Saturday, June 16, 2007

Connecting the Dots
Madonna's Gay Roots

Madonna, Professional TrendWhore

A great read.
There are three sides to every story, however; mine, yours, and what really happens.

The roots of disco
Part I

Before Josephine Baker
Ladies + Gentlemen
Miss Grace Jones

Before Madonna.
Before Debbie Harry.
Hmmm. Before Cher?

Heeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'sssssssssss GRACE!

See for yourself!

Grace with Luciano Pavarotti?
Who fuckin' knew!

with GRACE!

55? 57? Who fucking cares.
Grace! Get back on the stage! Get back into the recording studio.
GRACE! Where are you? WE NEED YOU!

There but for the GRACE of God...

La Vie en Rose
After Edith Piaf

A brilliant, shocking, intense, eye-opening, "where-the-hell-is-she-now?" show-stopping performance by the inimitable Grace Jones.

Complete with the accordian.

Saving Grace Jones
Studio 54

Tshirt Scene Seen

Silence is golden.
Duct tape is silver.

Hidden Agenda

Salem Hills Institute of Technology


1980; William Friedkin, dir

Cruising, Freddie Mercury + Queen

was also the year of QUEEN|The Game.
Another One Bites the Dust.
Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

Al Pacino

You're only as good as the chances you take.

Larry "fucking" BLing.
Al Pacino

Has to tell everyone he's friends with the person he's interviewing.

Something tells me they won't even dare reference CRUISING.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I can't believe

the "new wave" music of yesterday's dance floors
is the audio
of today's "commercials."

One thing leads to another.

AC + GT?
On location

Anderson and Gary?
Keeping Them Honest?

So. There's a big pink elephant on the telly.
Everyone's looking at it, and no one's talking.

Terrifying words.


Come out, come out
whoever you are...


The news isn't.
The death of CNN.

You know those clips you are introducing?
It's not a far stretch of the imagination to know that day doesn't take place at night,
and night doesn't necessarily take place during the day.

I just can't imagine why there's continuous recycling of the "news" clips.

News isn't.

News is dead.

If you didn't do your part to keep it alive,
you participated in its death.

Special Edition of 360ยบ.
"Gary, has anything improved since you filed that report?"
Interviewing each other, for five minues, on what's transpired.

And here's the iPhone commercial.

before AIDS
before Madonna
before cell phones
before cable
before computers
before "going postal"
before iPods

Here's that stupid fucking commercial about "high-speed" for Comcast which implies "rubbing mercury" onto one's hands in an effort to make one go faster, move more quickly, in a blur, even.

Doesn't "mercury" poison you?

It's 10:00.
Do you know where your kids are?

You might, but do you know what they're DOING?
Do you know where they are going?
Do you know who's going to be there?
Better, do you know where they are?
And is "safe" really.

All I can think of is the pool scene.

I'm just trying to cool off.

Instant Kharma?

So, invoke the name of LENNON CHRIST SUPERSTAR, and tag it with a price point of $19.99,
and DARFUR is all set. The problems disappear, you feel better about yourself, and, perhaps,
APPLE and the iTMS is ripping all the way to the bank.

This is one disc I wouldn't purchase off the Rusky websites.

You know I gotta getaway.

Black Music Month?

Not for nothing, I thought JUNE was [Gay] Pride Month?
What's up with this "Black Music Month?"
I thought February was "Black History" and "everything black" month.
And the term "black" has been supplanted with "African American."

What happened to Pride Month?

Why is it we have to have "months" designated for celebrations for all these groups?
Last I looked, or listened, music was color-blind.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Coming to a big screen near you!

Daniel Pearl.

It's not enough it happened?
What's with a fictionalized version of "what really happened?"
We have a responsibility to watch a movie?
What about reading papers, news accounts, looking through film archives?

One half?

of the world's most famous couple?

A couple of dead soldiers?
One dead soldier?
I guess if TWO SOLDIERS, only, died today,
then ONE is one-half, but it's twice too much.


