Saturday, June 02, 2007

Lipstick on a pig.




Orange Sparkle Lipstick

Pig Play
Look Ma! I can use Photoshop!

OK. Take a good look at the photo.
Sure, should've seen this before.
Should've been suspicious too.

Talk about lipstick on a pig.

Imagine the size!

el dia de los DIAMONDS

What time is it?

I think it's time that you should try
Don't you understand
What I'm saying?

Not only a tune about breaking up.
More about waking up.

H - 6

all I ever wanted
all I ever needed
is here...

Streaming Audio

What about you?
What about me?

What about love?


PS: seriously, this is not, I repeat: NOT about anyone in particular. Thank God.

Word for May 31 - June 9...

Very apropos.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Streaming Audio


©belongs to some genius. Not me!


I can't say you heard it here first, because DEEV sent this one to me.
Always glad to hear about Apple Computers.
What, with the Apple Developers Conference coming up and all...
What will they think of next????

Apple Computers announced today that it has developed a computerchip that can store and play music in women's breast implants.

The iBoob will cost between $499 and $599. This is considered to be a major breakthrough, because women are always complaining about men staring at their breasts and not listening to them.

Thanks to Apple, everyone is now happy.

Let me repeat myself, for the hard of hearing|reading.
or thinking.

A lifestyle is what you pay for.
A life is what pays you.

One per customer.
Maybe more.
Never less.

(not just a concert)

Taking reservations,
without reservation.

Streaming Audio

things get damaged
things get broken...
-|Depeche Mode

precious little angel
take a look at what you've done...
-|Annie Lennox

Precious (e.g.) territorial. marking one's territory.
as in:

Now, don't get so precious about that parking space.
It's mine.
All mine.

View from the inside.

I'm 99.9% sure my pink gay card will be revoked here in CT.

It's so ironic when people and|or organizations ask for your time and $$$$$, and, God forbid!, you not sponsor a (fundraising) party in some fabulous house, some elite "hot spot", or anything, or, even, fork over some big cash for a "she-she" brunch held to "support" gay rights.

It's like telling someone to "watch out" before they cross the street, or "travel safe" when hitting the roads, or, even, "keep your eyes open" when in a less-hospitable-towards-homosexuals area of Connecticut.

In "my" world, stuff like this falls under "our" world. You can't get precious about anything.

Oh, and since this is"Gay Pride Month" let us all be reminded that it was, to my knowledge, a "bunch of drag queens and Garland devotees" who said "enough!" back in the day, and rallied their high-heels against the oppressive New York police. What's even funnier (not that this is funny) is that someone said to me ages ago (like the original Woodstock) "if all the people who say they were at The Stonewall the night of the 'riots' you'd have to get a stadium for all of them, not some small and dingy bar in the midst of the Village."

Point? "People" may scoff the drag queens and|or the others at the forefront of gay liberation, but they were saying "enough" when no one else would.

It's my turn to say "enough."

Another "God forbid...:"
I actually knew activist|author Michelangelo Signorile.
Another 1982 Syracuse grad.
I'm sure I'd be shaken down for a speaker for a fundraiser.
Same with David Rockwell|architect, Len Peltier|Grammy Winner, and Mike Mason|Murrow prize winner (two years running), or, my personal fave, David LaChappelle (ok, you spell it.)

The new gay-A list will have to have the "orange" card, from now on.
Qualifications for membership?
Come as you are.
And no, I didn't make a typo with "come", y'all make that typo,
on the various gay-friendly dating sites.

And no.
Not eHarmony.

Hostel Part 2
Controversy Rising

You know the drill...

Hi. Deuschtlander?
Yeah. I'd like to confirm my booking for Friday, June 8?
That's right. Five guys.
Great. What's that?
Leave our passports at the desk?
Sure. No prob.
Nonono. No, that's fine.
One suite for all of us will be great.
What? Oh, the art show?
Sure, we'll book now...

