Saturday, May 12, 2007

Aural Sex
May 2007

We're flying high
We're watching the world pass us by
Never want to come down
Never want to put my feet back down
On the ground
Never let me down, never let me down

Too late.
I've been let down.
Many, many times.
When and where I least expected it.

Heroes + Mothers' Day

My heart goes out to all the mothers who will be mourning the loss of their son or daughter this Mothers' Day.

What makes me even sicker is the reality that some of the valiant service men and service women were probably the only child in the family.

To know and live with that type of pain must be sheer torture.

If we could be heroes,
just for one day.

And, in the spirit of el dia de los muertos,
if their sons and daughters could be home,
for just one day.

Word of the Day...


As in:

To put it bluntly, here's what I think.

And I'm nobody's pussy when it comes to expressing my thoughts.
Forget the opinions.

May 15

Seems like this boycott is the "talk" of the internet,
and certainly received more than its fair share of attention via CNN and other networks.

Some people said they'd just buy their gas this weekend, or Monday, but they'd be up to boycott on Tuesday.

I wouldn't be surprised if an act of self-immolation happens one of these days.

Do what you can, and let's show Big Oil we can sit back and watch them implode.

After all, I'm seeing $4+/gallon by Memorial Day.

Like the price of roses rises for Valentine's Day.

Yeah. Right.

Thank God It's Friday?

Let's see now:

three DVDs (thanks Deev)
two about love, romance and all that.
one colored with the passion of love,
except there was a plethora of blood
on the screen.

Gotta love Friday nights.

Beyond Awesome.

Too many people couldn't get past the sex
(for example CRIMES OF PASSION)
and they'd deprive themselves
of a very great message.

Mad World.

and as you draw your last breath in
you'll find your demons
your best friend

Don't need a teacher...

I've got my eyes.

You hurt me
I hate you.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Waiting at the bus stop.


First thing in the morning.

Word of the Day...


Forcing oneself not to care anymore.

Boundaries, BOUNDARIES.

No boundaries with a camera,
no boundaries with a pen and paper,
in this case,
two years of typing in high school,
and a refurbed G4 destroyed by the cops.

Stop. Go. Stop. Go. Stop. Go.

Proceed with caution.

There is no coincidence.

Some days, we're all just little dots.


The difference between me and a madman is

that I am not mad.

In his own words

+ The problem with the youth of today' is that one is no longer part of it.

+ Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.

+ When the creations of a genius collide with the mind of a layman, and produce an empty sound, there is little doubt as to which is at fault.

+ You have to systematically create confusion, it sets creativity free. Everything that is contradictory creates life.

+ People love mystery, and that is why they love my paintings.

+ When I paint, the sea roars. The others splash about in the bath.

+ One day it will have to be officially admitted that what we have christened reality is an even greater illusion than the world of dreams.

+ The desire to survive and the fear of death are artistic sentiments.

+ At the age of six I wanted to be a cook. At seven I wanted to be Napoleon. And my ambition has been growing steadily ever since.

+ Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it.

+ You know the worst thing is freedom. Freedom of any kind is the worst for creativity.

+ Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing.

Dali in the USA

The Broken Circle

We're not students. We just play them on the TV commercials.

Call me crazy (ok, so you already know I'm certified in that department) but I'm more than a little ticked off that the first college section ("cohorts" they are termed) I had a major hand in educating is graduating at this moment. Or they've already started running to each other's parties.

Let's see. There's a new college president, a new director of education, and a host of folks who have either quit, or were fired. Some good people too.

But to think there's that core group of "adjunct professors" who really didn't give a shit about the students in the first place, barely challenged them, and embodied everything a "professor" shouldn't be, sitting on that stage in Norwalk, probably bitching "I wouldn't be here if I wasn't being paid" ($30something per hour) is, to me, indicative of the type of school the Gibbs Diploma Mill is.

So I resigned in August 2006. Big deal. I have a conscience, and with one's boss (I was his direct report) advocating doctored attendance records, false internships, and (my personal favorite) "grade fixing" (yep, from the Dir of Ed straight down to the program director), well who wouldn't leave, if they had a sense of morals and ethics.

It still pains me to think that there's a handful of people I'd stand at the end of the faculty receiving line and literally kick their asses down the stairs (figuratively) and into the real world. The looks in their faces. Some tear-stained, as well as mine.

Just plain sucks.
It fucking sucks.

That fucking Gibbs (Norwalk and Farmington, to be precise) represents everything that is wrong with education today, and with a large percentage of "adjunct faculty" who may know their respective subjects, but can't teach to save their lives, let alone the students.

My take on those "adjunct professors" is that they really fall into the category of "those who can't, teach" as well as the "those who don't care, shouldn't be standing in front of a class.

It still astounds me, to this day, that I said "no more" to the machine, when I was the singular instructor (barring one other older male colleague) who recognized the pieces of coal which were about to turn into diamonds, and the speck of dirt deep within the oyster which would evolve into a pearl.

Financially, spiritually, emotionally, physically and every other way possible, I dragged some of those kids into a future they didn't think they could face, an education they were ready to give up on, and then I can't even see the looks on their respective faces, as well as their parents and relatives.

It blows.

Like I used to say, if my "colleagues" were teaching medicine, and the administration was condoning outright travesties occurring in the classrooms...

there'd be a lot of dead bodies strewn around the rented real estate.

And I stand by that.

And I am hardly surprised when, somewhere down the life-line, a long-forgotten students googles me and hits me up with an e-mail or a phone call (i.e.: Shamus, Mike, Jesus et alia) bringing me up to date on their lives, and how they had instructors whose names they couldn't even remember, as well as the shit they passed off as education.

