Saturday, May 27, 2006

Personal Daily Horoscope
Saturday, 27 May 2006
born 4 May 1960

©Astrodienst AG New Moon

Taking the initiative
At this time you feel very self-assured and confident, and you will have the necessary material and physical resources to carry out whatever objectives you have in mind. If necessary, you work very hard to gather people who will work with you and to assure whatever backing you need. You undertake every task with great zeal and energy. And you don't stand about waiting for someone to give you directions. You take the initiative yourself and finish the task swiftly. Also you will contribute everything you have to the effort.

You are sufficiently confident of success that you are willing to take risks, and such risks are reasonably likely to turn out well. This process takes place in such a way that you learn more about yourself, and at the same time you are able to let others know clearly where you stand.

Mars Trine Med.Coeli exact at 04:14
25 May 2006 to 29 May 2006.

Back in the day,
people were burned at the stake.
What one calls a gift, I call a curse.
I still can't handle the 296.xx, whatever it is.
Numbers I don't care to play, or be defined by.


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