Who'd think I'd be stalking this.
I think it's time for a male-based HOSTEL series of posters.

Word for June 14...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tom Perrotta

Stop it!

Larry + Matt saying "it's time to move on?"
Katie? Paris? Dan Rather? Judge Judy?
Angelina Jolie? One-half the world's most famous couple?
Really. Larry Birkhead?


From Regis to this?
They HAD to sing.

Don't tell me there was nothing substantive in the air.
What about that woman who died vomiting blood,
on the hospital floor where no one would help her.

Get me the gun.

Why are we interested in
William + Harry + Paris + JohnJohn

and not dead soldiers.

William + Harry

Happy B'Day!
13 June 1958

CCNN|We HATE to interrupt your interview with Regis...


WTF|CCNN|Why are we fascinated with pH?

A Week of Larry BLing

Doris the ugly stepsister?
Shrek 3?

King + Philbin "sisters?"

"We Are Now Sisters..."

Kidding, right?

BLing + ABCman + RP

Paula Zahn

BLing + ABCman + RP

Lady Di

Media Watch
Got the Get
Matt Lauer

Media Watch
Mutual Masturbation
BLing +

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Posting #2,500

You go, girl!
25 years of Madonna!

Check out Madonna's newly-revamped website, and scan your favorite video, in its entirety, from her extensive archives. Includes the year and director! Woo-hoo!

About that #$%#$^$!@ TYPO!

Hey Madge.
Didn't you guys learn after that first typo?
At least they spelled your name right!
Imagine. Well, they didn't spell PUSSY wrong either.

So much for that "thunderous" applause.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Genarlow Wilson

Again, you GOTTA be kidding me.

So, they see all this stuff in the black rap and hip-hop videos,
and they're drinking and doing drugs, and having sex in front of a videocam,
and they're saying some kid was smart for videotaping all this stuff,
and it's ok for him to get a blowjob ("have oral sex performed on you")
and it's ok for his mother to say he was railroaded...

but nobody said anything about a 17-yr-old being in a hotel,
drinking, drugging, fucking blah blah blah

somebody tell me:
1. what's the drinking age in Georgia
2. what drugs are legal in Georgia

I want to make sure I'm above the law next time I'm in Georgia.
You know, drinking, drugs and all that stuff

Get outta here...

An refert, ubi et in qua arrigas?

First Big Break
Todd Field
Director: Little Children

What was your first big break?

There was a period of time when I was out of work, and homeless in NYC. I called my mother from a pay phone and asked if she could send me a couple of hundred dollars to tide me over. She said, "No, but I'll send you a plane ticket. You can come home and get a job on the loading dock in Jantzen Beach."

In the phone booth, where I was standing, someone had discarded a copy of Backstage. And as my mother was talking I opened it to the job section, where I saw a listing that read: Woody Allen Fall Project: 1985 SAG Open Call. The date for the union call was that very day. I interrupted her and said, 'Mom, I gotta go. I'll call you back tomorrow.'

I stood in line on Ninth Avenue, outside St. Michael's Church, for nearly four hours. There were 5,000 men at that cattle-call and 3,000 women. When I finally got to the front of the line outside the door to the church, the auditor wouldn't let me in because I wasn't a member of the Screen Actors Guild. So I went around to the back of the building -- I knew there must be a back door -- and I was right. I slipped inside walked up to a union rep, and said, 'I lost my registration card,' so he handed me one, and I fell into line with everyone else.

The line led to a table where a casting assistant sat with a stapler. In front of the table was a piece of tape on the floor. At the other end of the room was this large, white scrim with a blinding light behind it. When you reached the front of the line, you stepped to the piece of tape, faced the scrim some 15 yards away, stated your name, handed you picture, resume, and registration card to the assistant at the table, and then they would bang the stapler down and yell "next." This built up an almost metronomically consistent rhythm of "Joe Schmoe -- pound -- "Next!"

