Saturday, November 25, 2006

Pre-release|SAW IV [poster]

design + photograph

As promised|The Strangest Thing

Grab yours here.

Haunting me. #11.
[aural stream]

1000 Beautiful Things|archival portfolio v0002


waterbury|brooklyn, near st patrick's
girl sweeping sidewalk
spring 1983

At some point when I was in Miami and working as an assistant, LIFE Magazine had some photo competition for 30 UNDER 30, if I recall. Something. I'll have to look it up. I located my SASE-portfolio of 8 b/w RC machine prints (#2488). Two must be missing. They're in sleeves, a bit knocked-up.

This is the tamest shot.
Very Weegee. Very Diane Arbus.
All mine.

As far back as October 1980.

This is the only digital copy of one of the eight stamped #2488.

1000 Beautiful Things|found letter v0001

Note to all student|s:

Yo Fatz!
Look whose name leads the list...

I kicked your ATZ!
And peeled back your eyeballs...

Haunting me. #10.

to me everyday is halloween
I have given up hiding and started to fight
I have started to fight

well any time, any place, anywhere that I go
all the people seem to stop and stare
they say 'why are you dressed like it's halloween?
you look so absurd, you look so obscene'

well I let their teeny minds think
that they're dealing with someone who is over the brink
and I dress this way just to keep them at bay
cos halloween is everyday

why hide it?
why fight it?
hurt feelings
best to stop feeling hurt
from denials, reprisals
it's the same it's the same in the whole wide world

Vault|Highschool Yearbook

Paging Dr. Gupta...

Haunting me. #9

sometimes you're better off dead
there's a gun in your hand
and it's pointed at your head
if you think your mind
is too unstable
kicking down chairs
knocking down tables

too many shadows
whispering voices
faces on posters
too many choices

St Peter's Canine|Grace 2003

Grace, The Gatekeeper's Dog

Note the left-hand wall.
Yeah. She paced too.

Vault|Photo Assistant
Pink Ribbon|v001


Would you please tell your Syracuse t-shirt
to stop looking at her tits?


Friday, November 24, 2006

Haunting me. #8

I think it's kinda funny
I think it's kinda sad
(that) the dreams in which I'm dying
are the best I've ever had...

angst mercury.

Family Matters. Especially around the holidays.

Need a lift, mate?

Shoolery Designv OrangeMercury

Freddy's Dead! They killed Freddy!

Freddie Mercury, as seen on SOUTH PARK.

Kids. Today.

Should be required viewing in all high schools.
And for anyone 12+ up.

A real horror movie, if you ask me.

Well-hung|Annie Leibovitz

born in Waterbury Connecticut

Vault|Archives_Blur_Ft Laud [late 90s
Museum of Art [HORTT Competition]

A little research on my part would reveal both the year of the photo and the specific HORTT competition number. I remember concurrent to the HORTT juried pieces, there were classics the likes of Weegee, Avedon's DOVIMA WITH ELEPHANT, Arbus, Cartier-Bresson, et al. It was a wet dream archivally come true.

OrangeMercury v David Vance

image ©2006 +

Vault|Blur Lincoln Road [late 90s]
Mood Swing

Here was the SoBe branch of the Orange Pack from Syracuse.
As platemasters for a brief time on Lincoln Road,
our moniker was MOOD SWING.
If they lived in or partied in South Beach, or were there,
we either exorcised them from our playlist,
or focused on their collective deep catalog.

We'd start with a theme (probably a Bond song) and then alternate.
Blue v orange for aural dominance.

fucking aural brilliance.
Also the face of the guy who launched a thousand ?able appearances:
my buddy Kirk, Syracuse muse and longtime friend.
Raising Bevin, Bennett and Bella with Bunny in KY.

Coming Out Party|Volume

all images ©2006 reproduction with permission only|individually + collectively applied

Rave|Freddie Deserved to Die!

Jesus-is-savior dot com has a lovely tribute to Freddie.

Freddie was the inspiration behind the Sodom and Gomorrah tour
of the Pet Shop Boys.

Herb Ritts slated to direct the Jones Beach show.

Rant|Movie Distribution in CT

Sign of another bomb? Like FUR?
What's up with limited theatre release (only one theatre in the state at any given time!) for some of these other-that-mainstream movies?

With FUR, SCISSORS, and the Disney-version of Robert Mapplethorpe's life (with the soundtrack scored especially by Elton John and the Pet Shop Boys) due for imminent release, there's no wonder the companion silver book is soon to see only orange ink.

