Saturday, October 14, 2006

Countdown|What DO you want?

Hey, I don't know what you want,
and I'm not even gonna bother to figure it out anymore!
Que lastima.

Countdown|Pet Shop Boys TONIGHT!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Playlist|Supernature [Cerrone]

Only the sharpest spinners will have this plate on deck at 12midnight.
Shout out to my cat Ouiji!

Playlist|Supernatural [Madonna]

If you missed the link above,
you can get into this groove here.

What smart platemasters will be throwing tonight.

Happy Friday the 13th|Gift v01

The Dark Shadows Mansion
The Lockwood-Mathews Estate
Norwalk CT

If you know this view...

then you're my kind of dead people.

Dark Shadows|The Coolest Fuckin' Soap. Evah!

Fucking Richard Nixon and The Watergate Hearings
pre-empted Dark Shadows for a spell.
To this day, I won't vote for his party.

The Collinwood Estate

US Air Force Memorial Dedication Weekend

Never forget.

October Holidays!

Turns out it ain't just Friday the 13th
and Hallowe'en this October!

Friday the 13th!

Personal Daily Horoscope
Friday, 13 October 2006
born 4 May 1960
©Astrodienst AG

Turbulence and difficulty
Valid during several weeks: Usually this influence increases the flow of communication and ideas between yourself and other people. However, it can also indicate serious ego conflicts and conflicts of will expressed verbally or through other means of communications. If you are not careful how you use your resources, you will encounter turbulence and difficulty. You may feel that you have an urgent message to deliver today, and you may find it difficult to wait for the chance to express yourself. When you have said what you wanted to say, others may be strongly opposed to it. A compromise may be necessary, but it will not be easy to bring about except by introducing a third party into the discussion. Just be careful that the third party is really neutral and that both you and your opponent are convinced of that.

Mercury Opposition Sun exact at 01:06
12 October 2006 until end of November 2006.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

'Scope for Thursday + Fri the 13th

Personal Daily Horoscope
Thursday, 12 October 2006
born 4 May 1960
©Astrodienst AG

Playing pranks
Valid during several months: This is a good time for expressing your thoughts to yourself and for communicating them to others. You can make clear to people your stand on any matter and explain very effectively any issue that is on your mind. You will also be inclined to use your mind for amusement, that is for reading, writing and playing games that require mental agility. Often the ideas that come into your head now will have no special function except that they are fun to play with. Just be careful not to transfer this playful spirit to your communications with others to the extent that you play with people for your own amusement. However, during this time you are more inclined to release your inner energy outward than to allow energy input to come from others. Thus you may be rather insensitive to people's needs if you are not careful.

Mercury in the 5th House 5
3 October 2006 until middle of December 2006.

Magnanimity ***
Valid during several days: This is usually a very favorable influence. It gives your emotions a great deal of power, so that you feel them much more emphatically and are more in touch with them. At the same time you want to establish empathetic relationships with others, to hear their problems, to help out and play a protective role toward them if possible. This influence may make you feel very sentimental about and attached to your surroundings and to familiar objects. Your past is very important to you now, and if there are events in your past that you find uncomfortable, they are likely to come up. There is often a need to confront the unconscious areas of the psyche during this time, but you should regard this as an opportunity to be healed of the wounds made by these energies from the past.
In emotional relationships, this influence can create a tension between your desire to be close to someone and the desire to free. Be careful to give your loved ones the same freedom that you want, and do not try to be unfairly possessive of them. Also, confrontations with the unconscious aspects of yourself mentioned above can affect relationships adversely during this time. In such cases it is necessary to cultivate a sense of detachment and not become so wrapped up in your emotions that you cannot see beyond them.

This influence gives an enormous concern with social and individual justice. You are easily outraged when you see someone getting the short end of the stick, but your emotionalism may make it difficult to see a good solution to the problem. Try to avoid feeling self-righteous and intolerant. You will need to have a very open and generous point of view in order to clear up any conflicts that occur at this time, and emotionalism masquerading as righteousness will not accomplish anything useful. Instead, take advantage of the ample positive side of this energy by helping those who need it. Protect the people you can protect and succor those who have been hurt. Magnanimity is just as much in accordance with the meaning of this influence as are extreme emotionalism and self- righteousness.

