Saturday, September 16, 2006

Need another invitation?

Lots more where this comes from...

Can't resist Sharleen Spiteri

sleeve design ©orangemercury 2006

JLA Inductee|Batman


With your reading glasses and that oversized sweater of yours,
sitting in your reading chair by the lamp,
you personify Bruce Wayne.
It helps that blue is your color.
By the way, thanks for the inspiration.
Little do you know.
When the ring hit the floor?
It bounced, and I caught it.

Mapplethorpe v Lynch


Boundaries|Thomas Eakins


Eakins's attitude toward realism in painting, and his desire to explore the heart of American life strongly influenced the Ashcan School. He was a teacher of African-American painter Henry Ossawa Tanner. Though his is not a household name, and though during his lifetime Eakins struggled to make a living from his work, today he is regarded as one of the most important American artists of any period. His impact on American painting can be seen not only in the work of students and contemporaries such as Thomas Anschutz and Susan Macdowell (who married Eakins), but later in the art of George Bellows, Andrew Wyeth and Jamie Wyeth.

Furthermore, since the 1990s, Eakins has emerged as a major figure in sexuality studies in art history, for both the homoeroticism of his work and for the complexity of his attitudes toward women. Controversy shaped much of his career as a teacher and as an artist. He insisted on teaching men and women "the same", used nude models in mixed sex classes, and was accused of abusing female students. Recent scholarship suggests that these controversies were grounded in more than the "puritanical prudery" of his colleagues (as has been assumed). Today, scholars see these controversies as caused by a combination of factors such as the boheminanism of Eakins and his circle (in which students, for example, sometimes modeled in the nude for each other), and Eakins' inclination toward provocative behavior.

Hero|Leonard Matlovich

TIME 8 September 1975

His tombstone reads, “When I was in the military,
they gave me a medal for killing two men
and a discharge for loving one.”

Put this in perspective.

Under Arrest|Robert Mapplethorpe

Think another greyhound is in my future?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Under Arrest|Sally Mann (b 1951)

Hey Austen! Let's make a deal...

In the spirit of Gilbert + George,
I'll even let you wear this t-shirt!
I'll have it no other way.

The Isle of the Dead

Boecklin, Arnold
The Isle of the Dead
Oil on canvas
111 x 155 cm
Kunstmuseum Basel, Basle

Found Image

Well, it wasn't exactly orange...

Manta Ray

Absolut Austen

With blue as your favourite,
I thought I'd make a limited edition.


© 2006

I'd like to have seen this tattoo job.
Not even Kenny.

Absolut Mapplethorpe

TEXAS|Getaway [redesign]

My new twin?

Who knew someone would think I looked like Jason Statham these days! I wish I got your Social Security're in my will!
(Now, let me put my glasses back on!)

Crosshairs|Giorgio de Chirico

The case of Giorgio de Chirico is one of the most curious in art history. An Italian, born in 1888 and raised partly in Greece - where his father, an engineer, planned and built railroads - he led a productive life, almost Picassoan in length; he died in 1978. He had studied in Munich, and in his early twenties, under the spell of the Symbolist painter Arnold B√∂cklin, he began to produce a series of strange, oneiric cityscapes. When they were seen in Paris after 1911, they were ecstatically hailed by painters and poets from Picasso to Paul √Čluard; before long de Chirico became one of the heroes of Surrealism.

continued here

Mercury in the 4th

Friday, 15 September 2006
born 4 May 1960
©Astrodienst AG
Intellectual withdrawal
Valid during several weeks: This is a time of intellectual withdrawal, but not in a negative way. You aren't withdrawing to avoid a confrontation with reality but to reflect and think about all the ideas you have encountered recently. It is a good time to examine your personal and domestic life and to make plans or evaluate whether it is meeting your needs. This is an excellent time for discussions with your immediate family about matters that are important to all of you. Your thoughts may drift continually back to events that occurred in the past, and you may wonder why you cannot focus on the concerns of the present. You are able to voice your innermost thoughts at this time, and you should if you feel that something must be said. Do not allow pressures to build up within you that you do not express toward the people around you.

Mercury in the 4th House
10 September 2006 to 3 October 2006

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Enjoy the harvest.


Logo|Autumn 2006

I already know about this parallel.
I can swear Green Lantern's signet had no part in the creation of my logo.

If the shoe fits.


Don't even go there.
You KNOW I have the bag to match.

The Orange Spotlight shines on...

But if you give us a chance, we can perform. After all, Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels.

Enjoy the entire speech.

TEXAS|Getaway [The Video]


Free Tarot!

Rossiter Worthington Raymond

Life is eternal;
and love is immortal;
and death is only a horizon;
and a horizon is nothing
save the limit of our sight.

Date: 1863
Original Format: Carte de Visite Photograph
File Size: 225K
Item#: MES20089
Photographer: Julius Brill

Rossiter Worthington Raymond (1840-1918)

Captain Rossiter W. Raymond is photographed here in his Union army uniform with his sword. Raymond was a mining engineer who served as a U.S. Commissioner of Mining Statistics (1868-1877) and a founding member of the American Institute of Mining. He was also an author of scientific papers and books as well as western novels including "Camp and Cabin" and "Brave Hearts."

For the grieving.

Donate a Star!

I see a rising star...

Nothing comes without effort my friend.
But it's literally written in the stars.
Star 612, for you. #588 for me.

CEP|Happy Birthday!

You + I seem to have similar placement of the planet Mars.
God knows we are handling it differently.
Our houses are also similarly placed.

My best to you.
Oh, and thanks for the "two pages a day."

Stalking|The Language of the Body

ISBN 0810935856

DEP|Ann Richards

"Poor George. He was born with a silver foot in his mouth."

God rest Ann Richards. A bright light in the dark world of politics.