Saturday, July 22, 2006

Laura's Bush was not hurt...

in the making of this song.

You know this 2003 French Disco Traxx release is seriously on the mark, and overdue on this side of the fence, especially when it features the sounds o DiscDr Levan for the Garage and his definitive 7'17" mix of Grace's PULL UP TO THE BUMPER.


A Most Interesting Collection of Wonderfully Bizarre, Out of the Ordinary and Brightly Shining Album Tracks Thrown in for Good Measure to Create a Disc Collection that You'll Want to Play Over and Over Again. Highlights Include the Icy Hot Rendition by Lb Leading this Pack with a Totally Electronic Rendering of the Rolling Stones' "Angie" as Well as Transformer Di Roboter's Left Field Take on Michael Jackson's "Stranger in Moscow", Both of which Will Definitely Turn Your Head Around. To Straighten You Back Out, There Are the Inclusions of Some Familiar Gems...the Human League's "Things that Dreams Are Made Of", the Collectible Chestnut of Grace Jones' Classic "Pull Up to the Bumper" (Using the Late Larry Levan's Classic Extended Mix!) and for Sentimentality, Killer Claudine Longet's Original Vocal Version of Paul Mauriat's "Love is Blue". You'll Just Want to Keep Replaying this Fantastic Mix of Music Over and Over Again!


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