Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dark Shadows | Gold Key Comics

Google Mapplethorpe, find my work too!

Robert Mapplethorpe v Barnabas Collins

Robert Mapplethorpe v Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp IS Barnabas Collins

Dark Shadows | 2012
Two Banner Posters

Born this day in 1973 | Adrien Brody


Reynolds. Ryan Reynolds.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Blue Whale

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Vault | Bob Braucci
Waterbury CT mid80s
Bob's Back

Happy 51th Bob!
Robert Braucci
11 Apr 1961 – 16 Jan 2000
DJ, Model, Nightclub Promoter | Friend

And now that I think about it, Bob rocked the only pornstache before it had a name. Tighter than Freddie Mercury's (I think it was Freddie's overbite?), I just realized: I never knew you without the fuzz.


The original Freddie Mercury "porn-stache!"
Bob wore that mustache as much as he never wore his t-shirt.

Always tucked in his right back pocket, he was a blast to go out with. Many MANY weekend nights, we'd end up at BACKSTREET (Hartford CT) with Bob and I standing there, neither of us wearing shirts (and I daring not to, but back in the day, I was scrawny, so you "could" call it "lean and mean") and more often than not, as we stood at the end of the bar towards the back patio door, someone would send two drinks for the guy with the great chest, and his friend. Somehow, I always knew I was "the friend." When we had our time together, we were a great pair, from THE CLUB straight through to BACKSTREET. I was nailed to the dancefloor, and Bob always found his way into the (DJ) booth.

The best memories are the foggiest memories. Bob ALWAYS guest-listed me when he worked at THE SAINT. It was wild. Everyone was lining up as it was a "members and their guests only" club, and I managed to sneak into the far left black door. I was wild-eyed with amazement. A plain black door, a long hallway, and the counter on the left. "Good evening, sir" was always the greeting. I'd let them know I was on the guest list, and then it became "have a good evening, Mr L." Bob and I would cross paths at some point, or points, during the evening|morning, and I'd have enough time to thank him for sliding me in, and he'd have enough time to ask me if I was having fun. Unreal.

Here's the receipt from the infamous Hallowe'en party I went to some 26 years ago.

Somewhere in the flotsam and jetsam of my life, I have a cassette tape Bob mixed, entitled "Holiday Hoopla." I remember it had a flawless mix containing Depeche Mode's NEVER LET ME DOWN back when you just "didn't" play DM in the gay clubs.

I last saw Bob in Hartford, typically, in the booth at Backstreet. Somewhere, in some box, in some dated envelope, I have a file on Bob, with great photos, and some b/w photos of him in the booth at BIRDS (Waterbury CT).

I remember hearing of Bob's death via a telephone call from my mom. I was in Miami, and Bob was in Hollywood. The next morning, I was fired from my job as a photographer's assistant, a Monday. "I hired an assistant, not a personality." I didn't care. I was glad to be more than an assistant, and even happier to think I had a strong personality.

Guess what? The music never died, and, to me, neither did Bob.

I'm taking a ride with my best friend...

Descanse en pace, Robert!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Irish twin!

Happy birthday, Loulou!

Wallpaper. 10 April 2011.

Happy Birthday, Shamus!

Twenty years ago, Shamus was my student.


I'm in awe.

Next year, you're 40!



2:16pm EST

The First, The One, The Original, The Only.
Barnabas Collins | Jonathan Frid

Jonathan Frid
Barnabas Collins

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Monday, April 09, 2012

The Bloopers!!!

"Oh, please, come in..."
said the maid to the cousin from England

Johnny Depp on Jonathan Frid
Barnabas Collins "DARK SHADOWS"

Adopt a Greyhound!
End Greyhound Racing!

Now shipping v Currently Unavailable!

179 mi, 3 hours 26 mins
Is that in bat miles?


Arriving tomorrow via
Vampire Overnight Express

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Reboot | Dark Shadows 2012

Mike Wallace, journalist, dies at 93


Happy Easter
Buona Pasqua!
Bowl a Pasta!

The Risen Christ

The Basilica of The Immaculate Conception
Waterbury Connecticut