Saturday, April 15, 2006

The winner of the Silent Hill poster contest.

Virtual flowers for David's opening.
Back catalog.
April 1979.

Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)
Written by Brian May 1976

When I'm gone
No need to wonder if I ever think of you
The same moon shines
The same wind blows
For both of us, and time is but a paper moon...
Be not gone

Though I'm gone
It's just as though I hold the flower that touches you
A new life grows
The blossom knows
There's no one else could warm my heart as much as you...
Be not gone

Let us cling together as the years go by
Oh my love, my love
In the quiet of the night
Let our candle always burn
Let us never lose the lessons we have learned

Teo torriatte konomama iko
Aisuruhito yo
Shizukana yoi ni
Hikario tomoshi
Itoshiki oshieo idaki

Hear my song
Still think of me the way you've come to think of me
The nights grow long
But dreams live on
Just close your pretty eyes and you can be with me...
Dream on

Teo torriatte konomama iko
Aisuruhito yo
Shizukana yoi ni
Hikario tomoshi
Itoshiki oshieo idaki

When I'm gone
They'll say we're all fools and we don't understand
Oh be strong
Don't turn your heart
We're all
You're all
For all
For always

Let us cling together as the years go by
Oh my love, my love
In the quiet of the night
Let our candle always burn
Let us never lose the lessons we have learned
The Orange Spotlight's on:

David Vance's opening, tonight.

David Vance

The White Party
Palm Springs 2006

Get On Up (and do it again)|Rose Royce
Got to Have Lovin'|Don Ray

On my feet:
Chuck Taylor All Star
Orange. No laces.

Disco 2.6.4
Audio HiJack Pro 2.6.5
iTunes 6.0.4

Diet Coke, Lime


SNAGGED! Germany, via eBay.
On-line estimates place this at USD110 - 255.
I walked away with a SEALED copy for a cool USD43 + shipping.
USD8 lower than than a similar auction which ended 7 April 2006.
Current starting bid for similar, with 23 hours to go, is USD49.99

Publisher: Stern Gruner + Jahr AG, Hamburg, Germany
Date Published: 2001
ISBN: 3570192938
Description: Softcover. First Edition. First Printing. 110 pages. As New. Retrospective collection of photographs. Special limited and numbered edition. Number 22 in the continuing series by Stern. Oversize-volume format. A very large and thick book. Pictorial softcovers, as issued. Photographs by Bruce Weber. In publisher's original shrinkwrap. Without DJ, as issued. Numbered edition by the now-legendary photography series whose brilliant concept is to devote each issue to a particular photographe r. The collection consists of some of the photographer's most memorable and iconic images, which celebrate the beauty and sex appeal of both the celebrity and the chiseled, well-built male model, usually photographed nude in Weber's trademark "all-American" look. There is a doublespread photograph of the breathtakingly beautiful young Elizabeth Taylor with a lovely inscription by her to Bruce Weber, which has not appeared in any collection before. The Portfolio Magazine/Spezial Fotografie Series have become eminently collectible. One of the sexiest titles in the Series. This Issue has been out-of-print for a very long time. Copies sell for as much as $300. This is one of a handful of copies still available online and has no flaws. A very scarce copy thus. A great photography series. A flawless collectible copy.
I learn something new every day.
And I gotta share:

NSFW: NOT safe for work (usually indicating a website link or attached file); AKA "not suitable for work"
SFW: Safe, or suitable, for (viewing at) work (indicating, again, an attachment or a hyperlink)

(adj.) Used to describe anything of questionable masculinity.

Dude! That (bag, shirt, CD, movie...) is so brokeback!

Urban Dictionary

Who needs to learn COMMAND-N, COMMAND-G, or Image > Adjust!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Who knew?
I didn't even see this one coming.

Things get damaged.
Things get broken.
– Depeche Mode.

I got a life.
It ain't over.
– Eurythmics.

THIS is how you open a concert!
Queen's infamous "crown" circa 1977.
Having been front and center at the November 1977 show
in New Haven at The Coliseum,
I can tell you the heat was as intense as the sound!

An Inconvenient Truth.
In theaters everywhere, June 16.


Damn. This is harsh.
And warranted.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

This is HOT SHIT!

So I'm wondering why I'm watching a bunch of high school kids...
until that guitar solo slices through the air!

You guys ROCK!
The First O.Hg goes to you guys!

I simply MUST!

C'mon guys!
Enough with the repackaging!
How about Houston 1977?
Earl's Court?
Vintage Queen really rocks!!!

Buy or die!

Butchering Queen.

April 11, 2006 - Somebody to Love by Queen
Randy said that Elliott chose chose a hard song to sing and that he had some pitchy problems. Overall, Randy loved him and thought it was really good. Paula said that it was the best vocal that night. She also said he took the best parts of that song and put it into 1 minute and 20 seconds, and he gave the best Elliott Yamin performance. Simon said that Elliott chose a tough one. He agreed with Randy that it was an in and out performance, but he thought Elliott pulled it off.
[courtesy Wikipedia]

Note to Elliott:

Wow. With the deafness of 90% in your right ear and the diabetes,
I'm really rooting for you!

I will say, though:
I do a mean version of this song.
Yours is really good,
but mine ROCKS!

PS. You can slay Ace's version of WWRY easily. WTF??

Flight 93's transcript.

Those poor people.
God help their families and loved ones.

Coop's book appears to be slated for release on June 1,
just in time for his birthday!

25 years ago today.


Teacher to Donate Kidney to Pupil
(04.11.06) — A teacher from the southwest suburbs (of Chicago) is giving one of her students a special gift.

Brandon Shafer, 10, is a fourth-grader at Oster-Oakview Elementary School in New Lenox, who requires a new kidney to stay alive.

His teacher, Patricia Donahue, has the same blood type and has decided to give young Brandon one of hers.

Donahue particularly wants to help Shafter because her father once needed a bone-marrow transplant.

When he recovers, Brandon wants to play basketball, and make plans for the upcoming school year as a fifth-grader.

According to Miles O'Brien on CNN's American Morning, Brandon gave Ms. Donahue an iPod Nano.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Brian + Roger:

Perhaps you think I haven't yet purchased Greatest Hits, Greatest Hits Remastered, or the individual vinyl (yes, I'm that old!) these few songs were originally issued on...and that I've never purchased a digital download. Let's get one thing straight, for the record:


Oh, and in case you are wondering:

How about releasing LIVE AT THE RAINBOW, HOUSTON 1977, or other choice video material from the vaults.
You know, something showing Freddie at the top of his game!!!!

Until then, take a hint from John.
You are embarassing the legacy!

Daringly devilish design!

JapAnderson CooperTV.
Yes. The "Seamanship" v. Village People!

Exit, Stage Right.

I'm not $orry Madonna is touring,
but I am really Hung Up on the ticket price$.

Dum-phuck Bush!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

v002 04|09|06

iUntitled 4|09|06

I can see by your eyes
you must be lying...
- Bernie Taupin

cyclops v001

The site.

The music.

The book.