H-7 and counting (with a fuckin' chub.)


What're the odds these three will be sitting so close to each other, except at a public stoning of "The Donald" or Larry Bling.

Never again
is what you swore
the time before.
-|Depeche Mode

I've heard it all before.

First link: SORRY, official music vid (QuickTime)
Second link: SORRY, bootleg concert vid, CT (YouTube)

Kidding. Right?

I SO WANT TO SEE any dating website permitting gay and lesbian matching services DARE to film a commercial like this, let alone AIR a commercial like this.

Oh, wait.
Strike that. PERMITTED to air a gay/lesbian commercial of this manner.

Besides LOGO.

Queer eye for equal time.

Oh. And one more thing...

Rent-a-Bus to Pride (cost ????)
Email a complaint to eHarmony (free)



Media Watch

May 31, 2007 02:12 PM

OrangeMercury blog
February 04, 2007 07:58 AM


Streaming Audio

I knew this day would come
Even though it cuts so deep
the harder I try
the more I seem to lose...

seems a different story
when it's me who's in the wrong
but you can't have it all.

I've already been hurt before
once, but never again.


Happy Hurricane Season

to you.
Happy Storm Surge to you.
I hope the fatalities don't include YOU.


ChetZilla v The Spelling Bee Champion.

I'd LOVE to be a fly on the wall in the meeting sure is being held, at the moment, with ChetZill and the suits at Can'tNailNews.

Can't enunciate either.


John's lustily looking at ChetZilla while she "delivers."

Loved the producer gaffs, the very pregnant pauses, and the banter which only gets deeper and deeper, the further I go...

What my mama told me...

While I'm at it...
Random in-box

A lifestyle is what you pay for.
A life is what pays you...

May 30, 2007 4:24 pm.

So, get one.


Fags and dykes (butch queens, Chelsea boys, lipstick lesbians, diesel dykes, carpet munchers, scissor sisters, snow queens, rice queens et al)


NOTE: Sadly, I could only find the letter sent, not the response, which, paraphrased, said:
There's always Manhunt, and

Sure, but you tell me which network, cable or otherwise, is going to permit advertising from any gay-related dating service beyond

Sometimes I want something better, and different, than the baseball bat to the knees every time I have the "nelly telly" on. Not that I sit here all day GLUED to the TUBE (You, or otherwise). It's just that I can turbo multi-task more than the most.

I think I'll keep my iPod plugged into my ears when I'm out in public. (Hi, Dr. Scott! It's no longer TOKYO DISCO: The collection.) I'm sure they would be burning.
If I even paid attention to the gossip.

Hawk? Diva? Center-stage.

Even more frustrating is the response to the letter sent to the "powers-that-be."

Hey ****. Thought you'd like to know about this.
Date: February 06, 2007 08:45:36 AM EDT
To: Ct******

"OrangeMercury" here.

Blatant gay discrimination:

Gay + Lesbian Discrimination
You've seen the persistent television ads (no, not Fibbs College!) and quite possibly you received some unsolicited e-missive from the latest in the soulmate-matching programs entitled "eHarmony."

For some reason,
only "men seeking women" and "women seeking men"
need apply.

Let's flood them with your feelings on this obvious discrimination
which invades our visual media and computer in-boxes.

Media Contact:
Lou Casale
Phone: 626.795.4814

Via e-mail here:

Their ads are all over television, and the internet,
and if you investigate, you'll see they only service "men seeking women" and "women seeking men."

It would be super-great to have Connecticut voices cause them to re-think their policies.

Feel free to either copy/paste my message, or call me if you'd like.
I think you should send this around to your e-mail list.
Could be quite powerful.

Best regards.

I hope like hell I can find the response.
Seems like gays (I will specifically leave lesbians out of the equation as I specifically targeted gay men in my missive) are more interested in cocksucking and ass-plowing (not to mention WS, FF, pig play, ad nauseum) than to take a stand against blatant discrimination.

