Thursday, May 19, 2011

Miss Grace Jones
Slave to the Hula-Hoop's Rhythm!

Miss Grace Jones | mid-80s
The Palladium | NYC

Grace Jones Reduces The Hammerstein to Rubble

Video courtesy of Artful Michael


I was close enough this night to KISS this ass!
Miss Grace Jones | The Hammerstein Ballroom July 2009

Ladies & Gentlemen: Miss. Grace. Jones.
La Vie en Rose, 1977

Ladies & Gentlemen: Miss. Grace. Jones.

Ladies & Gentlemen: The Birthday Grrl

As photographed by

Robert Mapplethorpe



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Queen (1975) v Amii Stewart (1979)

You better...
Knock On Wood | Amii Stewart
February 1979

Monday, May 16, 2011

Now Viewing | Thank God It's Friday [1978]


Don Lemon, CNN News Reporter

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Richard Avedon's Muse
Dovima with Elephants (Alternate, Full)

It's Your Choice. Unless you read this.

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Richard Avedon


La vie en rose. Live. | 2009
Ladies & gentlemen: Miss Grace Jones

"Googoo gahgah" may be the first words out of our mouths, but eventually, and the sooner the better, we were moved from the "gah_gah" stage of our vocabulary. How great that while we are most pliable as human beings ever could be, naturally, that we have a language of our own!

To cut the "The Chase" [Midnight Express, 1978], we moved on from gah-gah as our official language to adult English, or any other language I can think of, for whom the "bang the drum slowly" may be a message right now.

But damn straight you (I) kept up with the Jones.

Here's a start for those new to the game,

Because you either are, and shouldn't even be reading this!

Yeah. This was taken from about 2:30 from where I was (high noon!)

Great coverage.


If you watch carefully,
the world does go 'round.