Friday, August 25, 2006

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I may be down, but I am hardly out.
Fight fire with fire.
Never have a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

The bitch is oh-so-back.

Too many people have called or written with their support during this most surrealistic time, pretty much straight out of The Twilight Zone.

I say thank you.

Gustavo: thank you.
FEM: Whose side are you on?
Archimago: thanks times one million and then some.
PJH: Thanksthanksthanks.
DMV: Wow. You help me so much, I owe you.
DAS: You started it all in 1979, and I will never forget you for this.
Austen: have a nice fucking life. You redefine "fair weather friend."

And my former students who are still in touch?
I will NEVER let you down.

I'm taking a ride with my best friend...
Depeche Mode