Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Happy (belated!) Birthday Mom!

With Monday (Frank's dog), the gym, ripping my back out, teaching and everything (especially the Cindy Sherman photo and the flies and The Corner Pug)
I didn't even get to post for you.

A huge shout-out to Justin for scanning the photo, printing it,
and thanks to my 3D Package Design class for a great time yesterday,
(remember the numbers: 4, 68, 444, 1,379, 2,599 Oh, and 5".)
And thanks to everyone for signing.
Especially the one who wrote "old and wise." ASS!

But I did get to spend time with you.

So that was great.

Especially when Louise told you about me dancing in my Batman boxer shorts, doing poppers and getting thrown out of more clubs than we could count.

Grinders from Avventura: $20
Birthday cake from Rita's: $25
Picking blueberries with Daniel and the girls, plus lunch: $80
Hearing Louise tell you what Poppers were
("Men's Locker Room" for $5),
in front of Dad: FUCKING PRICELESS

PS. Louise, remember we got high with Joe and Allanah (sp?) from the TTwins at The Agora Ballroom in New Haven?

I thought so...


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