Jupiter Square Moon
3 October 2006 to 13 October 2006.

Out of your mind ***
Valid during many months: This influence represents an enormous revolution in your consciousness, as you are exposed to aspects of life that you never dreamed possible. These might include any of the following: the occult or metaphysics; astrology; magic; altered states of consciousness, perhaps through drugs or meditation; or groups whose ideas are extremely idealistic and radical.
What is actually happening is that tremendous new understandings are asserting themselves in your life with such force that they seem to upset all your past ways of thinking. However, this is only a problem of perspective. At this time you are in the middle of these changes and cannot see the relationship between your new consciousness and your old. But they are related, which you will come to understand as the immediate impact of this influence begins to pass.

This is a period of tremendous psychological insights and change, but not much stability. Therefore keep your situation fluid enough that you can make changes as necessary. Do not try to build permanent structures at this time, because you will have to change them again and again. It should be noted, however, that the primary effects of this influence occur at the psychological level.

Possibly you will respond to this influence with confusion, doubt and uncertainty. Let it be, and wait for the situation to settle down. Try to minimize the elements of your life that require you to make long-range commitments, because your changing consciousness will make it difficult to continue such a commitment. If old goals lose their meaning, that is what must be. Be patient, and new goals will enter your life that will better fit your new state of mind.

Others may think you have gone out of your mind because of what you do and see at this time, but do not be concerned. This revolution in ideas and consciousness is a fundamental part of your life, and it must be allowed to pursue its own course.

Neptune Opposition Uranus
beginning of March 2005 until end of December 2006.

A fierce spirit ***
Valid during many months: This influence can have considerable dangers if you do not handle it properly. Its great energies can be used for constructive effort, however, through which you can accomplish a great deal. The problem is that it arouses ego energies either in you directly or in another person who can affect you, which can be very difficult if the energies are frustrated.
If you are affected directly, this influence can stimulate your ambitions and make you want to get ahead at any cost. Positively, this gives you the ability to work incredibly hard for long hours to achieve your objectives. In fact, if you are not careful, you can work so hard that you become physically exhausted, leaving yourself open to illnesses and physical breakdown. You hardly feel fatigue and weariness until it is too late. Use your tremendous energy, but be sure not to overdo it!

A much more dangerous possibility, however, is that you might work toward your personal ends - success, power, fame or whatever - without any regard for those around you. You may pay no attention to people who disagree with you, whether they oppose you outright or whether they think you are wrong and are trying to set you right. You will lose the benefit of potentially good advice from those who would help you, and you will win the undying hatred of your opponents. Enemies you make at this time will eventually have the power to damage you, even if they don't have it now.

There is some danger of accidents under this influence, almost always because of frustrated energy within you. Obviously the solution is to express any anger and resentment that you feel and communicate with the people who are important to you about your feelings. Also avoid any situation in which you are exposed to unnecessary risks, for here again the energy may come out in some undesirable way.

Pluto Square Mars
beginning of February 2005 until end of November 2006.

On View|Edward Weston @ The Wadsworth

Edward Weston, a great visionary in the art of black and white photography, as well as a master in the darkroom, has provided several of the most iconic images in the history of photograph. Well worth the journey.

At The Wadsworth Atheneum (Hartford CT) through December 31, 2006.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back on the market...

I kinda like writing my own version of personal ads.
Like "what would get my attention?"
We'll see what this net snags.
Considering I've got my new bald look posted,
I don't expect too too much.

'Scope for Tuesday...Intrigue!

