Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mapplethorpe|Progressed Chart

Coveted Invitation|Mapplethorpe @ 60.

©2006 design
©polaroid of ken moody by mapplethorpe

Pfisting|The Soundtrack


Playlist|50 Trance Tunes

I've had my eyes wide shut.

Playlist|Robbie Williams|Live 8

Damn. So that was my mistake.

Vault|Archives_Blur_Mexico [1990s]


Mapplethorpe|Natal Chart v01

Let's hear it for the b'day boy!


Just like Freddie Mercury,
Mapplethorpe'd been 60,
had he not succumbed to AIDS.

Documentation|Halloween 2006


So after I pulled two shots out of this guy with my disposable CVS 800 speed model, he hands me this $2000 Nikon, and I went into my default mode.

It was amped considerably when I learned he was profoundly deaf.

Johnny B got to see the entire show.
I must've taken a hundred shots, minimum.

All with his camera.

What a profound experience for me.

Documentation|Halloween 2006

None better when it comes to classic disco.
This guy keeps me out there, in high gear, for hours.
Nate and David can vouch, at the minimum.

Documentation|Halloween 2006

This sexy bastard made (as in complemented) that fuckin' wig.
And he was one sexy photographer.
Dude, I hope your shots soar.
Great kharma surrounds you.

Documentation|Halloween 2006


Works for me.

Documentation|Halloween 2006

My dirty pet shop boy.
Dude, we couldn'ta planned this shot!

Documentation|Halloween 2006

Master and servant?
Student and teacher.
And great background.

Documentation|Halloween 2006

Here they are.
Glad to have this photo.
Glad you guys are in Pumpkonia's orbit.

Natal|Robert Mapplethorpe

I can't remember the source of this natal information (specifically, the time) however I wouldn't have done a time as definitive as this without some specific reason.

Still, it bears up quite well.



Scope|Mapplethorpe's 2006

Personal Daily Horoscope
Saturday, 4 November 2006
born 4 May 1960
©Astrodienst AG

Hopefully a lazy day
This influence can introduce much pleasantness into your life through good times, agreeable relationships, sexual attraction and friendship. The problems that you will confront during this time are: overindulgence, lack of self-discipline, and unwillingness to work. This influence does not fit you for demanding work or trying situations, for you are likely to be lazy and unwilling to rouse yourself. If you don't have to accomplish anything, there is nothing wrong with this mood. In fact it is a good time to take it easy. But be careful not to overindulge in food or drink; today's good feelings may be tomorrow's headache! Your creative energies are stimulated, but you may lack the creative self-discipline that can turn a random outpouring of feelings into an artistic medium and disciplined art.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Venus Opposition Sun exact at 10:40
activity period from 3 November 2006 to 5 November 2006.

Journal|Hallowe'en|Miami 1990


in my own hand.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Scared? or Scarred?


Self-portrait, top.


Great poster. Slightly reminiscent of their earlier work.

el dia de los muertos...

may have been yesterday, but here's my pal, reworked.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Recovered Journal Entry|v0001

This journal was thrown in the back of my pickup truck by someone trying to help me, and not knowing not to leave it to the elements. Obviously, if I couldn't stop this book, filled with india ink from a fountain pen, truly, then, I needed help, and the least I could pay was to sacrifice the legibility of the book, while retaining the book itself. This particular entry dates after April 1997. I cannot be more specific than that. All entries from this journal will remain unedited, and manipulated via Photoshop in an effort to gain maximum legibility.

No entry will be edited for contact, or otherwise redacted.

Journal Entry|01 Nov 89


So what's this I hear about the classical painters painting on both sides of a canvas because they were so broke?

I also figured out how to make disappearing ink which disappeared, reappear.

That'll bring to light my darkest moments, and some intense images related to the time period, if I can figure it all out.

Then again, who'd want to figure it all out?
It'd be boring to know everything.

Vault|Blur TDance SoBe [mid-1990s] Black Men_01


I'm sure I could pull flawless prints out of this negative, conventionally, but it's proving to be a bear with the scanner.

Here's an image until I can figure out how to really represent this guy.

Victim of Osteosarcoma.

You'd think more than anything I'd not smoke specifically because "a form of cancer" took Grace from me on 6 October 2003.

That begs the question though: what doesn't give us cancer?

Posting 1100|Cancer [but my tits don't smoke!]

I started smoking, regularly, in my 40s.
I blamed it first on the morphine overdose (Yale 2001), and then blamed it on my lifestyle and the stress that accompanied teaching, if you bothered to care (about the students) in any way|shape|form.

And Grace died of osteosarcoma (bone cancer).
And Dana Reeve never smoked (Christopher Reeve's brave and valiant partner).