In more ways than one, I'm not green by any stretch.

Haunting me. #7

A nervous boy in several ways
I never knew the world could operate this way
I was nervous when we stopped to speak
And the world came crashing around my feet

A nervous boy, in spite of which
I never thought I could tremble as much as this
Your flashing eyes and sudden smiles
Are never quite at ease, and neither am I

A nervous boy from another town
With a nervous laugh and a concentrated frown
I spoke too fast with watchful eyes
Of a recent past and some nostalgic surprise

Knowing why I approved of you

Right from the moment you turned to face me
A nervous boy

The News that Rocked the World

1991: 'Freddie is my idol'

For 20 years Freddie Mercury's band Queen entertained millions of fans worldwide with a succession of ground-breaking hits.
The star had all the right ingredients for a rock legend: great musical talent, a taste for the bizarre and almost unrivalled showmanship.

The singer is thought to have contracted Aids two years before his death, but the serious decline in his health was not widely publicised. Freddie Mercury's announcement on 23 November 1991 that he was HIV Positive stunned his fans.

He died the following day.

This is a selection of some of your memories and tributes

Rarely seen|Freddie Mercury with AIDS

No need to wonder about the creativity behind the last half-dozen or so music videos in which Freddie Mercury appeared.

Take another look at the over-lit, overly-made-up image reminding us "I still love you..." at the end of THESE ARE THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

To the bitter fucking end, he gave all.

Celebrity Death Certificates|Freddie Mercury

...complications from AIDS...

The King of Queen|Live Aid 1985

Fifteen years gone, enjoy Freddie on his best stage ever,
with what is touted as "rock's greatest live performance, ever" with Jimi Hendrix, Freddie's idol, coming in second for his smokin' Woodstock performance.

You gotta hand it to Freddie (and someone get this to Brian + Roger's ears), still, Queen is #1 around the world, clocking in twice on the UK's top ten best-sellers, ever.

Enjoy the next twenty-something minutes.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Haunting me...

Harry Potter. 2005.
Thanksgiving night.
The seat to my right...

Seen. Noted.

is a perpendicular expression
of a
horizontal desire.

Now you know why you took geometry.

In memoriam|15 years later

Buddy you're a boy make a big noise...

The Ultimate Disco Ball

Not one easily impressed, and as one who slipped by more than a few dozen velvet ropes and onery doormen, I can say this was a jaw-dropping opening. Mixing in I FEEL LOVE was not only inspired, but a nod to her roots.


I will say from direct experience:
caveat photographus, if you do photograph your neighbors.


Watch the actual undercover video:

A picture's worth.

Note to W:

How 'bout this year, sending AF1 over to Iraq,
and pardoning, say, 3 soldiers who have been in Iraq for more than their fair share of time. Three is not a random number, if you can't count.

It's about 1% of the number of fatalities thus far.

This Thanksgiving:

Say an extra prayer for the families + loved ones of the four who have yet to know.

The singular most frightening word in the English language.

The Queen's Cuisine!

Bring a doggie bag!
Helen Mirren rocks her frocks!

Put this on your viewing platter!

Cat. The other white meat.


(Actually, you'll wish...)

After-dinner viewing...

Make sure your belly's full.

Who's rocking who?

Top 100 UK selling albums of all time

In THE most anticipated chart of all time, VH1 has teamed up with The Official UK Charts Company to release a definitive list of the Top 100 Best Selling Albums ever. This chart is not another poll voted for by the critics or viewers of a TV programme; it is a chart made up of actual sales figures from the last fifty years, unveiling who really has had the best selling album of all time; a fact that has never been revealed before, until now on VH1’s ‘Nation’s Favourite Album.’
VH1’s ‘Nation’s Favourite Album’ which transmits 18th November on VH1 at 6pm, reveals that legendary rockers Queen have outsold all other artists to claim the coveted title of the UK’s favourite album with their Greatest Hits compilation selling a staggering 5,407,587.

Here is the list of the Top Ten Top Selling Albums of All Time:

Queen – Greatest Hits - 5,407,587
Beatles – Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band - 4,803,292
Oasis – What’s The Story Morning Glory - 4,304,504
Dire Straits – Brothers In Arms - 3,946,931
ABBA – Gold Greatest Hits – 3,932,316
Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of The Moon – 3,759,958
Queen – Greatest Hits II – 3,631,321
Michael Jackson – Thriller – 3,570,250
Michael Jackson – Bad – 3,549,950
Madonna – The Immaculate Collection – 3,364,785

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Holy Grail

photo©Jesus Lopez' cell phone!
This is considered the Holy Grail in photography to me because the two photographs of J Edgar Hoover
1. performing fellatio
2. dancing on a table in a black fringe dress (as described in THE SECRET LIFE OF J. EDGAR HOOVER) "don't exist."