Now you know why I cringe when people say that I "live in my own little world." Hence, you know the meaning of my tag "myownlittleworld."

It's like someone pats me on the head, says "good boy", and sends me back to my birdcage, or, in this case, my pink padded room.

We now return you the regularly scheduled program.
Pardon us for the interruption.

Thumbs up? Thumbs down?

Eeenie, meanie, miney, Mo.

Media Watch


There goes the grey, ummm, bees' nest.
And, hopefully, his piece of eye handy will follow.
Seriously, he ogles the beast and gets "down" to business every time it opens its' facial orifice.

Ok. Here we go:

the silver stud look (Anderson Cooper, of course) only goes so far.
If that toupee doesn't resonate with Dry Look,
tell me tell me tell me what the eff it is, anyway.

C'mon. Give these three the heave-ho.
Whoops. I forgot.
Rehab for using the word "ho."
Give 'em the fucking boot.
God forbid I use the self-effacing word "faggot."

Media Watch
She's got legs, knows how to use them

Here's your dose of daily CNN's (Can't Nail News) foibles.

LOVE the camera angles on ChetZilla's legs! I'm WAITING impatiently for the producer's slip-up which will reveal to us the center of its girth.

Shaming the Orange


Let's see:
Cut the swim + dive teams
let's introduce the SYRACUSE BEER PONG TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!
XXL, no less.

There's something seriously wrong here.
Just like 25 years ago, when I finished up my degree in photography (sans any history of photography, no less!) the University's dean issued a "proclamation" to which the University was going to "refocus its attention to the needs of the students."

Vettttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy neyeceeeeeeeeeeee.

Where was their attention when I was there?
Well, get this.
The drinking age was 18 "back in the day"
and Coca-Cola was considered a recreational refreshment.

To attach a "beer pong" t-shirt, with Syracuse's name emblazoned on the front, to an e-mail and in any way sanctioning liquid sports, flies in the face of everything anyone or any organization raising awareness and focusing attention on the problem of underage drinking, and alcohol abuse.


Sign me up for an orange "beer bong" T.
I'll take an L, in orange (is there any other color?) with a starter kit, please.
And if the "starter kit" for the XXL contains a larger "starter kit" pleeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, send me 2 bakers' dozens of the T + kit, and I'll pay using my Paypal account. Pronto.

Smoke this.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Media Watch
Got the Get
Diane Sawyer

Diane spoke to Speaker first.
(photos later...)

Is it any wonder?

Streaming Weather


Don't I wish...

No! No! No! No! No! No! No!
Mamma mia! Mamma mia!
They will not let me goooooooooooooooooo.





How many fucking times does the Pres of Iraq Jalal Talabani have to say "we thank de Amerikan peepul" before someone explodes?? It's bad enough that Jalal the Hutt is here getting medical treatment (seeing a good psychiatrist?) but there's fatso sitting next to "how the fuck did I get here" dopey Dubya. Those ties are hanging the wrong way, and that woman who hanged her 4 kids before she committed suicide in the same manner really missed the mark.


MY way.

Solve this equation:

H2 - 5mo = ??

An immunity prize from OrangeMercury's wandering, and moody, spotlight.

Happy Birthday....
Brooke? Tom Cruise, Line 1.

Hide the children! HIDE THE CHILDREN!!!

Bumper Sticker Patrol
CVS Parking Lot

If you're gonna ride my ass,
you'd better pull my hair.


Speaking of aural delights...

I love the fact that I have no idea why the German chainsaw welcomes you to OrangeMercury. Perfect as my themesong.

So. Be advised, if you are referring friends, relatives and people next to you on the subway, that they "might" want to lower the volume.

Stihl, it's really fucking hysterical!!!

Media Watch: Separated at Birth?
Soledad v ChetZilla

You be the judge.
I think ChetZilla appealed to the suits because she's prolly a younger version of Soledad, or she was selected for her oral skills, which, as Barbara Walters (supposedly) practiced liberally, and secured WaWa her path to the top.

