Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sandpaper for your eyeballs...


A few words:
1. def not for the squeamish
2. raise the volume because the foreign actors are speaking English. I think.
3. major gore fest

That said, the story had some potential, but was told in such a disjointed style, it was a bit hard to stay with...and the imagery kept you so stunned, you really didn't care that you couldn't stay with was was an interesting premise to begin with.

In the end, I can say I saw it.
I wished I'd rented, but it is a very powerful, albeit disturbing cinematic work by Miike, the undisputed master of this particular genre.

N.B.: It was Miike who inspired Eli Roth, the writer|director of HOSTEL.
You do the math.

Haunting Me.

Do you believe in love at first sight
It's an illusion, I don't care
I search, I search, I search my whole life
To find, to find, to find the secret
And all I did was open my eyes

Friday, February 02, 2007

Knowing Biblically
11th Commandment

Neither shall you bear false witness against your neighbour.


And I have decided to use my First Amendment "right to freedom of speech" by telling my story of what happened when my neighbors bore false witness against me, for the most heinous of crimes, just because I was gay. And the subsequent fighting with City Hall to be made whole (there was a nasty search and seizure executed...)

Check back for details as I need to close this book, but have more important things to attend to...all of which require my standing and moving around.


No shadow?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Numbers to know

Number – 900
Quantifier – seconds
Father – Andy Warhol

The Three Fates
February 2007

The Spinner|The Allotter|The Inevitable

How my neighbors scared the "pic" out of me

Trust me.

I'm working on the legalities, but the most horrifying thing to happen to any adult individual, and working professional, happened to me.

Once a few Is are dotted and Ts are crossed,
you're in for a read, with photographs never before published,
which started the entire ball rolling downhill towards me.

Here's an interesting anecdote (or prologue) to the main story:

Knowing full-well the undeterminable weight of depression, I looked upon this particularly obvious physical challenge, and I marveled at every gesture, how the most routine of "chores" became heroic, even, when executed with equal, if not inspired, gestures. Whatever I saw, I was in awe, in the darkest spot I could look upon this and in some manner be lifted up, if only for a few minutes.

And why "no good deed goes unpunished" is one of the most cobra-like phrases for its ability to strike with quick, unexpected, yet deadly and fatal, accuracy.

Should we beware the scorpion? Shall we trust the ox? Are the scales of justice ever truly balanced? Is the glass half-empty or half-full?


I'd like to plan accordingly as four out of five dentists surveyed said to know what what in your hand, than what's green on what side of whichever fence.


Much, much more.

Why Studio 54 Matters

Long Overdue: OMRising

Seems lately a great deal has been going on here and there, my life, friends' lives, what I observe, what I see on television (OK, CNN's endless loop) and, then, yes, the newspaper. In the paper format, not the electronic.

and it's all about "closure" and "ending" like life's trials and tribulations are going to tie themselves up in a lovely gift box all set for you to leave at the curb for the trash pickup. Like it's that fucking simple.

Every beginning has an ending, and that ending is, in essence, a beginning of another sort. Every beginning is different, deliberate, synchronistic, manufactured even. But it's how something ends which marks the future of how we deal with this "end" in our lives.

Like me and death. I think it's because I've been knock-knock-knocking on heaven's door since I was a boy (by design, not by plan) and until I was, maybe, 22, I didn't really know anyone who died. Not even a pet (never had one). Then AIDS hit, and my friends and some family members, and just plain old people I knew in the working world who made my life a bit more pleasant: Gene, the florist; Rocky, the barber: Bob, disc jockey; Todd and Vinnie, both high school acquaintances somewhat younger than me.

Then my grandmother died.

Then cancer ended my beloved greyhound's life prematurely.

What do you do? Death? Get over it. No matter how it shakes out, they ain't coming back. If you know someone's going to die, you have some measure of time to work it through. If you are unfortunate to have to deal with the phone call and an untimely, somewhat senseless death has occurred, again: acknowledge, and get over it, 'cause they ain't coming back either.

And I've heard first-hand about the military and the chaplain coming to the door, in a clinical yet cinematic description, right down to who was doing what and the weather outside...