I yet I insist.

And it's like having a dog at the dog park, as far as having a canine companion to "open up the lines of communications" amongst strangers.

"Oh? Who's smoking the clove?"

And the next thing you know five people are talking with me, and four are smoking "my cigarettes."

Someone made a rather crude remark once, early on, about smoking and cancer. It would be something on one of those t-shirts you'd see on-line akin to "I eat more pussy than cervical cancer." You should have been in the room when I let that Photoshop 2 class have it in the Mac lab.

It was Boo-loo. Too close. And January 30. I had just gotten home from Miami.
Lesbionic moment: the U-Haul WAS in front of the house.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Just so you know...

photo ©Shannon Bagdigian

GOJO (that citris-based industrial cleanser?) took off ALL the orange within one 17-minute hot hot hot shower.

Oh. Green Lantern? I missed your light tonight...

And my head HURTS! from all the scrubbing.
And don't ask about the Crazy Glue (thanks Cari!)

And I ran away with the best costume award at WORK!
22 votes. The next CLOSEST was 6 votes.

And I won a $10 Dunkin Donuts gift certif.
Ummmmmmm. Boston Creme.

And Cari's corn muffin.

Oh. Here's the head-to-toe.

Sometimes, I just know...

What kills me is that I know he's afraid.
And he has nothing to fear, but himself.

What a waste of a friendship...

Personal Daily Horoscope
Wednesday, 1 November 2006
born 4 May 1960
©Astrodienst AG

Self-assertive energies *
Valid during several weeks: Above all else, this is a time when you will demand to be yourself and to express to others what and who you are. You are filled with energies that want to cry to the world, "I am!" You will not be especially inclined to self-denial, discipline, postponing self- gratification, or taking a back seat to another. However, this is not a conflict-laden time unless your self-assertive energies are totally denied by circumstances or you give them no expression. However, it is much more likely that these energies will be expressed in a playful and sportive way. In fact, any athletic activity, if you are so inclined, is an excellent outlet for this influence. In love relationships, this influence signifies that your desire nature is rather strong, that you know what you want and will try to get it.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Mars in the 5th House 5
activity period from 26 October 2006 until end of December 2006.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hallowe'en 2006

Yes. I bathed in it.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.
(that it's not going to come off...)

Hallowe'en Playlist

Make it safe.
Make it scary.

Make it memorable.

Happy Hallowe'en!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Hallowe'en 2006 Natal Transits

Personal Daily Horoscope
Tuesday, 31 October 2006
born 4 May 1960
©Astrodienst AG

Ethical standards ***
Valid during several days: This influence creates an easy flow of energy that enables you to act much more effectively than usual and to take initiatives that demand foresight, careful planning and considerable self-confidence. Almost any initiative that you take now will work out as you want it to. It is a good time to start any enterprise.
Your actions are governed by a strong sense of integrity. You may be ambitious during this time, but you feel that it is very important to achieve your goals correctly and in accordance with ethical standards. Others will recognize your integrity, which will increase their confidence in you.

Under this influence you have a strong desire to make something of your self in the broadest sense of the term. For example, there is the drive to succeed, particularly in some project that you have started yourself.

This influence also signifies actions aimed at enlarging your scope of action, giving you more freedom of movement and creating opportunities for new experience.

This is a good time to approach a person with whom you do not usually get along or someone you have had a temporary dispute with and make an effort to settle it. You will find it easy to convince the other person of the integrity of your motives because it is true, and they will respect that. If you are involved in a legal controversy, this influence is a good time to settle that dispute on terms favorable to yourself.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Jupiter Trine Mars exact at 16:31
activity period from 27 October 2006 to 5 November 2006.

Season 2006 Promo Piece

You'll either get:
• a postmarked version,
• a hand-delivered version,
• a well-intentioned, brain-freeze, "what wasn't I thinking?" late version

or you'll wonder what they were, and won't get one at all.

You can e-mail me directly for your own customized version,
free of charge! Just have an address for snail mail.

And they are all unique.
I just finished the nineteen originals.

And all day, I kept a running list of "must send to..."
and I beat it out of there at 4pm, and wouldn't go back.


Playlist|Funeral for a Friend – Love Lies Bleeding

Love Lies Bleeding
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
ex|Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 1973

The roses in the window box
Have tilted to one side
Everything about this house
Was born to grow and die

Oh it doesn't seem a year ago
To this very day
You said I'm sorry honey
If I don't change the pace
I can't face another day

And love lies bleeding in my hand
Oh it kills me to think of you with another man
I was playing rock and roll and you were just a fan
But my guitar couldn't hold you
So I split the band
Love lies bleeding in my hands

I wonder if those changes
Have left a scar on you
Like all the burning hoops of fire
That you and I passed through

You're a bluebird on a telegraph line
I hope you're happy now
Well if the wind of change comes down your way girl
You'll make it back somehow

SAW III has "teeth"

'Saw' Sharp in Third Outing
by Brandon Gray
October 29, 2006

After The Grudge and Texas Chainsaw Massacre deteriorated with their second pictures, Saw showed teeth in its third outing, becoming the rare franchise to find equal or greater success than its first movie.