Oh. And you smile with your eyes, not your fangs. Soledad's appear warm and welcoming, while ChetZilla's (ok, let's vote: ChetZilla or KiranZilla) eyes read "bitch, with a capital C."


Media Watch: CNN
Kiren (CNNzilla) Chetrey

Dear Kiren.

Sit like a "lady" or, at least, a professional.
I'm not interested in your fucking legs.
Unless you're going to pull a Sharon Stone on cable TV.
YEAH Baby!


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Word of the day...


(Bland: family name seen on a tombstone in a cemetery – not a pizza – earlier today).

Don't EVEN get me started...

about healthcare.

Fucking brilliant commercial.
Not only does it present a "dilemma" it manages to carve a resolution in the most creative, relevant, and direct manner.

KUDOS! to AARP, and their ad agency.

e*Trade: take notice.


Short note for the moment:

Check your browser compatibility.

I'm on CAMINO for Mac, currently, and utilize also SAFARI and FIREFOX.
And, if you figured, I'm also on an Apple computer (is there any other type?)

Some postings are screwy:

the sound plays w/o video;
the video plays w/o sound;
links are moved or no longer active.

Trust me.
I'm not the greatest, but I do check everything before I hit PUBLISH POST.

I'm from the old school.

And I don't mean Newhouse.
I say the biggest favor Si did for me is to show me that I could do it for myself.

Isn't that what education's all about?

Media Watch: CNN (who else?)

Seems it's Don Lemon v. Rob Marciano.

Umm. There's really no choice.
Well, it depends upon what psycho-pharmaceuticals I'm on.
Or off.

The Orange Spotlight shines on....


Thanks for the kind words about my blog, and taking the time to let me know.

I really don't think anyone reads it, beyond my little brother, and my first, and very important, mentor in San Antonio.

I'm kinda scared because I author it "anonymously" yet you can find out who I am if you dig for clams in shallow waters.

I also figure anyone who is offended (i.e. "potential employers") or thinks it's in bad taste is probably a person or company I'd rather not deal with, short-term, or long-run.

Do me a H-U-G-E favor:

if you know me, please don't EVER let me know you left these words for me to read.
I'd like to imagine it's someone off in the world somewhere who happened to stumble upon it, and thought to, and cared to, bookmark my blog.

You really made my day, and month.

BINGO! Milestone

Sadly, this milestone mirrors the specific number of mortally wounded US soldiers in Iraq, not to mention Afghanistan.

I would have picked up on this numerical pattern (1,234; 3,456; 7,654) without such a sad, and ironic, pairing.

Media Watch: CNN

Just a few observations:

1. Rob Marciano "sitting in" and "on the road" but somehow, he never making it up the CNN ladder.
2. Candy (sp?) Crowley. Yeah, you try to fire her. On the other hand, what a great role model for full-figured gals who worry about acceptance v discrimination. She certainly puts a spin on the phrase "eye candy" and is a welcome change to Barbie + Ken.
3. Don Lemon in India? for a few weeks? Cool, but what happened to Miles?

I just saw the story on The Golden Arches in New Delhi. Seems the big concern, and extremely warranated given their religious traditions, is the consumption of beef ("sacred cow") or chicken, if I am not mistaken. Given that there is a type of cooking oil extracted from beef (cows) or beef by-products utilized in the French Fries (Patriot Fries? American Fries? I can't keep track), it's a sacrilege to offer, let alone consume, two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, on a sesame (open sesame??? flying carpets???) seed bun.

I can understand all that, and accept it as respectful of the religious practices.

Picture this:

the wandering camera panning the crowd fixed on, if even for a moment, a very young Indian girl, clearly delighted as she plowed her way through an ice creme cone.

Hmmmm. Ice cream. Dairy?

I'm leaving it.

(photograph and slogan re-interpretation ©Greenpeace)


The turn of a phrase:

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.