When something needs to end (a job, a relationship, something) at least be able to look "it" square in whatever eye is suitable, shake hands, acknowledge something good about your previous interactions, some pleasant memory, and move on.

That takes courage.

If you're going to quit a job over the phone, why bother calling? Just don't show up and it'll shake itself out. If you need to resign, do it with fortitude and a strong fix in the horizon. If you're going to end a relationship, do it gently and remember how it started. Do you really need to leave a person as a mere shell of their former self. Just closing up shop in any manner, and leaving loose ends in someone else's life?

That's the coward's way out.

I have always looked at life this way: if there's a bullet with my name on it and I have to bite down? I bite down hard. Therein is your lesson. Take what you own, learn, and move on.

Anything less is disrespectful and smacks of emotional cruelty.

Here's a quick story: I've had significant relationships with two guys who don't know each other, and they both have varying degrees in psychology, psychiatry, social work, et al. And in the interim, there've been a few I've met who were interested in "something" or I've met a few who were friends of friends.

I have some semblance of a "therapist" in my infrequent circle of doctor visits.

Why the hell would I want to be involved with someone who's going to know how to push the right combo of emotional buttons, only to leave you with no notice, no explanation, nothing.

"It's just not working out."

It? How about explaining "it" and having the balls to do it face to face.

I don't really care who's involved and all the minutiae involved...

it's just the ethically and morally correct way to deal with a fellow human being.

Now I'm going to sign off so I can put a few things of my own in brightly-colored orange boxes with green bows, and leave them out at the curb tonight.

Said Newton to Mapplethorpe...

Put aside your pride
I will be your guide.

I'd rather hear it from Fincher or Witkin, personally.
RM, DA, and W are already part of my package.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Still "hung up"

I'm just amazed that this first public performance of HUNG UP at the KoKo Club in London barely foreshadows the juggernaut Madonna's CONFESSIONS would become.

Super-great to see Miss Prissy.

Brooks is owned by CEC, which owns Gibbs.

January 28, 2007

Former "Brookies" Speak Out
A story in this weekend's Ventura County Star "Brooks Institute Under Microscope" reports on a recent visit by inspectors from the Bureau of Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education to the school. The Bureau is tasked with investigating vocational institutions and making sure schools don't defraud students.

Brooks has been underfire for nearly two years now for a pattern of questionable recruiting practices.

Personally, I became interested in Brooks when they started offering degrees in visual journalism in 2002 or 2003. I couldn't understand how a new program, an expensive one at that, could start up when so many other journalism programs across the country were fighting for their lives to maintain photojournalism as a major.

According to the Star, "the school came under fire from state regulators for making inflated claims to prospective students about job prospects and salaries they could earn after graduation — conclusions that were ultimately thrown out by a judge."

What Brooks is alledged to have done is to make promises to new students that the jobs and the money would be there when they graduated -- that is of course after they spent between $90,000 - $100,000 getting the degree.

The Star reports, "Some students say the school has addressed many of the problems detailed in the now-invalidated 2005 report. But they also remain unhappy over what they say is a lack of communication between them and administrators at the school."

When I originally posted to this blog about the investigation in July 2005, I had no idea what sort of response I would get. Now, after nearly two years since the initial investigation, dozens of former "Brookies" have commented to this blog about the situation.

While some of the comments are very supportive of the institution, others, the majority, speak of broken promises and shattered dreams.

For example, on former worker claims, "I used to work at Brooks-I was uncomfortable with the way the students were treated, misled about rules for withdrawing from classes, etc. Some employees were primarily motivated by their sky-rocketing stocks in the corporation."

One graduate wrote, "When I entered Brooks in 1977 no promises were made to me, in fact many of the teachers were quite candid about the challenges of making a living in the field....the number of high earning people in photography is probably about the same as professional sports, with about the same odds. They should tell you that."

The negative feelings expressed by readers on the blog reflect a sincere attempt to make sense of the situation.

Ultimately, it is the individual who must do the research to make sure what someone says is true.

