Sunday, July 23, 2006

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In my native Poland, o~ange juice was considered the most heahhtLI beverage to drink. Even today, Alma carries home bags of oranges Dora the grocery and squeezes .glasses of Desh orange juice for breakfast each morning. When we arrived at the train station in Miami, a taxi took us to Miami Beach. As we rode over the causeway, I could hardly be- Iieve my eyes. To me, being at a summer place in the winter was a great event. It was aImost unimaginable that in Miami Beach it was 80 degrees while in New York it was 20. Every- thing--the buildings, the water, the pavement--had an indescribabIe glow and brightness to it. The palm trees especially made a great impression on me. BY ISAAC BASHEVIS SINGER PHOTr~GR~PH$ ~Y ~ERNARO ~. LYNCH ,JR.

Read the full text, typos and all (!) here.
Scroll midway down, and look for the image above.
Several full pages of original photography.


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