Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Omen
Madonna "Confessions Tour" Hits Hartford!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Can't make this stuff up.

Remembering Freddie Mercury.

There are no facts, only interpretations.
– Friedrich Nietzsche

He's so dumb + cute,
he doesn't know this is a great photo!

Haute Scene.
Which came first?
The break-up or the killer song about breaking up?
In this case, the break-up is now in its 7th day.
(Quick! Download the song; usually up for one week!)

What About Us?|Texas

What About Us?

He came home late from his work one day
Said he wanted some time alone
What about you, what about me, what about love
I knew I couldn’t take this love heartache
I knew I couldn’t stand it alone
What about you, what about me, what about us

Oh I know I’m special inside
And oh I gave you all of my life
And here we go

I’ve seen it before
When I just needed more
Than your touch
Here we go
You’re not a million miles
You’re not a million miles from me

He came home late from his work one day
Said he wanted some time alone
What about you, what about me, what about love
He came home late and apparantly
He was someone else when he got home
What about you, what about me, what about us

Aaah I know I’m special inside
And how I gave you all of my life
And here we go

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

You owe it to your mother
to see this movie.


The face of OrangeMercury.
By Vance.

Recently in front of the lens.
Guilty Pleasure vI

Cable, or at least SNL, would be well-advised to give
this poor, suffering bastard
their own slot.

And call a doctor; it hurts that much.

Soon, very soon.

I get lots of money for you.
You my bitch...
– Hostel

Order your copy now!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

©Lynch, via Mapplethorpe.

Oh God.
She gave birth.
Good news: it was a girl. I'm glad there's no one to carry the madness.
Bad news: the name.
Thoughts: I hope she gets hit with Post Partem. He needs to apologize to Brooke, and all the mothers in the world.

PS: What's this I read about "eating the placenta?" Gag.

Here's another list of (mostly) guys.
I didn't make this list either.
The Un-sexiest Men.

Well, I didn't make the list.
Reads like my luck on Match.
No pictures, please.

1. Gilbert Gottfried
2. Randy Johnson
3. Roger Ebert
4. Dr. Phil
5. Alan Colmes
6. Chad Kroeger
7. Mike Mills
8. Osama Bin Laden
9. Jay Leno
10. Don Imus
11. Michael Jackson
12. Wallace Shawn
13. Mike D., Beastie Boys
14. Richard Simmons
15. Jon Lovitz
16. Carrot Top
17. Jerry Seinfeld
18. Malcolm Gladwell
19. Chevy Chase
20. Raffi
21. Ron Howard
22. Clint Howard
23. Bill Gates
24. Paul Shaffer
25. Axl Rose
26. Tim Burton
27. Edward James Olmos
28. Gerard Way
29. Don Zimmer
30. Tony Kornheiser
31. Chris Kattan
32. Otis Nixon
33. Julian Tavarez
34. Christopher Lloyd
35. Willie McGee
36. Pat Cummings
37. Scottie Pippen
38. Larry David
39. Michael Moore
40. Al Franken

Source: Boston Phoenix

My other lives.

I'm with stupid, part deux.
PSB rock!

Orange in the news.
I'm with stupid.

One hundred years ago, today.

The Orange Spotlight shines on this hot design firm.

Monday, April 17, 2006

As promised:

STAR JONES on CNN for Larry King:

You look like the ALIEN on Whitley Strieber's COMMUNION!

The #1 movie in America, Easter Weekend 2006.
Killer poster designs!
Actually, piss-your-pants-funny! if you know the originals.
I'll post them later.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Orange Spotlight shines on the author of the following:

"My week ended with a long helpful talk with someone I consider a mentor. It meant a lot to me. Though I hate for him to have seen me like that, I suppose it just means he knows me better now. There always seems to be a lot on my mind, with little reason for it. Most of the tumoil involves questioning myself. This happens a lot. Friday I forgot to put on the mask. Sometimes my self doubt leads to my best work."

Here's a thought for you:
All sorrows can be borne if you put them into a story or tell a story about them. ~ Isak Dinesen

Amend that to include a great work of art.

Playlist: Easter Sunday 2006

Every now and then,
along comes a song,
which says it all.
Released a few years back on the hauntingly-beautiful BARE release,
Annie Lennox never captured more succinctly
the emptiness of a breakup,
and the cool wind that blows
in a new direction.

Somehow, this escaped the remixer's boards.
Goldfrapp? Cicada? Jason Nevins? Jacques Lu Cont?

Erased|Annie Lennox

I'm gonna put it all behind me
Like nothing ever happened between us
Nothing ever took place between you and me...
Nothin' ever happened
And if you see me walkin' down the street
I won't even recognise you
I'll just erase you from my memory
Put it all behind me
Because you are erased
All erased.

You'll be sittin' on someone else's couch
You'll be eatin' off a stranger's plate
Everything is gonna get wiped out
Like a new start
Like a brand new fresh clean slate
Well here I go remembering again
All the anger and the blame...
People in glass houses shouldn't throw those stones
but ... something just flew through my window pane

My my my my ... (oh mama did it touch you well?)

I'll be in a brand new pair of running shoes
And you'll be walking on down different street
in a brand new suit and a fresh clean shirt
Makin' telephone calls...
Keepin' in time with someone else's feet
Keepin' in time with someone else's feet



Any movie described as a "swan dive into a pool of spikes and razor blades..."
Make that a three metre dive off the Olympic platform, for me.

Mapplethorpe by Lynch.

If anyone knew anything about appropriating work,
and re-tooling it, and calling it their own,
Bob did.

Happy Easter.

Happy Easter.

Fuck YEAH!
About time, girl.

Dream TV:
Grace on Oprah!

Yeah, right.