Truth --- the average salary of a journalist in 2006 was about $31,000 a year. New hires, obviously, can expect to be paid less.

Fiction --- photojournalism graduates could make $50,000 or more right out of college.

Truth --- the number of full-time jobs in photojournalism is disclining due to a number of factors.

Fiction -- photojournalism will find it easy to get a job in the field.

Educators owe it to their students to present a clear picture of the challenges ahead. Media is changing.

Given the current state of oligopoly in the media industry these days fewer full-time occupational opportunities exist for photojournalists than they have in past few decades.

Daily newspapers, which have traditionally hired the greatest numbers of photojournalists, are constantly besieged with finding ways to make ends meet financially. Media consolidation and downsizing is making it increasingly difficult for college graduates to find employment. A Bear Stearns industry analysis estimates that the industry lost 1,520 positions in 2006 versus 2,500 positions in 2005. Even though few newspaper jobs were cut in 2006, the decline is significant. A recent article in Editor & Publisher quotes the Fitch Ratings:

"Most newspapers have been cutting staff for several years, and while they may not yet have achieved optimal utilization of their staffs, Fitch believes cultural issues and union affiliates could obstruct meaningful labor-related cost-cutting."

The U.S. Department of Labor is predicting journalism jobs in traditional print and broadcast markets to grow slower than average until 2014. Accordingly,"Many factors will contribute to the limited job growth in this occupation. Consolidation and convergence should continue in the publishing and broadcasting industries."

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Semi-Humble Beginnings

translates exceptionally well to arena-disco|rock!

Damn these horoscopes.

It hasn't escaped my notice that the juggernaut now known as THE CONFESSIONS TOUR began coincidentally with my response to the CLP.
Fifteen months and still hung up.
Time goes by so slowly...

Yes, I'm ready to jump.

Tuesday, 30 January 2007
born 4 May 1960
©Astrodienst AG

Constructive changes
Venus Opposition Pluto Venus OppositionPluto exact at 20:13
activity period from 30 January 2007 to 31 January 2007.

This influence may have the effect of intensifying experiences in your love life. Through love you will seek feelings and emotions that transport you out of the ordinary. This same energy may lead to indiscretions in love relationships, which could cause problems later on. If you bear this in mind, however, you will have little difficulty during this time. There are powerful energies at work in your love life today and they can work to bring about constructive changes in your relationships. These energy patterns are dangerous to your relationships only if you are unconscious of their processes or if you are unwilling to deal with their root causes. You may have to handle quite a bit of energy to make this influence work out, but it could be a powerful force for good.

Hell. I've got 48 minutes til it hits...

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:

The Few.
The Very Few.

I watch 'em in their "Flashdance" best, grunting and stretching, throwing around absurd amounts of steel, run aimlessly, pedal pointlessly, and ski some far-off peak.


Throw out the one who's doin' it in the morning, and get something going at 5am exactly, for one hour.

Then we'll see who's made of what.

The Chosen

I've come for your eyeballs, your brain, and your heart.
Start bargaining.

All signs indicate success.

Rebel or rebel?

Grace knows.

Either way:

Reporting for duty, sir.

How can this NOT be of great significance?

These are much better and much more beneficial than the Rorschach [(sp?)!!!] Inkblot Tests.

Madonna on iTunes

Eye Cue

MADONNA is the new black.

Monday, January 29, 2007

What do you see?

Astrological Chart 29 Jan 07

Personal Daily Horoscope
Monday, 29 January 2007
born 4 May 1960
©Astrodienst AG

Venus Conjunction Chiron
exact at 09:13
activity period from
28 January 2007 to 30 January 2007

Accept yourself *
Many people feel most vulnerable with regard to their bodies. They mask and work on their bodies because they feel insecure or even ashamed of them. This is not the case for everyone and not a permanent feeling, but a little bit of this is in all of us. Under this influence you need have no fear of being hurt or rejected again. Rather you have the opportunity of recognizing and accepting such old wounds. The love and understanding of your partner can help you, if you are bold enough, to acknowledge and admit to your vulnerability. Trust in the fact that despite your wounds you can still be loved.