Oh. No photos in the exhibit either.


photo©Jesus Lopez

Little known fact:
signed, archival print...

Movie Review|FUR


Nic could have channeled Diane Arbus, had she chosen.
It was evident in the opening scene.
Then, it disappeared.

Lionel? Please.
They didn't need Lionel.
She was self-motivated (Arbus),
and with her obvious and debilitating mental state
(had you read REVELATIONS),
Lionel could have been voices in her head,
light moving across walls, "something" lurking in the shadows.

I'm sure they will likely ruin Robert Mapplethorpe's "bio-pic" too.

What a fucking shame.
Nic tried her best, and Patricia Bosworth is to be commended for her book.

But if they waited 20 years, they should have waited 25 years,
to get it "right."

William Friedkin.
Tobe Hooper.
Leigh Wan.
Darren Lynn Bousman.
Brian DePalma, forchrissakes!

And WHAT was with the garish color palette?
Her photos were in black and white.
Was Steven Soderburgh (dir?/sp?) busy?
What was that drug movie he did?
Name escapes me...


This will tank FAST at the box office,
and only die-hards (like people who see Queen with Paul Rodgers)
will get the DVD.

A History Channel show with her Estate's consent would have been more fascinating.

Will the real Diane Arbus, please stand up?

Now that I think about it, Robert Altman would have done a brilliant "portrait" of Diane Arbus. A short-list of my dream directors: William Friedkin, Tobe Hooper, Mark Romanek, Anton Corbijn, Darren Lynn Bousman, Leigh Wan, Ang Lee.

Stalking a theatre near you...

The other version is too beautiful, and one version looks too much like rose petals. Call me a purist.

Let's just get to the point.
Of the knife.
Or the drill.

Or the meathook.

In memoriam|Robert Altman

from The Village Voice
Die-hards of us who saw this in the theatre have the two-volume VHS-version.
Which I bought for $2 at a videostore going out of business.

My reinterpretations of the Criterion DVD follow. Robert Carver and I are separated by 1ยบ (Syracuse University) in Tess Gallagher. I could never get into Carver's writing classes, through Ms. Gallagher. I tried in vain for several years, as I was an English minor (photography major.)

Carver paved the way, in my opinion, for David Sedaris and Augusten Burroughs, and the verity of their experiences. They (Carver + Altman) also paved the way for movies with the brilliancy of HEIGHTS.

Altman also discovered and rediscovered the genius in Chris Penn, Lily Tomlin, Lyle Lovette (sp?), Matthew Modine and, in a major way, Andi McDowell (or was it Julianne Moore?) You know the scene...from the waist down.

Damn. Gotta check my sources. My mind is slipping. Again.

Ironic, considering the frisson between OrangeMercury and Mr Blue (wouldn't that be Mr Freeze?) lately...for the past 100+ days.

How's the diet goin'?

Confess. To yourself.

Personal Daily Horoscope
Wednesday, 22 November 2006
born 4 May 1960
©Astrodienst AG
Moon Square Med.Coeli exact at 20:11
Changing moods
Tonight you experience rapidly changing moods, which may interfere with clear perception of your goals, especially if your goals have been set without much regard for your personal needs. If your goals are purely professional or make excessive demands on your personal and domestic life, this time will be somewhat disruptive. You may feel dissatisfied with your progress, or you may feel that no matter how much you accomplish, there is always something lacking. This influence sometimes signifies tensions in your domestic life. If you have handled this matter well, you should encounter the more positive side of this influence and be able to go about your business with a remarkable sense of wholeness. You will feel that your activities are satisfying, both professionally and personally.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I expect an answer. Shortly.

There's a new banner in town.

No wonder I'm feeling groundless...

Natal Taurus, the Bull, has no transiting Earth signs.
Interesting for someone with no Air signs natally.

Bound to the Earth, I can't lighten up.
Without solid ground, I have a hard time floating.

And there's nothing to astrology.

Rave|Must-see Madonna on NBC!

Who: Madonna
What: The Confessions Tour, Wembley, 2006
Where: NBC, 8pm EST
When: Wednesday, 22 Nov 2006 (the night before Thanksgiving!)
How: Free! on your telly
Why: Why the fuck not?

