Saturday, November 18, 2006

Rant|Gibbs College, Part II

I wrote this great rant last night,
and, as cyberfate would have it, over-wrote it with the photograph
or some such thing.

Here's the short verion:

to the Anonymous poster:

1. yes, I was asked, repeatedly, drirectly and indirectly, to "pass" students
2. yes, I was asked directly to falsify attendance
3. yes, I was asked to "consent" to internships which were dubious, at best.
4, barring #3, the student would be removed from my roster and placed with a more lenient soul

38 VisComm students signed a petition stating their concerns with their lack of a quality education, and that's putting it mildly, and the "petition was so well-written, a Gibbs' student couldn't have written this: you did."

I heard lawyers showed up for a few days a few months later and nothing changed except for one pivotal seat which, God-willing, will make a difference.

There are a few professionals there struggling to make a difference.
Few, far-between, and scant few actually teaching.

And I'm not invited to graduation?
Most professional attendees do so because they are paid.
And they voice their opinion every single graduation.

I actually loved going.

So, you want names? you want dates?
Find me.


Angel Incognito said...

That fucking sucks. I was looking forward to seeing you at graduation.

I looked for you.

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