Saturday, April 14, 2007

San Roberto?

The weather is here
wish you were beautiful

Beggar's banquet or beggar's purse?
Either way,
these are for you.

Purple rain?

Postcards from the Asylum

Here's a cryptic message if ever there was one.
No names have been changed because everyone is to blame.

I sent a version of this card to someone whose been to every party with me from the gayest gala to the pissiest parties (n.b.: literal, as noun). He knows. It's really funny. We go together sometimes, and other times separately.

But when they say everyone from (city du jour) was there,
well, enjoy.

+ here's a virtual bouquet to the one(s) who upended my life, in a good to great way unique to our relationship.

So, if I do the math, it's exactly three:
1. my other party half (everyone from --- was there)
2. my mentor
3. two words: hacky sack (not Red)

And the winner is: #3...please claim your flowers on the way out!

Hg as detergent.

Stubtastic Cable really slammed its corporate toe into a razor blade.

Please explain how you are going to undo the damage done every time your "speedy kitchen husband" is shown rinsing his hands with mercury in its natural state.

I'll get back to you.
What're they thinking?

I've got to run away
I've got to get away
–|Soft Cell

Postcards from the Asylum

Bipolar is the New BLack.

What're you reading this for?
Didn't the headline say it all?

Echoes in my soul

you could be so many people;
if you make that break for freedom...

Friday, April 13, 2007

Supernature 2007


Teo Torriatte|Queen
Don't Always Look at the Rain|Howard Jones
Slave to the Rhythm|Grace Jones
Hymne + Sail

Remember when...

I said "that's the best you can do?" one Sunday morning,
and you broke out into tears (Ed. note: bawling, sobbing)
choking on "I only want to make you happy..."

That was a Sunday "brunch" gone wrong if I ever laughed (like hell) about one...
Quite a few friends also.

Almost as good as that sex change which failed.

Noto bene: learn how to hold the weapon of choice before you engage me.

It's going to be so liberating to publish a book.

• names
• dates
• places
• events
• photos

"I never make bad mistakes. Only very, very clever ones."

This time I know you'll hesitate
Deep down you hope it's not too late
The ring you were holding
Has hit the floor
And I can't live in this house with you no more | TEXAS

* especially with that decor. what's it called? Post-Grandma?
I especially love that set of fans tacked to the wall above the table for the lamp, which has a drawer containing...

Doctor doctor can't you see your burning burning

Necessito por un hombre tener cajones.

I can photograph myself.
Can you counsel yourself?

Phuque It.


You stripped the bed, now lie in it.
I'm sure you're quite familiar with lying.
Pussy really fits the bill right now.

"Go away kid, you bother me..."


Friday the 13th
The Phone Call.

Less than 15 seconds.
1. who is this?
2. I'm really busy.
3. alright...

Well with #4 (the dial tone) I'm sure his luck just improved;
and the call was the scariest thing going.

Until later.

Greetings of the season...

Check it out!
A holiday just for black pussycats!

In the interim, this shelter pussy will do...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

And in 1973

In 1980...

Dog Breeding 101

Kevin has two of these dogs.
And they do take after him...

Can I join the band?

Fuck the draft!
Where do I sign up?

Too fucking funny.

CLEARLY this 2 was not made by a Gibbs' student.

Green Zone penetration "unprecedented"

KIRA PHILLIPS of CNN is only at this very moment relating the checkpoint penetration and the "unprecedented" entry into the FORTIFIED Green Zone.

It's sleeting outside.

I think if Imus committed suicide, the media would think "they got what they wanted" and if anyone had a conscious, they'd look into the crevasse of racism in this country.

Having made racial jokes myself in the past, I believe in humor across all races, creeds, colors, sexual preferences, and the size of your mother's army boots.

High five!!!

Verrry Nice...

Fucking CNN...

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

Check this out:

RIGHT NOW, CNN said there were "two stories breaking" with one being yet ANOTHER Imus story...and the other regarding either a bombing or some explosive device blew in the Green Zone.


This is fucking incredible, the state of news today.

A fucking celebrity on his fatal 17th minute v Americans in Iraq.

And double-fistfuck Bush.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Truth b.told
Orange Syracuse T

As a matter of fact, this is an outtake from David Vance's book, THE WOODS. Funny story, I got to lead the horse to water, kinda sorta. What a day! Thinking back on it, I would have my assistant photograph at the same time as I did, perhaps b/w v color v Photoshop v God-knows-what.

Here's some of David's best work, to date. I, for one, can't wait until we print his photographs on canvas and other unconventional sources and qualities of paper...up to 44" wide.

Lifesize, even, posted in unique environments haunting the darkest of shadows.

Truth b.told

"Bob" was a BF back in the day.
Spent much more time with him as an xBF.
There were no FB back in the day.


DJ Portal

Notable facts about Bob: he always wore a mustache very much in the style of Freddie Mercury. That, however, was "back in the day" when a man's razor only worked on your FACE! Men then shaving their bodies was akin to most women not shaving either.

Robert (Bob) Braucci
Model + disc jockey

Robert (Bob) Braucci
Descanse en Pace.
11 April 1960 – 15 January 1990

And there's a great "orange" story here,
however I am sworn to secrecy,
so unless someone picks this up as a script,
my lips are sealed, Belinda.

Big "shame on me"

I didn't even call my sister or send her a card in any format yesterday. And this is the sister who was with me during the legendary car accident in 1976.

I need to create a piece of art, and then post it.
I'm thinking "floating head via Warhol and that outrageous photographer whose work was continually in French FOTO.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Telegrams from Tomorrow.

Closing in on 47

Shoot him on sight
Don Imus

Nappy headed ho's? (ok, HOES).

Imus is a dumb fuck.
What do you expect.

I can hear some rap group,
all blinged out with their pimped-out ride
riding this all the way to the banquettes.


Neither makes it right.
Or more tolerable.

The World According to Orange.

Sometimes, you just gotta kick that fucking ball.

With your eyes closed.

10 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq

The attacks take place outside Baghdad. Radical cleric Sadr plans an anti-American demonstration.

BAGHDAD — Ten U.S. soldiers were killed over the weekend as armed groups avoiding Baghdad's security dragnet attacked with bombs and other weapons in cities and towns just outside the capital.

The Los Angeles Times (continued)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

My Black-eyed boy...

You're black eyed soul
You should know
That there's nowhere else to go
My black eyed boy
You will find
Your own space and time

You call me superstitious
Tie me up with your deceit
I could never be malicious
Though I seem so bittersweet

You should know
You're falling into fiction
I can tell
You're on some foolish mission

You're black eyed soul
You should know
That there's nowhere else to go
My black eyed boy
You will find
Your own space and time

If you're gonna put all your eggs
in one basket,

be ready to smash the basket.