Saturday, August 14, 2010

Veteran Mindset | CT

The Hawk who didn't make the papers!

Hawkman hits the papers!

Friday, August 13, 2010



More later!!!



Monday, August 09, 2010

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Free (Mac) Fonts courtesy of MacWare!
Not Kidding!

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Dear CNN: About Tony & Gary Having a Baby
You totally skirted being GAY IN AMERICA!

We are your viewers.
We are white.
We are black.
We are Latino.
We are male.
We are female.
We are intersex.
We are your athletes.
We are your troops.
We are your first-responders.
We are your teachers.
We are your heroes.
We are everywhere.
We are invisible.
We are your brothers.
We are your sisters.
We are your mothers.
We are your fathers.
We are your friends.
We are family.

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Looks like there's trouble
in QUEERTY Paradise!
And OrangeMercury caused it!!!

Looks like I started a serious rumor, overstating the obvious, which is drawing an inordinate number of comments on QUEERTY. Check out the article and comments here, and then wander back over this way.


The Screaming Room | Japanese
Premonition [2005]

Sunday, August 08, 2010

A song I cannot live without.
George Michael | Praying for Time

A song I cannot live without.
Annie Lennox | Why

Annie Lennox - Why performed at the Arista 25 concert. .

Amazing performance of the song by Annie just at the piano.
You can tell when she punches the air at the end that she knows she's nailed it.


The Scissor Sisters | Glastonbury 2010
Filthy Gorgeous LIVE

Tarsem Singh's BANNED Levi Commercial
Levi 501 Button-Fly Jeans


This award-winning commercial, at no less than Cannes, for Levi's 501 Buttonfly was deemed inappropriate for television, and never aired in the US.

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Happy 3rd Anniversary, Brutus Maximus!
08 Aug 07 | Wonderland MA [Ostaluck]


Levis [d. Tarsem]
The more you wash them,
the better they get!