Personal Daily Horoscope
Tuesday, 10 October 2006
born 4 May 1960
©Astrodienst AG

Creative change
You will find it relatively easy to act freely today. You are not very tolerant of restrictions under this influence, and you will look for ways to get away from them. As a result, you are not very self- disciplined, but this is not a serious loss, because whatever you do now is more important than "keeping your nose to the grindstone." You feel that keeping your individuality is more important than living up to other people's expectations, and you let others know this. This is ultimately to your advantage, since you must be yourself in whatever you do. Use this influence to make changes in your immediate surroundings. Chances are, your situation has become too ordered and static anyway. Reform the elements in your life that need to be reformed. This is an aspect of creative change.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Sun Sextile Uranus exact at 06:26
activity period from 9 October 2006 to 11 October 2006.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Gearing Up|Live: Pet Shop Boys, Radio City

Saturday night, Radio City Music Hall.
That'll be Tour #2, having see their first US tour, ever (postponed the original night for 24 hours with 30 minutes notice to their faithful Miami crowd) and the NIGHTLIFE tour, which was at the Jackie Gleason THE SAME NIGHT Ricky Martin was at the Miami Arena. Neil thanked the audience for having the good sense to opt for music instead of looks, referring to Ricky, and the mostly-gay audience at The Gleason roared their approval.

I remember quite fondly that Jesus (former student, AIFL) and I sat dead center...with our backs to the wall of the auditorium, and had the best time.

Sushi Rock Café later (I seem to remember something to do with a boat?) I just remember we had a blast at the show, with me feeling, somehow, "Village People'd" by the evening's musical theme.

Seems "I'm with Stupid" kicked this round of PSB-mania off, but neither will I be stupid in choosing my date, or will I take someone stupid. Green Lantern graciously bowed out, but I'll get him back for this one.

Nate's on deck for the +guest slot here. It'll be a night to remember. One way or another.

That's kinda what I'm afraid of...

Live once, and boldly.

photo ©original PSB photogs
photoshopping ©2006

Photo Lesson vI: Basic Gear

In 1979, this was the camera to own. This was all that was necessary to step into the mirror. I was fortunate and my mother unknowingly bought me the 1980s black Olympic edition of the Canon A-1 (I don't think it was the AE, but I gotta check my diaries.)

People are asking me how to become a photographer because Fibbs College grants a $30+thousand A.A.S. in Visual Communication...and do you think they are REQUIRED to pick up a camera? Please. Don't get me started. Sure, take Art History. Even take The History of Graphic Design. But for Pete's sake, what about making the history of photography part of the Photoshop curricula. Oh, sure, they're starting some "digital imaging" shift in January, but when the odds are that 100% of the kids in your classroom have some unfettered access to some type of digital camera – cell phones included! – there is NO fucking reason the students aren't looking at photographs for hours on end. You can't drag them to enough museums, but even the Masters of Photography website, which I purchased for $50, is the most brilliant way to teach photography, the history of photography, and Photoshop all in one fell swoop.

So now I'm about to embark on teaching two very different guys "photography." They'll either walk away cursing me or walk away, with a camera over their shoulders, cursing me.

At the very least they are going to walk away saying:
what happened to my eyes?

Headphones|Live in Milan [DM]

Madison Square Garden.
7 December 2005.

That time of the year!

Thanks for Deev for sending this photo my way.
The copyright remains with the original photographer.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Come in all you jesters,
Enter all you fools,
Sit down no-nos,
Vulgar fools,
Trip the light fantastic,
Dance the swivel hips,
Coming to conclusions,
Button up your lips,

Walking, walking,
In the rain.

–Walking in the Rain|Grace

Hero captured by Rick Loomis, LATimes

©Rick Loomis, LATimes


At least it's official.
As of 10|11|12.

Stinging the heart. Via the ears. Nevermind.

you gave it all
don't take it back

All gave some. Some gave all.
Soldiers don't "take it back."

Melting the eyeballs.

Natural Born Killers,
with Satan as their papa.
Truly, torture porn.

With all the news lately, and even the Amish going in some small number to the services of the sick and evil man who visited Hell upon their town, I truly question my enjoyment of this film genre.

Playlist|In Demand [Texas]

Don't ever think you saw the best in me
There's a side you'll never know
'Cos love and loving are two different things
Set your sites far too low

Sharleen Spiteri|Texas