Sunday, August 06, 2006

Vault|1990s Tea Dance SoBe (ed. BLUR)

From the period of time between (roughly) 1995 and 2000, I lived in Miami Shores and Hollywood (FL). During this time, I amassed hundreds of rolls which I photographed, and threw directly into my freezer; black/white, color neg, color slide, 35mm, 2 1/4, even infrared. I split from PJH, and ended up back in CT, and yet a fourth freezer, after having been in and out of cold storage over the years.

Dr. Austen finally got me moving on processing all the film. I lost count on how many rolls, but know it to be well over 500. I have another 500+ which have never seen even a contact sheet, many of which have never even seen my eyes since they were initially captured.

Herein is the first photograph off the walls, and scanned from the period I now refer to as THE BLUR. I like the play on the initials UR BL and yet the BLUR is so apropos because I can't remember where I was, know I was hardly sober, was heavily medicated, and definitely not happy, but I had Grace the entire way.

The pictures will help me remember, if I recognize them at all.

I'm particularly interested in self-portraits and pictures I don't remember at all.

Enjoy the ride. And the view. No censorship here.

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shamus fatzinger said...

I am so jealous, There is nothing cooler than exposed unidentified film.

I just processed 5 rolls of B/W film of which I had no idea of what it was. Nothing too exciting. One from a monster truck rally that was kinda cool, a couple from a HOLGA that had 1 really cool pic of Marian.