Saturday, June 30, 2007

eBay iPhones...

Several comments:
1. Is it a coincidence the seller of this phone is in HICKSVILLE?
2. Bidding has increased by $100 in the past 5 minutes;
current bid is $10,200.
3. Yes. I know it's for TWO phones. SUCH A DEAL!

Me thinks this kid should stick his thumb (if not his whole fist) up the ass of the dork who places the winning bid.

Now, for a dose of reality:
Back in the day (not that I am THAT old!) you signed up for phone service when you could AFFORD phone service, even though it was a party line.

Seems like the 976#s really know what's going on.
Partly lines were the first aural daisy chains.

We now resume regularly scheduled programming.

1 comment:

fatz said...

no shit, what a bunch of ass wipes. people are so stupid. I mean really what the fuck. OK, its a cool little device, but what exactly are you able to do with that thing that you can't already do using a computer or phone, I mean yeah its nicely packaged in a neat little device, but what are you gonna do with it? surf the web, wow, listen to music, oh god finally! my walkman sucks! I mean what a bunch of fucking morons.

My razor phone was a $500 dollar phone about a year ago, now it's free. how stupid. Playsation too, people are idiots.