A dick in the bush isn't worth the dead (or wounded) US troops in Iraq.

TB v GRID (aka AIDS + HIV)

Two words:

Andrew Speaker v Gaetan Dugas


e*Trade name correction
mea maxima culpa

e*Trade's proper name contains a somewhat lowered asterisk after the lower case "e" before the upper case "T".

Sorry about that.

Minor point, considering the inflammatory "advertising."


ps. if there is a problem with any of the links here or below, hop on over to YouTube and search for "etrade commercial" and it should be the first hit.

Not even REMOTELY funny.

eTrade's "Down on the floor!" commercial (which shockingly made its debut during the SuperBowl) in which a bank manager holds the customers "hostage" while the tellers don tangentially frightening masks (a pig, a rabbit et al) isn't even remotely funny in today's clime. Given that the bank manager repeats "down on the floor" in a loud and threatening voice the second time around, even going so far as to tell a woman not readily "down on the floor" and appearing to get up, he says in an off-hand manner "don't try to be a hero, Jane Doe."

I'm sorry. I've had strong feelings against this commercial from the get-go and was so consumed with the message I could not remember the company for the LIFE of me (I repeat:: DOWN ON THE FLOOR!)

This is a reprehensible and vulgar commercial, and I challenge eTrade to removed it totally from their advertising campaign BEFORE THE END OF THIS MONTH (May 2007, in case they're left wondering.)

Shameful, harmful, frightening, and vulgar. No other way around this one.

I'll bet 10 out of 10 people polled after a viewing of this horrifying commercial will find this "advertising" beyond poor taste, bordering on inflammatory.


(ps. watch the commercial with the volume muted and tell me what you see?)

I double- dare you to release a statement to the public in the same manner (vehicle, and length of time, and market penetration) apologizing for what will be termed "an oversight."

The ad agency should be summarily fired, as well as the "suits" who greenlighted this frightening advertising.

Why don't they cut to the chase and have a bank manager put a gun to a patron's head?

I apologize only for any incorrect words, spelling, and corporate misrepresentation of "eTrade", however, who can remember after such a shocking viewing such as this.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


No Paula Zahn.
What about the gay linguists in the military? Nope.

Broken News Now.

PS. Can Kiren Chetry be worse?
1. she stttttaammmmmmersss like hell
2. her interviewees ask her to repeat the question (that's "can you repeat the question?" if you didn't get it the first time)
3. she certainly can't hand guests, banter, and seriously-charged cross-talk; she wildly looks like a deer caught in the headlights (like "WTF am I doing here?")
4. would she PLEASE look at the audience (or the teleprompter) instead of down, at her desk, reading her script.

No thanks, Newhouse.
I learned this on my own, too.
(Don't EVEN get me started about the history of photography courses never required, or ever even offered, for photography majors.) You're the best, Si.

We interrupt this broadcast...

I know Ilene + Bob.
I photographed Mrs. Turkey-neck. (no, you can't see it.)

Not now, anyway.

Math is fun.

Let's see.

Hear wee gogh:

1. Miss USA
2. Hog-zilla
3. Beached Whales
4. Rosie O'Donnell

nononononononononononono they didn't.
They did.

PS. Eye'em ah beter spellur.

Dear Governor Rell:


Weren't we screwed enough by Johnnie R?

Ok. You do the math here:

1. Turns out the widening of I-84 from Waterbury to Cheshire was massively over-budget, seriously over its completion date, and now, it turns out, needs to be "redone" because the Jersey barriers are inferior, the "lampshades" of the highway's illuminating phalluses are prone to dropping off (and hitting a car), and the storm drains aren't. I forget the cost to taxpayers (for the second time around), but (continue reading)...

2. What about the price of gas per gallon v the time spent idling in traffic, at less than 5 mph at any, and all, time(s) of day.

I already told you.
I'm bad at math, so you do it.

Love + kisses.


Uh-oh. TYPO!

OK. I'll post it, you find it.

