Saturday, May 20, 2006


©Bruce Weber

©David Morgan

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Anonymous said...

David Morgan, Bruce Weber, Ross Bleckner, Boss Models, Jeffrey Sanker, Scott Hitt, Junior Vasquez, Susan Moribito, Beige, G Bar, Pastis, Cafeteria, Century 21... The mid & late 90s. That is my heyday. No Cold War, no Iraq war and, by the late 90s, it seemed every American was flush with cash. HIV was no longer a death sentence. Folks weren't strung out on meth. We met in real time, not on the net. We went on dates, came home and relished it, instead of hopping back on the net for something better. Not every gay man was obsessed with threesomes, leather, dick size or blue collar chic. Can you believe that David Morgan pic triggered all of that?