You didn't pay $350 for a seat (neither did I!)
And you didn't get upgraded 20 rows for free (I did!)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Rave|Boys Noize [Personal Jesus Rework]

A must-hog.

Rant|The Best of...Reissued v01

Free, streaming QuickTime video. High|low.
Enjoy the Silence
Just Can't Get Enough
Never Let Me Down

Haunting me. Photographically. #2

Reprinted from the Journal of American Medicine

One of the most popular themes of Renaissance painting was the suffering St Sebastian. Barely clothed, bound to a tree, his contorted limbs and torso pierced with arrows, the subject could hardly have been more dramatic in drawing the attention of the viewer nor more suited to show off the virtuosity of the painter. Often the scene was enhanced by the addition of one or two other figures, usually female. Most often the figure was that of St Irene, sometimes with a companion, tending to the suffering Sebastian and attempting to relieve his pain. The latter composition was the choice of Hendrick Ter Brugghen (1588-1629) when he painted what is considered to be one of his most important works, St Sebastian Tended by St Irene (cover). Completed just four years before his death at the untimely age of 41, the painting reflects Ter Brugghen's mature handling of the lighting effects and color usage he had learned in Italy from the works of Caravaggio and that would subsequently appear, transmuted, in the delicate works of his countryman, Vermeer. Two years earlier, in 1623, Ter Brugghen had already hinted at such innovations in two very different works: David Praised by the Israelite Women (JAMA cover, May 14, 2003) and The Gamblers (JAMA cover, September 10, 2003).

According to legend (which, typically, takes the shape of its times and circumstances), St Sebastian lived in the third century AD during the reign of the Emperor Diocletian. The Roman ruler is remembered today chiefly for his persecution of the young and rapidly expanding Christian sect. Sebastian, who was secretly a member of the sect, had meanwhile become a favorite of the Emperor and served as an officer in his personal guard. Unknown to Diocletian, however, Sebastian was routinely bringing comfort and aid to the imprisoned Christians. When Diocletian learned of this treachery, he condemned his favorite to be tied to a tree, shot by his archers, and left to die; the order was duly carried out. Before Sebastian could succumb to his wounds, however, he was discovered by St Irene, herself the widow of another officer in the imperial guard, St Castulus, who, like Sebastian, had been a member of the secret network giving comfort to Christians. So much for the story. It is basically this legend that artists for centuries have been interpreting in whatever way best suited their artistic intentions and abilities.

Ter Brugghen, at the peak of his confidence and abilities, has eschewed the more grisly aspects of the legend, choosing instead to concentrate on the formal and painterly aspects of the story. As in many of his other works, he chooses to express his thought principally through the heads and hands of the figures. In contrast to The Gamblers and David Praised by the Israelite Women, however, where the heads and hands are arranged more or less along a horizontal line, in St Sebastian Tended by St Irene he makes them a strong diagonal, upper left to lower right. The maid is busy untying Sebastian's right arm, while Irene supports the chest of the slumped figure as she gently tries to remove one of the arrows from his torso. A third arrow, like the other two leaving a nearly bloodless wound, pierces the thigh. With their complexions ranging from the ruddy skin of the maid, through the paler skin of the military officer's widow, and finally to the sickly, greenish pallor of the victim, the juxtaposed faces form an interesting contrast. Sebastian's color rivals only that of the decapitated head of Goliath in the David and the Israelite Women painting. Finally, it has been often noted that the dense, pyramidal mass of the three figures resembles the composition of the traditional Italian Deposition scenes. But it is also interesting to note the Dutch characteristics in Ter Brugghen's painting: the horizon line is low; piercing it at a right angle is a tall, slender tree. If the lines of the arrows are extended, they, too, will be found to meet and cross each other in tidy perpendiculars.

It is paradoxical, perhaps, that Irene, whose name derives from the Greek word for "peace," should be associated with two military officers in the service of one of the most infamous emperors of ancient times: she is the widow of one, the healer of another. But then, it is perhaps not strange at all. It is peace, after all, that heals the wounds of war and alleviates the pain of loss.

Sebastian, incidentally, did not heed Irene's advice that he leave Rome as soon as he had recovered. He stayed and was finally beaten to death by Diocletian's soldiers. In later years, he was, among other things, invoked against the plague.

©M. Therese Southgate, MD
The Cover Section Editor: M. Therese Southgate, MD, Senior Contributing Editor.
JAMA. 2003;290:2375.