I swear, this was on CNN's website LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES AGO!!!!

Anyway, my other point:

do they really?

Nightmare on Jones Beach

If these 70s hold-overs are still alive and kicking back (they were horrid and kicking the first time around), please bring back (well, it never really left!) disco and the velvet ropes of Studio 54.

Better still, how 'bout the times when The Village People (yes, them!) ruled the airwaves, and the dance floors nationwide (September 3 – October 15, 1977.)

YOU GOT ME! (San Fran-cis-co)

Cunning Linguists!

Sexuality v National Security.
Guess who wins?
Kicked. OUT.


Let's see:

Gay v Arab|Iraqi translator.

It's either/or, Sophie.

What will it be?
Your daughter or your son?

Either way, you're not damned.

As so eloquently put this evening by a guest on PAULA ZAHN NOW:
(to paraphrase):

I don't care about a soldier's sexuality.
I care about finding Osama Bin Laden.

PS. Paula Zahn wasn't really "out" today.
Kiren (CNNzilla) Chetry is just peeing on a hydrant,
marking her territory.

Anybody seen Soledad or Miles lately?
Me neither.

Postcards from the Asylum.

Mapplethorpe Rises...

It's not The Spike.
It's not The Anvil.
It's not The Saint. (DAMNDAMNDAMN!)
And it's certainly NOT The Mineshaft.

I suppose it'll do.
(Trust me, either the dance floor won't and neither will the spindoctor!)

Watch CRUISING. And that's if you haven't already scene it. (Yep.)
Bring your cameras, kiddies.
You know. The "demos."
Where they take themselves all-too-seriously.

Be afraid.
Be very afraid.

Former students....

For the kru who e-mails me now that they've gotten that ball and chain, I mean "certificate" from Fibbs College. Here's a list of job sites relevant to the visual communications field, for Connecticut and beyond.

Of course, you know to double-click on the image to enlarge it.

Sorry. Not taking applications in THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

Feelin' kinky.
Not "linky!"

Dates to remember.
Well, it's the various wakes being held for Charles Nelson Reilly.
Need I say more?

Who knew?
How kewl!

Never take a "significant date" to a concert.
Never take a "casual acquaintance" to a concert.
Take someone young enough to be your kid;
or someone old enough for you to be their father.

Chances are, it'll be their first exposure to a "mega-show",
and they will appreciate it more, as
time goes by
so slowly.
Time goes by
so slowly, so slowly
I'm hanging up on you.

(The MSG|Jones Beach date for DM is #1 + 2.) Bravery + Goldfrapp (!!!!) were first up, respectively.
The HCC date for Madonna, when we were shocked to receive a 20-row closer comp ticket each! #3/4.)

Yeah. You, Spike.

And I think this warrants a visit to New York,
a return trip to Miami,
and a gay-old time in Ibiza (eeeee-beeee-the).

Stalking the Pedophile


I'm sure the dick in the bush had $$$ riding on this number, 3456.
Besides ours.


Cindy Sheehan

"I have tried ever since he died to make his sacrifice meaningful," she wrote. "Casey died for a country which cares more about who will be the next American Idol than how many people will be killed in the next few months while Democrats and Republicans play politics with human lives."

Stephen King
Pet Semetary

dead is better.

Taking your appointments, now.
Please, wait until after Friday.

Hard Candy v Hot Dancing:
Patrick Wilson is versatile!

Barkbark! Woofwoof!
I thought PW's name was supposed to be on the sexual predators' list.
Shit. I forgot. At the end of HARD CANDY, he...(no spoiler here!)

Serious Fred Astaire|Ginger Rogers action here,
in a great GAP commercial.

Also reminds me of Ann(e) Richards' remark:

Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did.
She just did it backwards, and in high heels.

Word of the day...