But when I got to the front and stepped to the piece of tape and said, 'Todd Field,' they didn't say "Next." I got scared, certain that someone had figured out that I had crashed the joint, and lost any chance of ever being accepted into the union. I started to walk away, but then this unseen voice yelled, "Todd? Todd Field?" I squinted in the general direction of the scrim. 'Yes?' I said. The voice answered back, "walk toward the light."

I did, and when I got there found two people sitting at a table below a 4k. Two people, that because of the light, you could never see unless you were standing right in front of them. One of them was Ellen Lewis, and the other was Todd Thaler. Todd turned to Ellen and said, "This is the young man I was telling you about." He looked at me and said, "Remember? We met. You were tending bar on the Upper East Side? I've had you in mind for this part, but I haven't been able to get in touch with you. I said, 'Oh, well I've been very busy.' Ellen said, "would you have time to come in to meet Woody Allen tomorrow?" I went in the next morning and met Juliet Taylor and Woody Allen, and they hired me on the spot. It was a few days' work, but I've been working ever since.

Math Class!

Saturday Night Fever v

Where do you go
when the record's over?

The darkroom.

Media Watch

The pH factor, being the litmus test of a network's credibility, is ZERO for the CAN'T NAIL NEWS network.

Three US soldiers DIE in Iraq when a car bomb detonates on a bridge, and yet celebucunt pH not only leads the "news" on the Can't Nail News network, but warrants three stories, maybe four.

It's only's only's only's only reality.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Big Screen!

St Barnabas

Happy Feast Day!
St Barnabas Collins

Dark Shadows

Kidding. Right?

Sunday, 10 June 2007
born 4 May 1960
©Astrodienst AG

Restore and rejuvenate

Today during the day you should have a very strong sense of well-being. Your inner self is functioning harmoniously, and you do not feel emotional turmoil or strife. At the same time you are most contented with the familiar elements of your life. You enjoy being at home with relatives and friends, and you like being surrounded by the objects you are used to. You are not in the mood for adventures, challenges and major changes, nor is it necessary to be so. There will be other times for adventure. Now you should restore and rejuvenate yourself in peace and quiet. Physical comfort is especially important to you at this time, but it doesn't have to be lavish. Your need is for a comfortable environment that seems supportive. You want to be surrounded by whatever you feel protects you.

Moon Trine Moon , exact at 15:06
10 June 2007 to 11 June 2007

Connect the dots.

Put down the pencil,
and pick up your life.

Paying Attention...

I always was...
time goes by
so slowly


Stayin' Alive

30 years later...

Eye Ball v iBawl

Yale Summer Film Institute


OUT Films CT (formerly the CT Gay + Lesbian Film Fest)


One of 'em's got real reels.
You guess.


pH pleads, in a statement released by her publicist, for our collective attention to be refocused on the soldiers fighting and dying for us in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Wow. Did she just wake up?
Or did she wake up and rattle her own cage.

I think her "people" stuck their fingers in their mouths and gauged the direction of the wind. When one dead body too many said "what about me?" they figured it was perfect timing to tell the Celebucunt the US was at war. Again.

NO! They didn't TELL her again.
We are at war, AGAIN.

Celebucunt. I'm kinda lovin' that one.

We now return to our regularly scheduled pablum.

Tom Perrotta

The pitter patter little feet, and it's no small feat.


When the Levees Broke
Spike Lee

If the folks who went through Hurricane Katrina, well, some of them anyway, could hang on to a tree for 15 hours, or watch their mother die in a wheelchair and then bake in the brutal rays of the sun for some three days +...

then we are obligated, as fellow AMERICANS, and as human beings, to watch this four-hour+ opus of what continues when the harsh glare of the media lights fade and we've long since switched the channel, with a remote no doubt.

I'm rather surprised the Can't Nail News network permitted Soledad to say her piece in this sharp and unflinching Spike Lee Joint "magnus opus."

Surprising also was the lack of Anderson Cooper in this piece, another courageous journalist lacking the fear to show his human side.