's what makes me whole

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Guilty Pleasures
2006-07 Fall Winter
Men [Parts 1+2]

Guilty Pleasures
D&G : Fashion Show Spring Summer 2007 Runway

OK! Be still, my throbbing...oh. Never mind.

Coupla points:
1. who is stuffing, then outlining, the crotches? Are they wearing cups? Hmmm. Inquiring hands, I mean, minds...
2. can't these pieces of (delectable) cardboard WALK? Please.
3. what's with the "mark" showing itself? Really makes da boiz about as stoopit as their shaded eyes and coiffed hair appear.
4. Brokeback Mountain meets Chief Hung Like Horses.
5. khaki, suede, ripped, fringe, and all that fucking jewelry.

Every body
(come and check it out with me)
Every body
(do you believe in love at first sight?)
Every body
(I hope you feel the same way too)

One more.
That ending?
Can you say "spank bank?"

I fucking LOVE this clip...

If you were there, you really get a sense of the chaos, the enormity of the stage,
the "Oh my God; I don't know where to look!"

Shaky, shitty sound, herky-jerky...

conveying all the excitment, again,
for the first time.

Where's the party?
I want to lose control.
Where's the party?
I want to free my soul.

Can't call John Edwards a...

Amelia Earhardt
Ride me to the moon...


Horrible ending
Horrors without end.

Texas Woman Kills Toddler While Splashing Kids With Car
Monday, July 23, 2007

DENISON, Texas — Denison police have arrested a driver who tried to splash some neighborhood children with her car, but killed a toddler when her the vehicle hydroplaned. Terri Elaine Perdew, 47, lost control of her car as she attempted to splash a group of children playing in some water near an intersection. The victim, 14-month-old Zachary Duncan, was sitting on a curb with his mother. The boy died after the accident. His mother was treated for minor injuries. Denison police charged Perdew with manslaughter. Lieutenant Mike Eppler said Perdew told police she had splashed the children the first time she drove by, and was trying to do it a second time upon returning. Eppler said either Perdew thought splashing the children was funny or they had asked her to do it.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


T-shirt for sale at Macy's:

Brown is the new white.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Sen Gravel

What's worse than one soldier dying in vain?
More soldiers dying in vain.

BushWhacker's IQ...

PLEASE! Get this guy out of Washington.

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the bullshit.

Here's a dumb phuque for you.



What'shisname had it right:

if our men and women can die for this country,
why do we find it necessary to lecture them on their sexuality?

PS. John "Faggot" Edwards says it's ok to end discrimination, but he has ENORMOUS conflict while on this journey regarding gay marriage. But it's absolutely wrong to use the faith-basis to deny anyone their rights to marriage.

Inter-racial marriage v gay marriage.


(LOVE the $400 haircut. And yes, you should let Bruce Weber photograph you without a shirt...)

Drew Carey!
Come On Down!

Vick the Dick.

The Shoplifting Seagull


Birthday Potter.

Birthday Consort

Blue Dress: Depeche Mode

Put it on
And don't say a word
Put it on
The one that I prefer
Put it on
And stand before my eyes
Put it on
Please don't question why

Can you believe
Something so simple
Something so trivial
Makes me a happy man
Can't you understand
Say you believe
Just how easy
It is to please me

Because when you learn
You'll know what makes the world turn

Put it on
I can feel so much
Put it on
I don't need to touch
Put it on
Here before my eyes
Put it on
Because you realise
And you believe

Something so worthless
Serves a purpose
It makes me a happy man
Can't you understand
Say you believe
Just how easy
It is to please me

Because when you learn
You'll know what makes the world turn

Aural Sex
Stay gold...

the future of the future
still contains the past
time goes slowly
time goes fast

what'cha gonna do without me now?
(it's alright, tonight)