Hint hint:

Cindy Sheehan (I almost typed Cindy SHERMAN!)
Rosie O'Donnell

And someone please explain to me WHY the day after ANY TYPE OF HOLIDAY (specifically CNN's leading on the day after New Year's that the US Iraq|Afghanistan death toll crossed over to MMM) the death toll of our soldiers leads the news. But not on a holiday. Well, except "the unofficial start of summer", and the very few days alloted to the senseless deaths of our troops.

That means THREE THOUSAND, or W, three times, upside down.

How to "bury" the news.

Like the lieutenant v. the fireman.
Had it been a slow news week...

Ummm, let's see.
A young (10 y/o?) boy missing in a lake...
An outstanding fireman and father dies from injuries suffered when one firetruck crashes into another.

Oh, and by the way,
a lieutenant, among others, was charged with risk of injury to a 15 y/o boy.

Got it?

Please explain it to me.

As George Michael so wisely wrote:

These are the days of the empty hand
Oh you hold on to what you can
And charity is a coat you wear
Twice a year

Did you cover your eyes when they told you?

Kenneth Clarke v Vanity Fair
Always naked, never nude.

Brilliant commentary on the naked v. the nude.
And to think I bought a used copy of KC's book,
paperback, in D.C. for $1.00.

It's written in the first page.
So what if the cover fell off...

Miss America's Playlist
Culture Club:
I'll Tumble for Ya...

Zero v Hero

I miss Soledad and Miles.

Who the hell likes the "older man|younger woman" team currently on AMERICAN MORNING. Middle America? Suits who never watch the news, but just look at the ratings?

Soledad and Miles are great as a team, really great individually, and have superb on-air chemistry.

I guess the suits didn't like the team circling around 40.

And while I'm at it, "Encore Presentation" really means "reruns." And it means they are running on a skeleton staff, for one reason or another.

Let's drag out Fredricka, Rob, and Carol.
All great on their own time.

What's even funnier, and obvious, is the hiring of TJ Holmes and Don Lemon. Hmmm. First they look like brothers, and sometimes twins. Either way, CNN obvious was looking to "color" up the mix. Not that there is anything wrong with either of those guys, but when you jettison great people to hire others, it's just wrongwrongwrong to those who really add something to the news (not that TJ and Don don't) and put their time in with the network.

Remember Bernard Shaw? What about Aaron Brown?

And people are transfixed with some catfight on THE VIEW.

Well, the view from here isn't!!!!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007


Seems like A**Hole and Bl*w me and Jesus Christ
made it past the censors, on the SciFi channel,
but FUCK does't.
Go fig.


Here's the statics.
Do our soldiers get more time than Lindsey Lohan or Charles Nelson Reilly?
3,455/.60 = .5758 seconds per soldier's death.

(help me out with the math, if you get a different figure. Math has never been my strong point...)

Not just numbers...

Whatever it is...

Hoist one at 15:00 hours.

Bono Christ Superstar

You'll get the photo later.

Memorial Day 2007

Word of the Day

Need I say more?

If only...

The Other Side
Scissor Sisters

What will one day
Become of us
We'll grow as grass under their feet
No one here will ever know your name
And you still lie here next to me

If it takes another life
I'll wait for you
On the other side
Everything that comes to me
As good
Belongs to you
I'll count our blessings as I
Wait for you
On the other side
Good luck and I will see you through

Get used to this
You're going to be alright
The world goes on with or without me
If I don't ever leave a thing behind
I'll still leave you without me

If it takes another life
I'll wait for you
On the other side
Everything that comes to me
As good
Belongs to you
I'll count our blessings as I
Wait for you
On the other side
Good luck and I will see you through

Please, please, please...

watch this. ©Mark Fiore

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never again
is what you swore
the time before.

-|Depeche Mode

Numbers aren't just
little red coffins.

March 2003 and May 2007

ONE x 3865

Very strange, and even sadder that
3,865 names can bring down a PowerBook G4,
via command-C and command V,

but 3,865 dead
isn't enough
to bring

Faces don't get lost...

behind the numbers.