Memo to Suzanne:

Sorry. I know yo u hate that like you no I hate compuders.
John Sex called today and said to drop by his show at Danciteria.
Said something about this chick called Madonna.
I think it's the same Madonna who's been calling for a free sitting.
I'm booked with Grace, Sigourney, Brooke and Kathleen, and that's after Debbie.
If I'm awake, I'll goe.
I'm going out at 3, so I'll see you at 3in the anfternoon if I don't bump nto you tonite.

– Bob

PS. What about this promo vid? Tje cmpny did a good job, you think?

The Gospel Before Madonna

Killer in many ways.
Rather "stihl."

BLind Ambition vI

How I See It

F'ck me with a chainsaw

Same Reading
Different Church

Ah, to have had George duke it out with Freddie.
Stevie Wonder's on the other line, back in a flash.

A Reading from the Gospel
Skyscrapers + Helicopters

Yeah. That's me in the orange.
I keep the bite in the rind.

Required Viewing

Shock. Awe. Heart-breaking. Lamentable.

Like a death-in-the-fucking-family kinda feeling.

I'll never again enjoy the silence.

Pain in Your Axe
Vol I

The Gospel according to|

MICHELANGELO|Belvedere Torso

The Gospel
HORST|Mainbocher Corset

©1932 Horst

The Gospel

Now I wonder if David Fincher was responsible for lifting HORST's MAINBOCHER CORSET?Germany 1939 and making it an essential addition here.

Now, it's a question of which came first...depending on whom you ask.

The Gospel according to|
Madonna + The Boots of War

I can only imagine this performance live. No matter where you sit (preferably further back, up, and to the right) you still wouldn't know where to look, missing critical nuance.

She works it, and makes it look easy in the process.
Oh, and Willi taught her how to vogue.

Willi Ninja Stepped on my Foot!

Before RIZE.
Before Madonna.
Rest, Willi.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

PlateMaster Braucci

Those in the know, back in the day...

Something about disco...

Ironically even the Reverend Al Sharpton commented on this at James Brown's homegoing. He asked Michael Jackson's help (itself another story) and it just reminded me of disco. BORN TO BE ALIVE, THIS TIME BABY. I FEEL LOVE. QUE SERA MI VIDA. I LOVE AMERICA. WE ARE FAMILY (itself "the" gay anthem). NO ROMANCE JUST WANNA DANCE. LOVE HANGOVER. LOVE MAGIC. HOLD ON TO MY LOVE.

On and on and on.

What the hell happened?

Oh. Yeah.


Word of the Day|BLue-collar

The very backbone of this nation.

The Gospel according to|
Boots on the ground
+ boots of the fallen

WAR|Edwin Starr
TWO TRIBES|Frankie Goes to Hollywood
I LOVE AMERICA|Patrick Juvet


3067 + 11 = 3078

11 "pending."
Regardless of where you are, the winter just got a little colder.

CNN's Warrior One

Read on about Re/Max and the OTHER donor.

Tokyo Project|The Collection

Order this collection! Three continually mixed discs with some killer transitions for under $20. You pay more for a sleeveless top for the gym, if I'm not mistaken.

Yeah! The tunes.
Nay! The chick on the cover. Get a following of us disco fags and the girls will follow. Well, something like that (I actually typed 'lick') Horse, water, cart, horse. Seems that fucking horse is involved in a great deal of logic.

Except the porcupine and the blowfish make strange bedfellows.

Prescription for getting rid of the flu...

1. Chinese Hot 'n Sour soup, one quart minimum, every day for five days
2. Including cat naps, 12 - 14 hours of sleep is beneficial, when possible
3. A collection of DVDs so one can learn about movie-making from the best
4. Go to the gym if it kills you
5. If you have to go to work, wear a surgical mask. It's not that odd these days
6. Avoid sick people.
7. Avoid everyone else.
8. Showers. Hot + Frequent.
9. Formulate your game plan whilst shampooing with TANGERINE TICKLE (I fucking kid you not!)
10. Seize your part of the day, keeping in mind what you'd like around at the end of the week...