Maintaining its annual Halloween marketing hook and promising to gruesomely "pull out all the stops," Saw III yanked an estimated $34.3 million from around 4,700 screens at 3,167 theaters, out-grossing Saw II's $31.7 million from 3,879 screens at 2,949 theaters last year. Saw II wound up with $87 million, while the first movie started with $18.3 million on its way to $55.2 million. In recent years, the only other horror franchise to deliver progressively higher openings has been Final Destination.

Saw III, which distributor Lionsgate claims cost less than $10 million to make, boasted the first $30 million plus opening for the horror genre or for an R-rated movie since Saw II. It also notched the biggest Halloween debut ever and a new high for Lionsgate, leading the weekend box office to a four percent increase over the same frame last year.

"We were hoping Saw III would open in the neighborhood of Saw II," said Steve Rothenberg, president of domestic distribution for Lionsgate. "We also had the weekend for the most part to ourselves. Last year, The Legend of Zorro opened up against us." Rothenberg credited the franchise's continued potency to the moviemakers' ability to concoct new grisly puzzles as well as a marketing campaign that featured a poster with three severed teeth dangling from a saw. Lionsgate's exit polling indicated that 69 percent of the audience was under 25 years old and 51 percent was male, similar to Saw II's demographics last year.

The Saw franchise has remained fresh where the Grudges and Chainsaw Massacres have soured through a greater focus on mystery and the build-up of the villainous character Jigsaw. A malevolent mastermind is simply richer in possibility than a mindless butcher or supernaturally creepy kid.

Lionsgate has scheduled Saw IV for Halloween weekend next year.

Scope|The Day Before

Personal Daily Horoscope
Monday, 30 October 2006
born 4 May 1960
©Astrodienst AG

Refinement *
At its highest, this influence denotes a refined spirituality in love, with a total lack of selfishness and a feeling of complete soul-union with a loved one. At its worst, you might be disappointed in a loved one who did not live up to your expectations, which were probably unrealistic in the first place. Daydreaming, probably the most common effect of this influence, is usually harmless and pleasant as long as you are aware of reality. You will experience a refined sense of beauty and a desire to have your surroundings be as lovely as possible. However, you are not in a practical frame of mind and should postpone anything that requires good judgement in relationships or finances. A positive effect of this influence upon relationships is that you feel a selfless kind of love.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Venus Conjunction Neptune exact at 06:27
activity period from 29 October 2006 to 31 October 2006.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

TDance|The Book Cover


Vault|Blur TDance SoBe [mid-1990s] Dunk Tank


Note: the bottoms of the heels.

Playlist|iMix 29 Oct 06

Vault|35mm Chromes [Blur 1985 - 1988]


The most handsome man, and the gentlest, on the face of the earth.
In my pajamas.
Bob & I had this great idea that if I didn't make it through neck surgery
scheduled for the very next days (hence, new pajamas),
the pajamas wouldn't be for naught,
and I'd leave work behind.

Rest his musical soul.

Vault|35mm Chromes [Blur 1985 - 1988]

I wonder what he was hearing at the moment.
Or if he was hearing at all.

Vault|35mm Chromes [Blur 1985 - 1988]

Hey Kev?
This still make you laugh?
I do. Still.

Vault|Archives_Blur Hallowe'en [Ramrod]


Original Image|Vintage Polaroid
The Ramrod|Ft Lauderdale 1999

Yes. I did use a flash.

Playlist|29 Sun 06 Fall Behind | 2 Hours

Playlist|29 Sun 06 12:12p

Vault|Blur TDance SoBe [mid-1990s] Cave Canem III

Vault|Blur TDance SoBe [mid-1990s] Cave Canem II


Bark. Bark.

Doggie style.

PS. You've seen his tattoo. He's that friend to drive the knife in your back.

Archives|Hollywood Florida


Grace Note.
Hallowe'en 1997.
Polaroid Original

Required Aural Pleasures|Ministry [Hallowe'en]

Either is killer:
the original, or the 10:31 remix.
How apropos.

Vault|Blur TDance SoBe [mid-1990s] Cave Canem


Vault|TDance SoBe [mid-1990s]

©2006 written permission required for reproduction

King of SoBe's TDance
Jody MacDonald