Friday, June 01, 2007

Media Watch


There goes the grey, ummm, bees' nest.
And, hopefully, his piece of eye handy will follow.
Seriously, he ogles the beast and gets "down" to business every time it opens its' facial orifice.

Ok. Here we go:

the silver stud look (Anderson Cooper, of course) only goes so far.
If that toupee doesn't resonate with Dry Look,
tell me tell me tell me what the eff it is, anyway.

C'mon. Give these three the heave-ho.
Whoops. I forgot.
Rehab for using the word "ho."
Give 'em the fucking boot.
God forbid I use the self-effacing word "faggot."

1 comment:

fatz said...

did I tell you my good friend that I assist from time to time,, landed a gig making around $2000 a day (after Getty takes their 40%cut) following and photographing your boy Anderson around the world? 2 weeks a month, shooting photos of anderson in the field and photos to go with the story they are working on. nice huh? the only bad thing is he got a parasite that's embedded in his leg while in the rain forest looking for anaconda. I told him that was nothing, I stepped in gum at the last community festival I had to shoot.

jealous. very jealous.

Oh i forgot his deal for a 6 episode adventure photographer television series for National Geographic channel just was finalized in the contract stage as well. first episode to be filmed in in China, 5 weeks per episode.

did I say jealous? vey jealous?