There's a small payoff.

Personally? I can't plant the seeds any more.
Especially when I am prevented from seeing the seedlings begin to take shape.

I went to the graduations because I wanted to go. Not because I was paid some $70 before taxes.

And then the colleagues you couldn't even respect get all "buddy-buddy" and want to go out for the evening.

Like Andy Warhol once said (and I paraphrase) leave the party when no one notices.

And I usually did. Split right after the ceremonies, and, more often than not, cried from Point B back to Point A, spending comforting time in the orange, knowing I did my best, and hoping against hope that the ones I invested the most in would go further than I ever dreamt of going.

Buena suerte a todos.
My Spanish is bad, so:

It was my pleasure to knock you around in the classroom.
I know there will be a day, someday, any day, when it all "clicks" and you say to yourselves "that crazy guy knew what he was talking about all along."

My secret fear (not a secret any more!) is that I'll be showing up for a job interview at some point in the future and either a former student is interviewing for the same position, or, worse yet, is interviewing me to determine whether I'm worthy of hiring, or not.

Photography is a solitary art. Thank God for small favors.
When I'm in orange with the weapon in my hand, nothing seems to matter to me.

Even the fact that I don't process my film, never make contact prints, and have the images languish latently in a freezer, or have the negatives and slides stashed chaotically in boxes.

Never viewed even once after their creation.

After all, a broken circle is nothing other than a curved line, a vector path.

Kinda like a broken glass trying to hold water...

I still say there will be a day in the (near?) future when the phrase won't be "he taught at Gibbs" but, instead, will be "I studied with so-and-so."

Meaning me.

A pillow full of goose down and feathers,
scattered from a high mountain into a stiff wind.

Vaya con dios, todos.

And operators standing by now.
So make that call,
and change your life...

Happy Birthday to you!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Vault|1988 [Never before seen]
Fuji 617 Panoramic

The penultimate of "the decisive moment."
I was photographing the man sleeping on the bottom right,
when all of a sudden two people started their descent on the stairs.

I had no idea.

And chills ran down my spine.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Going It Alone



Born the same year I was, and dead from AIDS at 26 (1986). Before Rock Hudson. Before Freddie. And, at the time, the first woman in America* to have died from the disease.


Think quick, before you stick that needle in your arm, in your thigh, or in your ass.
Think quicker when the #2 at 10:00p becomes a #10 at 2:00a.

And for the classrooms that always heard me scream in the softest whisper:

Who's the youngest here? He was 18.
Who's the oldest here? He was 31.

Imagine, I said, if all your friends from your life from ages 18 - 31 had all died.

And I could see by the looks on their faces they thought I was just screaming, ranting, raving and being a drama queen.

Before all of them.


A starkly powerful film of life creating a star,
and enjoying its crashing descent.

Just watch it

Angelina Jolie's performance leaves me speechless, and in awe.

*Attributed to several different sources.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mac v PC

Beware of stock photography!

The Guardian

Virtual Unveiling

If I told you you'd get what you want, eventually,
would you go to hell and back for 25 years to the day?

Then, and only then.

Absolut [FD+BL]/2*25

©2007 devlyn ink

Posting #2222

Personal Daily Horoscope of Tuesday, 8 May 2007
born 4 May 1960

©Astrodienst AG

Loaded with energy ***
Ego energies and physical energies run very high during this time. You will feel positively loaded with energy, for which you must find an adequate outlet, or you will have problems. The best way to handle this influence is to do some necessary heavy physical work. But that will work out only if you derive satisfaction from doing it. Sports, if you are at all athletic, is an excellent outlet. If you just sit around, you will begin to feel itchy and restless for no apparent reason and then become quite irritable. In this mood you will snap at anyone who comes along for no reason at all. This time is quite good for initiating any new project on your own. It is a time of beginnings, and you should use it for that purpose, particularly for projects that you will be identified with and be given credit for.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Mars Conjunction Mars , exact at 15:53
activity period from 7 May 2007 to 10 May 2007.

Other transits occurring today

Mercury Sextile Mars, exact at 18:57 (L)
Venus Sextile Venus, exact at 23:14 (L)
Moon Square Mercury, exact at 13:22
Moon Square Venus, exact at 15:29
Moon in the 8th House, from 23:34
Moon Sextile Mars, exact at 04:18
Moon Sextile Med.Coeli, exact at 05:32

Important long-term influences

"A chance for change" (Uranus Sextile Saturn)
"Beliefs and ideas" (Mars in the 9th House) (L)
"Group relations" (Mercury in the 11th House) (L)

Mundane Events

Moon void of course (Capricorn), exact at 03:35
Moon enters Aquarius, exact at 13:48
Venus enters Cancer, exact at 03:28

aural sex|streaming

take that picture

[this side of the glass life's kickin' my ass in so many ways}

stop acting so dumb
the moment will come

I don't know why that is.
Tell me why that is.

You may want to think again.
You may want to change your mind.
Make you wish you could

You may want to sacrifice more than you think is fair or right

Monday, May 07, 2007

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Borat Race?
Boramian Rhapsody
Crazy Little (?) Thing Called...BORAT!

Thank you GOD for not referencing PAUL RODGERS.
What a waste that tour was.

Brian + Roger lost it when they didn't slot Robbie Williams in Freddie's stead.

Word of the Day...


Don't ask.

(that was HOW MANY bottles of champagne??)